Virals of the year: Geico returns to mock pre-roll ads with “Crushed”


US car insurance firm Geico continued its subversive YouTube pre-roll ads with another comical premise—ads that were condensed for your viewing convenience. Meaning they actually got crushed by a giant Geico logo.


Now in its third iteration, GEICO’s pre-roll campaign had a new theme for 2017, again created by The Martin Agency. Confronted with a familiar challenge (keeping viewers from hating an ad they’re forced to watch), we asked ourselves how we could use the medium to entertain and engage. The answer? Take a longer pre-roll ad and compress it. Literally. The result is five unique pre-roll videos “crushed for your viewing convenience.”

“The following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience,” the familiar Geico voiceover says at the beginning of each spot. The wall on the left side of the scene then begins to move right, amusingly crushing everything in its path as the talent scrambles to contain the damage, or just get out of the way.

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