Artificial Intelligence ‘playing a role in 84% of households this Christmas’


As Christmas is drawing closer new research finds that AI will play a major role in 84% of UK households this year, despite only 20% saying they would trust AI to help them run their perfect Christmas Day.


Yet the research, from Accenture, shows that the likes of Amazon, Netflix, Uber and Alexa will be leading the charge this Christmas, helping many of us through the festivities.

Key findings:

• Only 20% of people say they would trust AI to help them run their perfect Christmas Day
• Yet 84% are already planning on using AI-powered technologies this holiday season

The survey of 2,000 people in the UK found almost two thirds (60 per cent) don’t realise they will be using AI. Just 24 per cent said they plan to use AI in some form over the holiday. The majority that already use the technology to keep Christmas running smoothly highlights the perception gap when it comes to people using AI in their everyday lives.

• 70 per cent will use AI-powered ecommerce platforms to do their festive shopping
• 67 per cent will use AI-powered music or video streaming services for their holiday entertainment
• 30 per cent will use AI to help them get home for Christmas, from smart cars to AI-powered travel apps
• 19 per cent will use voice assistants, whether that’s to contact friends and family, search for Christmas trivia, or check the snow forecast

Despite its growing role in our homes and holidays this year, there are still trust barriers to overcome. Only 20 per cent said they would trust AI to run their Christmas. Forty-six per cent of people are concerned about privacy and security, 31 per cent don’t think AI would do a good job, and 25 per cent are concerned that AI isn’t responsible or ethical.

Emma Kendrew, Artificial Intelligence Lead at Accenture Technology UK, said: “AI has become part of everyday life for many people, albeit often without them knowing what’s under the bonnet of their technology. However, trust issues still exist that are preventing some people using technology that has an AI label on it.

“AI takes some mundane chores off our hands and frees us up to focus on more important things – not just at Christmas but all year round. Part of bridging that trust gap is showing people the many benefits that AI can bring – and playing a prominent role in so many Christmas celebrations could do a lot to change perceptions.”

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