LinkedIn revamps ad tools with forecasting and live previews


LinkedIn has conducted a complete overhaul of Campaign Manager designed to make it easier to create campaigns and measure their impact.


The newly designed campaign creation experience will lay the groundwork for objective-based optimisation and pricing to come mid-2019.

The new objective-based advertising experience customises the campaign creation experience based on objectives.

The new features include:

  • Easier navigation.Combined multiple screens into a single, easy-to-navigate flow with fewer pages to click through.

  • New forecasting panel.With the new forecast panel, users can see estimates of expected results based on campaign inputs and comparisons to similar campaigns and advertisers.

  • Redesigned targeting experience. Campaign Manager targeting has been completely redesigned to highlight the power of LinkedIn’s targeting while making it easier to use.

  • Faster, more responsive interface. Rewritten Campaign Manager to a new technical stack making the interface faster and more responsive. This will allow new updates to be released more quickly for higher quality experiences.

  • Live ad preview.Live ad preview lets users see what your ad looks like as it’s being built.


Read more at the LinkedIn LMS EMEA blog



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