Linkedin expands analytics tools with “Website Demographics”


LinkedIn has launched Website Demographics: a free reporting tool that lets marketers see the types of professionals visiting their website, enabling them to adjust their marketing, content and campaigns to target visitors accordingly.


Website Demographics is accessed through LinkedIn Campaign Manager and uses data from LinkedIn’s 500+ million members to provide insight into a company’s website visitors in a way that respects member privacy. Marketers can filter website audience data by eight professional parameters:

• Job title
• Industry
• Job seniority
• Job function
• Company
• Company size
• Location
• Country

Website Demographics also lets marketers filter visitors by date range, helping them to both understand the impact of targeted marketing campaigns upon specific audience segments and identify new audience pools for future targeting. With these insights, marketers can adjust content to better resonate with whichever audience they are trying to reach.

Cornerstone OnDemand, a leading talent management solutions provider, has been piloting LinkedIn’s Website Demographics tool. Bhanu Chawla, Head of Digital Strategy, commented: "Website Demographics is giving us some really useful insights about the different segments of our international websites. It’s helping us clearly understand if we’re reaching the right audience with our web marketing strategies and also providing clarity about our web audiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle.”

Tom Pepper, Head of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions UK, commented: "Every B2B business is thirsty to understand who is engaging with them and Website Demographics provides insights into the professional characteristics of those visiting their website. This tool levels the playing field by giving organisations both large and small access to this unique data, enabling them to identify key professional audience segments to inform their marketing strategy.”

For further details of the roll-out as well as the benefits of using Website Demographics, check out the official LinkedIn blog post here.

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