Google building own ad blocker software to take on rivals


Google is reportedly developing its own ad blocking software that will be part of the Chrome web browser, as the web giant looks to tackle to rise of ad filtering software.


According to the Wall Street Journal, Google’s ad blocker will only target adverts that the Coalition for Better Ads considers to be “unacceptable”.

Adoption of online ad blocking tools has grown rapidly in recent years. By switching on its own ad-filter, Google is hoping to quell further growth of blocking tools offered by third-party companies.

The technology giant is expected to switch it on by default on mobile and desktop.

Since Google makes most of its revenue from advertising, this seems like a highly unusual move that could seriously impact its earnings.

However, there’s legitimate concern that that company will take great care to protect its own interests.

According to the WSJ report, the feature is designed for publishers, rather than a tool for consumers, and would operate the same way Chrome already filters ads that are undesirable in other ways like those that drain computer batteries, according to people familiar with the plans.

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