The 6 sins of the digital age: Hate, addiction and misinformation top list


The are six major concerns from global citizens about digital technology, including hate and misinformation online, and addiction according to a new worldwide study.


The Fourth Group's first global inquiry has uncovered Six Sins of the Digital Age - and they're announcing an agenda to tackle them at their Politics Summit (London, 13th November 2018).

Key Findings Include:

· Six Sins of the Digital Age: Addiction, Ignorance, Hate, Fakeness, Disconnection, Narcissism.

· Three-quarters (75%) of survey responses name our principal digital age rights as either Privacy (33%), Free Expression (24%), or Equal Access (18%)

· Citizens around the world demand tech companies are held accountable for:

o The misuse and manipulation of personal data

o The spread of misinformation and hate

o Their unethical monetising models (the attention economy

Citizens from over 30 countries across the world are demanding a digital bill of rights that will push governments and corporates to act responsibly.

An international coalition representing over 250,000 citizens has launched a Crowdfunder to set up a union to advocate for the global public.

The inquiry report [also embargoed until 00:01 GMT, Monday 12th November 2018] is attached to this email.

Alvin Carpio, Chief Executive of The Fourth Group, said: “The people have spoken. At a time when tech companies own the data of billions of people, politicians are playing catch up, and national governments are unable to regulate global firms, there is a clear need for citizens to rise up and organise to protect their rights and embrace their new responsibilities. We will launch a global democratic membership organisation, United Citizens, to do this. The only way we can do this effectively and independently is to crowdfund. It's time we take back control of our digital lives.”

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