Most brands ‘would change adtech vendor if found to be unethical’


Marketers' concerns over media buying transparency are intensifying according to new figures.


A survey of 250 marketers found that a sweeping majority [89%] would like to see the adtech industry adopt a code of ethics to tackle the problem head on, in research carried out by iotec - the independent, transparent media buying platform.

In response to this concern, the Ethical Adtech Manifesto, also released today, sets out three core areas to address and rebalance the industry: (i) transparency and fair trading, (ii) efficiency and effectiveness, and (iii) brand protection, security and privacy.

Iotec is spearheading a campaign to make adtech more ethical - they launched their new initiative at an event last week with several notable brands present including Jaguar Land Rover, ISBA, Clear Channel, and TSB Bank.

Additional findings within the survey laid out the size of the task ahead:

• Brands want action: 89% of marketers want a standard code of ethics to be implemented, in order to enforce transparent practices with adtech vendors
• Uncertainty continues: Only 56% of marketers surveyed believe that their current tech provider is honest and transparent
• Concern over data dominates: The top three areas marketers believe to be least transparent are: (i) use of data (60.8%); (ii) price and margin (42.4%); (iii) optimisation tactics (38%)
• Marketers are ready to vote with their feet: 81% of marketers are prepared to switch to a more ethical, honest advertising supplier

Paul Wright, CEO of iotec, says: “Technology has advanced faster than we have been able to build a framework to harness it for the benefit of all: publishers, consumers and advertisers. The survey results reflect the desire for change across the industry and I hope that the Ethical Adtech Manifesto inspires some action. iotec are proud to be leading the charge, as a media buying platform that believes in end-to-end openness and transparency.”

Learn more and pledge support to the Ethical Adtech initiative by visiting, following @EthicalAdtech on Twitter, and using the hashtag #EthicalAdtech to provide feedback or get involved.

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