Snapchat Spectacles get an update


Snap is launching a new version of its Spectacles camera-glasses with a better camera, the ability to take still images and water resistance.


Snap sold just 220,000 units of the original augemeted reality glasses last year, eventually writing off unsold inventory worth almost $40m.

The new Spectacles are available from Snap’s website, at a price of £149.99, and are launching simultaneously in the UK, US, Canada and France, and more widely across Europe the following week.

The Spectacles can take video in short 10-second increments, recording in a circular format which can be viewed in the Snapchat app or exported for other uses.

This time, they can also take still photos – with a 1642 pixel resolution, 50% higher than the videos shot by the previous version – and they can shoot underwater. Stereo mics, combined with post-processing to reduce noise, also let the glasses capture clearer, higher quality sound.

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