Salesforce 'Einstein' AI can tell when people are angry in texts and emails


Salesforce is ramping up its artificial intelligence tools with additions to its ‘Einstein’ marketing platform for brands.


The marketing suite, initially launched last autumn within the Salesforce platform, will now include three new AI tools for developers.

These algorithms enable third-party developers to add Einstein intelligence to applications built on top of the Salesforce platform.

The new services include sentiment and intent analysis and image recognition analysis tools that can count objects and even recognise attributes like colour or size.

The three tools are:

• Einstein Sentiment
• Einstein Intent
• Einstein Object Detection

Understanding customer intent

The Einstein Intent tool allows programmers to understand the intent of customer inquiries, which could make it easier to automatically route leads, escalate service cases or personalize a marketing campaign through a custom app. This could be particularly useful for prioritizing customer service inquiries.

Traditional keyword-based tools have trouble with complex wording or sarcasm, but this tool is designed to deal with these.

Einstein Sentiment, which can sort the tone of any given text as positive, negative or neutral. Developers can use this to create an application that can highlight angry tweets and emails.

They could also use it to prioritise compliments and glowing reviews, if positive reinforcement is more of their thing.

Meanwhile, Einstein Intent gives developers the ability to sort customer inquiries by intent and then send relevant responses or personalized marketing.

Salesforce said this tool is designed to help retail companies build apps that identifies customers experiencing shipping problems, and then respond accordingly.

The third new tool, Einstein Object Detection lets developers train models to recognize multiple unique objects within a single image.

It can also detect the location, size and quantities of objects. It's ideal for building apps to take inventory of products, like the number of boxes on a shelf.

Read the official Salesforce blog here

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