IAB creates standard for "Dynamic Content" ads


The Interactive Advertising Bureau's Tech Lab has launched its Dynamic Content Ad Standard, as more marketers adopt personalised ads built in real time.


Dynamic ads are built in real time when an ad request is sent to the server, and will pull different creative elements based on the environment, the user and other factors.

The new standards have been adjusted after the first draft from October 2016 based on member feedback.

The standard offers guidance on how to better target dynamic ads based on specific components, such as animation or copy, and it addresses the ad type.

The schema will help developers, ad content management systems, ad servers and media platforms to efficiently create, serve and measure ads that are dynamically personalized based on user factors such as gender, location, weather and language.

A demo tool shows examples of the standard in use to create a dynamic based on gender and weather, geography and language, as well as audio examples. Users can generate the JSON code for each example.

The standard is designed to meet the requirements of current ad formats, and Diaz Nesamoney, founder and CEO of Jivox and co-chair of the IAB Tech Lab Dynamic Content Ad Standards Committee, believes it could probably be used in future formats. “I am sure we will soon see Chatbot ad formats using this standard and, who knows, maybe even VR ads using this standard,” said Nesamoney in a statement.

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