LinkedIn revamps Site Navigator to help businesses boost contacts


LinkedIn has an updated version of its popular Sales Navigator tool: Sales Navigator Enterprise.


The updated tool will help business by facilitating easy introductions, improving visibility of shared sales and marketing collateral and simplifying tracking of contact with customers and prospects.

The three changes announced today help businesses by:

• Enabling employees to identify and make relevant introductions to help colleagues close business deals
• More easily tracking how sales and marketing presentations and documents are shared within client organisations
• Making sales teams more efficient by simplifying tracking of contact with customers and prospects

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator is dedicated to helping businesses identify and build relationships with potential new customers through the world’s largest professional network.

It already allows license holders within a company to use a feature called TeamLink to tap into each other’s LinkedIn networks, even if the individuals aren’t themselves connected on LinkedIn.

From today, the Sales Navigator Enterprise version lets individuals within an organisation opt in to give their colleagues access to their networks, even if they’re not connected to each other and not a Sales Navigator license holder. In a typical company, sales reps are unlikely to be connected to all their colleagues, meaning they’re missing out on crucial client introductions. Now, if a salesperson is trying to contact a particular prospect, they can quickly see if anyone in their company that has shared their network has a connection with that person, and reach out to that colleague to ask for warm introduction.

Meanwhile LinkedIn PointDrive lets the salesperson share a link which takes each viewer to the right content in the right order, whether they’re on mobile or desktop.
In addition, the seller can track how it’s being consumed and by whom, giving them insight into potentially yet unknown influencers involved in the process.

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