Just 10% of marketers to focus Digital PR (despite brand awareness being a top KPI)


Less than 1 in 10 marketers (9%) will be focusing on Digital PR in 2019, despite over three quarters (76%) stating brand awareness is a key performance indicator for them, according to new research.

Just 10% of marketers to focus Digital PR (despite brand awareness being a top KPI)

Not only this, but 25% of content marketers will be ceasing to participate in offline PR activity as it has been perceived as an ineffective channel for them over recent years.

In the third edition of Zazzle Media’s State of Content Marketing Survey, marketers revealed an apparent disconnect between their desired goals and the tactics they need to carry out to achieve these.

So why are marketers seemingly less concerned about off page distribution, and why should you make a case for Digital PR to hold a key position in your marketing activities?

Brand Awareness

Whilst the creation of written blog content will appeal to people on the site, we need a mechanism that is going to drive these people towards the site first. Digital PR can help users find your site in a more organic way rather than in a targeted advertorial manner.

The survey found that a quarter of marketers want to target new audiences through content distribution, but without Digital PR this will prove to be a difficult task.

Brand protection

PR allows you to control narratives and get involved with industry conversations which you would otherwise be unable to participate in. The digital aspect also allows you to receive real time coverage updates which mention your brands name, and put out a response immediately in attempt to stem or enhance any positive or negative feedback.

Link building 

A major perk of creating Digital PR campaigns is that they usually come with linkable assets that have a chance of being cited within media coverage.

Link building is an activity which has a reputation of relying on black-hat tactics for success, paying for links, directories etc. Digital PR allows you to avoid all these techniques and the risks associated with them and build some legitimate links from high authority publications.

Managing director of Zazzle Media, Simon Penson, commented on the statistics: “Brand awareness has appeared as one of 2019’s core focuses when it comes to brands content marketing efforts. Whilst this can be achieved through a number of marketing techniques, Digital PR is one of the strongest means of getting your name out there to new audiences.

2019 is shaping up to be an exciting year for content marketing, and Digital PR could be the key to giving your brand new audiences and visibility. “

The results of The State of Content Marketing survey have been turned into an eBook which is available to view here.

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