Become the star of your own ad: Chinese Deepfake app ZAO goes viral


Deepfake app Zao has risen to the top of Chinese app sales charts less than a week after going live, sparking privacy concerns in the process.


Zao, created by popular Chinese app developer Momo, uses Deepfake technology to allow people to plaster their own faces on top of any character they want after a scan that takes just a few seconds.

The app is only officially available in China, though a few Westerners have already been able to get in on the program.

Zao allows users to insert themselves into any television show or movie using a single selfie by using artificial intelligence to superimpose their face onto that of a celebrity.

According to a post from the app makers on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, Zao’s servers nearly crashed due to the surge in traffic over the weekend.

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