London Fashion Week: Victoria Beckham trumps Burberry for social buzz


London Fashion Week (LFW) 2018 saw more than 100 designers and models invade the capital once again, with new research showing which brands and models generated most social media buzz.


4C Insights took a dive into the brands and models, strutted their way through the social noise that surrounds LFW. You may find the below data/insights useful for any stories you are working on around LFW.

Key findings:

  • Hailey Baldwin claim No: 1 position in the top 3 most socially engaged with models, beating Kendall Jenner

  • Victoria Beckham’s label highlighted as the brand most associated with LFW among LFW engagers on social media

  • Burberry rakes in 4,879 engagements during its show and flash sale of its collection on Instagram

LFW18: Who strutted their London Fashion Week stuff best on social media?

Top 3 Models with Most Social Media Engagements (12th – 17th August)
  Engagements Sentiment
Hailey Baldwin 34,788 81%
Kendall Jenner 32,707 79%
Sara Sampaio 14,867 93%

  • Hailey Baldwin takes number 1 spot as the London Fashion Week (LFW) model with the most social media engagements – as she debuted her first collection for Adidas yesterday. However, her engagement figures are likely to also be associated with her rumoured marriage to Justin Bieber just 4 days ago.

  • Kendall Jenner, makes a surprise appearance at LFW as she walks the catwalk for Burberry, despite LFW rarely attracting top famous models. Nevertheless, despite a larger fan base than Hailey Baldwin, she comes in at second place, and a lower sentiment, which could be linked with her Instagram post after the show.

  • Sara Sampaio despite not making an appearance at LFW, claims 3rd spot, likely due to her being featured in the new Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Fragrance commercial which launched on the 11th September, as well as yesterday’s announcement of the 2018 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, where Sara will be modelling.

Kirsty Brice, Marketing Director, EMEA comments: “Consumers are now empowered to enhance, share, and discuss what’s trending on social and off the screen in the moment it happens. For example, there were 32,000 engagements alone about Kendall Jenner on the evening of the Burberry fashion show, where she walked the catwalk. Utilising social media during events with a significant influencer, plays to brands ability to connect their promotions from on the ground during events, across varying channels and get their message to the right people, in the right place, at the right time. It enables those not present to engage with their favourite brands and feel part of the hype surrounding events such as London Fashion Week, which aren’t necessarily broadcasted widely on TV or online video platforms.”

  • In regards to the brands showcased at LFW this year, Victoria Beckham’s fashion label came out on top as the highest associated brand to LFW, beating the likes of Burberry, marking her label’s 10th The brand had 20,252 engagements from those already engaging with LFW on social media during the 5 day period, with a strong sentiment of 88%.

  • One of biggest moments during LFW goes to Burberry with 4,879 engagements in the space of 3 hours during their show, with 35% of those taking place between 5:30pm – 6pm when the brand launched a flash sale of their collection on Instagram.

Abi Jacks, Director, Marketing UK at Rakuten Marketing comments: “Burberry’s focus on not only Instagram but WeChat speaks volumes about the savviness of the global brand. In the last year we’ve seen the interest from overseas markets pique around premium UK brands such as Burberry as the value of the pound has fallen and events such as London Fashion Week have grown in international popularity. WeChat is the most mature platform for combining social and commerce, it’s also a crucial part of engaging lucrative Asia-Pacific audiences. Equally, Instagram is having more and more impact on Western buyers’ decisions every day, with the app leading a quarter of its UK users to make a purchase based on content they’ve seen.”

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