ASUS begins reality TV show The Incredible Life Swap on YouTube


ASUS is sponsoring a 35-episode life-swapping reality TV series as the electronics giant looks to boost its digital content marketing.


The YouTube-based TV series that features popular British beauty and fashion blogger, Patricia Bright, with a cast of other top international YouTube stars.

The Incredible Life Swap is a 35-episode reality TV series to be broadcast on YouTube over five seasons. The series will see 13 of the world’s most popular YouTube stars, each from vastly different cultures, trade places for three days in each other’s home country. During that time, they will set challenges for each other that will have to be completed using exciting new ASUS products, while learning about the special locations, culture and people of the countries they are visiting.

Part social experiment, part ‘Amazing Race’-style game show, The Incredible Life Swap is a groundbreaking celebration of the world’s different cultures as seen through the personal experiences of the YouTube stars.

It promises lots of excitement, comedy, and drama as the cast reacts to situations, challenges and characters in strange new cultures and settings.

Patricia will be sent to Cologne, Germany, while fellow German fashion YouTube star, Mary M will take her place in London. It will be the first time that the either of them have visited the each other’s countries, so there will be lots for each of them and their followers to learn about, take in and enjoy.

“The Incredible Life Swap is a first-of-its-kind series that combines cultural exchange, social experiment, game show and reality TV. It will have incredible and chaotic excitement as well as humorous drama” promises Erik Hermanson, Head of Brand and Marketing, ASUS. “And the followers of our YouTube stars will get to see them experiencing exciting new countries and cultures at first hand.”

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