Shell pilots first YouTube campaign triggered by real-time TV viewing


Shell will be the first brand to pilot a new technology targeting consumers who second screen on YouTube during TV advertising breaks.


Shell will launch a real-time YouTube summer campaign to build brand awareness for the Fuel Rewards programme, a loyalty program that offers members savings at the pump at participating Shell stations.

Working with MediaCom, Shell’s media agency of record, TVTY will serve an in-stream YouTube video whenever it detects a Fuel Rewards programme or competitive TV spot.

With more than 1/3 (35%) of people turning to another device when TV ads begin, brands are increasingly synchronising TV and digital advertising activity in order to capture consumer attention. Combining TVTY’s technology with YouTube’s reach can both amplify the impact of a TV buy and enable a brand to counter-programme competitive TV activity.

TVTY’s real-time technology monitors TV ads running on more than 400 channels in 25 countries. The technology uses a combination of automated “video fingerprinting” and human analysis to trigger a client’s ad on YouTube within seconds of the start of a TV ad.

“Second screening is here to stay, and we were pretty excited when MediaCom brought TVTY to us first,” said Anna Bellamy, US Advertising Manager for Shell Retail. “Rewarding customers for their loyalty to Shell with an everyday offer is a positive message that we want to convey. It’s a unique opportunity to be able to serve that message just as a competitive ad is running. That’s great for us and offers more options for consumers.”

Eliott Reilhac, TVTY’s CEO, added “As media consumption and delivery continues to evolve, it’s important that brands and agencies stay on the cutting edge of innovation to ensure their clients’ messages reach consumers during the most opportune moments. We’re thrilled to be fielding our new real-time YouTube capabilities with industry innovators like Shell and MediaCom.”

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