Snapchat lets users share stories on Twitter and Facebook


Snapchat users can now share Stories outside the app to Facebook and Twitter in an effort to spark growth on the social media app.


Users will be able to share Stories to their linked social media accounts or through text or email with a link to a webpage where people who don't have the app can view the message.

Starting this week, the feature will be available to users who have already received the redesigned Snapchat app. It will roll out to other users over the next few weeks.

By pressing and holding down on certain ‘tiles’ in the Discover part of Snapchat, Snapchat users will be able to share Official Stories, unpartnered Our Stories, and Search Stories.

As an example, UK TV presenter Phillip Schofield was having some problems with his alarm over Christmas and posted Snaps to his Story.

If you watched this on Snapchat, and then wanted to share it with your Mum and Brother who were not on Snapchat you couldn't. Now you can by sending them a link to view on or by sharing this Story on another platform.

Another example could be a reporter watches an Our Story on Snapchat in Discover about the fires in California that we have curated from Snaps sent to Our Story. The journalist could then choose to link to this Our Story to further inform their reporting and give viewers perspectives their own cameras can’t get access to.

To share a Story:

• Press and hold on the Story tile in Discover to bring up a mini-profile
• Select “Share Story” that appears alongside other options like “Subscribe”
• Choose how you’d like to share the Story outside of Snapchat - by text, email, or by posting to other platforms. You can also copy the link.
• Recipients of this link can then view the Story you shared through a new Story player on

View a video of how it works below: