Majority of senior decision makers more likely to believe stories ‘if backed by facts ‘


Recent research reveals that 80% of senior decision makers are more likely to a believe story if it has proper data and statistics in it.

The research was commissioned by Independent South West based PR consultancy redheadPR and conducted by YOLO Communications.

“I know the vital importance of real primary statistics when communicating key messages to decision makers. There is so much anecdotal research online, as well as fake news, and it’s sometimes hard to know what to believe.” said founder and managing director, Sara Tye, the award-winning business and organisational development expert, and a top 500 international PR and serial entrepreneur.

“What’s more interesting is when you break the results down into sectors. For example, 100% of those working in emergency services look for statistics and data within a story, which isn’t surprising. However, 63% of those working in local & central government do the same.” continued Sara.~
Other results show that 100% of those working in the following sectors also find stories more believable with data:
• Agriculture
• Social housing
• Sport & Entertainment
• Utilities
Other figures:
• 68% of those working in retail
• 70% of teachers or education professionals
• 70% of human resource professionals
• 73% of legal professionals
• 75% of those working in NHS / health / care provider
It was found that 94% of respondents living in the South West look for market research to ensure stories are more believable, opposed to 67% of those living in the North East.

Scotland, the South East and Northern Ireland also rate highly when it comes to looking for data to back stories.

“This provides a real insight into which demographics are driven by data and which ones aren’t influenced as much” said Sara.

Founded by Sara in 2003, redheadPR is a dynamic and independent public relations market leader and social media agency based in Swindon, Wiltshire that celebrated 15 years in business last year. 2018 saw the PR agency voted one of the top three marketing agencies in Swindon. The company manages the profiles of blue-chip corporations, products and well-known individuals, blending established and ground-breaking digital techniques for effective, compelling and brilliantly bespoke campaigns for clients.

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