Oath rolls out audio-based programmatic ad platform worldwide


Oath is launching a new programmatic audio ads platform, giving brands an automated way of optimising adverts on podcasts and streaming services.


With the launch, Oath Ad Platforms unlocks a new and unique source of inventory, enabling brands, marketers and agencies to tap into the exploding digital audio audience.

Advertisers can reach podcast and streaming audio listeners using the advanced targeting capabilities available through the Oath Ad Platforms DSP in ‘brand-safe’ environments.

Driven by new streaming and podcast platforms, digital audio is a growing opportunity for advertisers. In the US, more than 180 million currently listen to streaming audio every month.

And an estimated 73 million have listened to a podcast in the last month, with weekly podcast listeners consuming seven podcasts per week, on average.

As a result, digital audio has become the most popular activity on mobile, taking up one-third of mobile time spent. For consumers, audio experiences are one-to-one, personal and immersive.

Key features of the new offering include:

• Inventory across top audio platforms: Advertisers can now share their message with highly engaged and captive audiences from top digital audio streaming services and supply sources, including SoundCloud, Targetspot and more through Oath Ad Platforms’ integration with Rubicon Project.
• Flexibility & control: For advertisers that have already embraced digital audio, programmatic allows the added benefit of control and in-flight optimization. They can make real-time targeting and bid management changes on the fly in the DSP to efficiently reach their desired audience. Programmatic audio also offers greater opportunity for more personalized audio advertising, including contextual targeting.

• Omnichannel strategy: Advertisers can now add audio to their video and display campaigns in the DSP to get a holistic view of insights in one central platform. They can also leverage Oath Ad Platforms’ AdLearn optimization capabilities to provide unparalleled return on ad sales across all channels.

Carolyn Hudson, Director of Business Development, TargetSpot, said: “The accelerating value of digital audio continues as it delivers a brand safe environment to reach a highly targetable and mobile audience – permeating where screens cannot. Programmatic audio is an emerging channel that enables advertisers to integrate digital audio as part of an omni-channel strategy, paving the future path of digital advertising,”

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