Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot does backflips


Boston Dynamics has showcased its latest invention- a robot capable of leaping across tables and performing backflips.


The company, formerly owned by Alphabet and bought bu Japeanese firm Softbank earlier this year, released footage showing a new robot jumping and even doing a backflip as it performs a gymnastics routine.

In the video, the latest version of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot jumps between platforms and turns in mid-air before sticking the landing of a perfect backflip.

The humanoid Atlas is designed to negotiate tough, outdoor terrain on two legs - leaving the upper limbs free for lifting and carrying.

It is hoped it may be useful for search and rescue operations in the future.

The engineers working on the project are big enough to admit things don't go perfectly every time - the video ends with Atlas tumbling over a large box after a less than perfect landing.

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