Unilever and WPP invest $15m in digital ad creative platform


Creative management platform for digital advertising Celtra has received a $15m investment round, led by Unilever Ventures and WPP.


Celtra aims to help advertisers maximise their creative potential and use creative as a lever to achieve better results in digital advertising.

Under the deal, Unilever and WPP will use Celtra’s technology across the FMCG giant’s global marketing organisation, including service providers, technology vendors and media suppliers.

"Creative is the conduit for the marketer's message. It should always be on point and carefully refined," said Miha Mikek, Founder and CEO of Celtra. "Celtra's platform helps transform brands, agencies, creative producers and other partners into highly performant, data-driven, effective digital storytellers."

Unilever was among the first global advertisers that recognised the potential of the approach.

"Creative is an increasingly complex challenge for large advertisers and one that is constantly changing due to rapid evolution of media consumption. People deserve advertising that feels native to each medium and delivers emotional value. Celtra helps us deliver that at global scale," said Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Officer at Unilever.

With the Celtra deal, a major global marketer has essentially turned its agency relationship with WPP into a business partnership, with both groups investing in the ad creative tech company.

View some examples of Celtra's ad technology in action below:

Knorr (interactive mobile ad):

Knorr_AdGallery_JUN17 from Celtra on Vimeo.

Pepsi Max (360 scrolling):

Weve_Pepsi-Max-360_Dec2016 from Celtra on Vimeo.

Stranger Things (Interactive mobile video)

Stranger Things Ad Gallery 2016 from Celtra on Vimeo.

Sir Martin Sorrell, Chief Executive Officer at WPP, said: "We believe the market is due for a creative management solution that can deliver real-time data driven creative at scale and tailored for every individual, across media channels. Celtra is a leader in this space. This investment is in line with WPP's commitment to technology, data and content, which, along with horizontality, new markets and new media, comprise the Group's four strategic priorities."

View this webinar showcasing how the interface helps advertisers build interactive (and non-intrusive) elements within their mobile creative content.

Reactive Scrolling Webinar 04-2017 from Celtra on Vimeo.

Read more about Celtra here.

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