Top 6 second ads on YouTube: Laughing Cow and Doritos tops list


YouTube has revealed its annual UK 'Bumper ads' leaderboard, which ranks the best six-second spots of the year.


The list reveals that food brands were particularly successful at the short-form format, getting actross a short call to action and strong narrative in a very time-restricted pre-roll format.

The rankings were determined by a user creative rating test conducted by Ipsos, together with an algorithm that factors in total views and engagement.

View all the videos below:

New YouTube stats:

• 64% of 18-24 year olds watch YouTube at least once a day, and majority use it to once a week to learn something (66%), watch a tv show (59%), watch a music video (65%), or a vlogger (54%)
• 21 of the world's top 250 youtube creators are based in the UK
• Global watchtime of YouTube on TV screens is over 180m hours per day. Overall, watchtime on TVs is in the EU is up by more than 45% YoY.
• The number of EU channels with more than +1m subs is up over 70% YoY.
• The number of EU YouTube channels making six figures or more in revenue is up over 35 percent over last year.
• Watch time for the ad supported YTO "Training Days" is equivalent to ~150 years. And approximately 35% its viewership comes from outside the UK.

Existing stats for context:

• Importance of viewability and audibility as it leads to higher brand awareness, higher ad recall and higher consideration. Globally, average YouTube video ad viewability is 95%, while across the rest of the web and apps it’s 66%.
• YouTube is a vibrant community of 1.9B users who are making a change in the world.
• Over 400 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute.
• 70% of watchtime happen on mobile devices.

Vertical ads: Vertical video ads expand the mobile ad canvas by lengthening the video player window when a device is held vertically. Advertisers can easily repurpose their square and vertical videos or test new creative variations in this format. Hyundai tested YouTube vertical video ads and saw a 33% lift in brand awareness and a 12% lift in consideration.

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