Stella Artois stunt promotes ‘Joie de Bière’ philosophy


Stella Artois has launched a new brand campaign, encompassing TV, cinema, social, digital, out-of-home, print and PR.

The campaign aims to encourage the public to remove distractions and make time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Stella Artois' new ‘Joie de Bière’ campaign is built around Stella Artois’ philosophy – to make time for what you truly enjoy. The new campaign will highlight the ridiculous, fast-paced nature of modern society, encouraging Brits to remove modern day distractions and make time for life’s simple pleasures - like the joy of a Chalice of Stella Artois savoured over food, with good company..

Launched on the 1st of October, the 360-degree campaign will be amplified via a range of activity, encompassing cinema, TV, print, PR, social and digital, and out-of-home. Each creative execution will encourage UK adults to remove distractions and make time for the things they really enjoy; targeting individuals at moments when they are distracted or busy, such as at train stations when they are commuting and on social media when they’re distracted by modern technology, encouraging them to take a moment to enjoy what matters. ‘Joie de Bière’ is expected to reach 82% of the population.

With a third (36%) of the population classifying their lifestyle as ‘on the go’, Stella Artois’ new philosophy will be amplified through a documentary-style video of a secretly filmed social experiment which aims to highlight the ridiculous nature of modern behavior. This follows new research[i] from Stella Artois which reveals that 39 million2 British adults (75%) struggle to fit everything they need to do into their day and would therefore need a staggering 38 extra days per year to complete their tasks – leading to the sacrifice of things they really enjoy.

The social experiment opens with a quaint Stella Artois drinks truck pulling into a busy London street, and shows two bartenders set up to offer a pint of Stella Artois in handy, fake, paper chalices, much like takeaway coffee cups. Nothing appears to be out of the ordinary, until the chalices prove difficult to drink from and begin to disintegrate, with equally hilarious and devastating consequences leaving distracted drinkers with soggy cups, bumping into each other and spilling beers – highlighting why some things just aren’t meant to be rushed. The Stella Artois bartenders then point people in the direction of the nearest pub, encouraging them to make time to sit down with friends and food to enjoy a perfectly poured in a glass chalice Stella Artois at their own pace.

Alexis Berger, Marketing Director – Europe at Stella Artois, said: “Stella Artois with its four high quality ingredients, perfectly poured in our distinctive chalice, is a beer that is meant to be savored over good food with great company. We call this feeling ‘Joie de Bière’. With 600 years of tradition, this is how we’ve been enjoying Stella Artois in Belgium for as long as we can remember. We all know modern life is incredibly busy but we’re calling time on our constant ‘on the go’ attitude and reminding everyone to make time for what they truly enjoy.”

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