Online video trends: 50% of sports fans watching matches on the internet


Online now forms a key part of the sports viewing experience for many sports fans, according to new research from Global Web Index.


With a huge range of complimentary sports collateral available online, including news, video and live updates, there’s now over 50% of internet users globally who report watching sports coverage or highlights online.

Across the demographics we see some expected peaks: 25-34s are the biggest online sports viewers (60%), while men (64%) have a substantial lead over women (40%).

PCs/laptops remain a natural go-to here, thanks to their larger screens and greater picture clarity, but mobiles continue to rise in importance. There are now almost as many internet users watching sports coverage on their mobiles as there as on their PCs/laptops. And with mobiles facilitating on-the-go sports updates, they are set to become even more important here.

Source: Global Web Index

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