Unlocking the Potential of Chatbots [INFOGRAPHIC]


How can chatbots improve the user experience in ecommerce? This infographic looks at how AI can help customer service agents focus on more complicated tasks.


Chatbots are artificially intelligent tools capable of engaging multiple users for communicating basic information. Their importance in conversational commerce is growing by the day as social media giants like Facebook have already deployed around 12,000 bots on messenger. C

hatbots have demonstrated a lot of potential in E-Commerce due to their instantaneity and ease of use. As consumers get used to talking to a bot to find answers to their queries, it increases likelihood of online businesses to incorporate them on their website in order to automate some part of their online customer service.

Many e-commerce websites struggle to engage users when they reach their landing page and face lack of conversions as a result. The infographic designed by Market Inspector, a B2B digital marketplace, gives simple solutions on how chatbots can optimise a customer’s online purchase experience. Chatbots that are implemented on a website’s landing page can be useful to grab user’s attention and help them navigate to their desired product page. Many users feel that support agents are not able to give satisfactory answers to the most basic questions and are not available 24x7.

Chatbots can certainly circumvent this problem by giving structured responses to basic queries through an in-built keyword analysis tool. It also increases overall efficiency of customer service as it allows support agents to focus on more complex issues that chatbots are not yet technologically advanced enough to deal with.

In addition to complementing support agents, chatbots can also be used effectively for promoting certain products. As e-commerce is highly driven by shopping seasons, chatbots can be implemented on specific target pages to give special offers and discounts and turn visitors into leads. This can be very relevant to reduce bounce rate on a website as research has found that more than 57% of users abandon their shopping cart as they feel they are not ready for purchase yet. Lastly, chatbots can be a great tool to learn more about your customers by taking continuous feedback and reviews. This will help e-commerce businesses to analyze their user’s shopping habits and offer more relevant products in the future.

The future for chatbots looks very promising as more than 80% of businesses are set to have some sort of customer support automation through chatbots. They will facilitate massive cost savings to businesses who will not feel the need to hire more customer agents for answering basic queries.

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