Viral of the year: Doritos and Mountain Dew team up for celebrity rap battle


Pepsico-owned brands Doritos and Mountain Dew combined forces to issue a creative ad that aired during the Super Bowl which combined a social media hashtag campaign with celebrity power as Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage faced off in a lip-sync rap battle.


The #Spitfire and #Icecold battle was created with a huge notion of self-awareness. It featured Peter Dinklage, Morgan Freeman in a lip sync battle with cameos from Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot.

Dinklage, representing Doritos Blaze, spits fire lip-syncing along to Busta Rhymes’ rapid-fire verse on Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” as he walks through a burning room. Then, Freeman enters the room, takes a sip of his Mountain Dew Ice, and then goes in on Missy Elliot’s “Get Ur Freak On.” Both Elliott and Rhymes appear in moving potraits in the scenes.

Despite the hashtags not creating a huge trend, the ad itself did get people talking and is by far one of the most popular ads of 2018.

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