Top 10 reasons for using social media [INFOGRAPHIC]


Internet users are now almost as likely to visit social platforms to keep in touch with friends as they are to stay informed on current news or events, according to new research.


The study, from Global Web Index, indicates that over a third of digital consumers who say they visit to find entertaining content – jumping to 46% among smartphone-centric 16-24s.

This trend towards using social media as a source for news consumption or entertainment indicates how behaviours are continuing to evolve in the social arena – and shows why names like Bloomberg Media and Twitter are partnering on livestreamed news coverage network TicToc, and why Facebook has bet on its video hub, Watch.

In contrast, options relating to sharing personal details or content (such as photos, videos or opinions) sit towards the bottom of the list. This suggests that digital consumers now seem to favor activities that are more passive, but purposeful in nature.

Source: Global Web Index

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