Election debate: BBC partners Twitter for live streaming


The BBC is teaming up with Twitter to livestream five special events in the run-up to the UK general election June 8, including tonight's 7-way BBC debate.


The new deal will bring live video and breaking news from the BBC’s U.K. election coverage to Twitter’s network.

This is the first time Twitter has ever partnered with the BBC on streaming video.

Similar to other live streamed events, the video coverage will be available in the Twitter application on both mobile and web, and will include live tweets that reference related hashtags, like #bbcdebate, #bbcqt, and #bbcelection.

These video streams will be available from the dedicated site bbcelection.twitter.com, though they’ll also likely be found in Twitter’s “Explore” section, where live video is regularly promoted.
A "real-time curated timeline" of tweets will bring commentary from BBC experts and BBC Reality Check to Twitter users.

The hashtag for the election debate programme is #bbcelection and a page for the live stream has been set up on Twitter.

The deal specifically involves five BBC election specials, including debates and election night results, among others.

The live stream will be available during the following BBC specials: the BBC Election Debate on May 31st; the two Question Time Leaders Specials on June 2nd and 4th; The Newsbeat Youth Debate on June 6th; and the Election Night Results Special on June 8th.

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