Best paid creative jobs in the UK: How does your salary compare?


From brand managers to graphic designers, there are a variety of jobs within the creative sector that require a range of different skills and talents. New research has analysed the average salary of 50 of the most common creative jobs in the UK to compare average salaries.


Liberty Gameshas analysed salaries across 50 of the UK’s most creative jobs, in order to reveal which jobs will put more pounds in your pockets.

But how do these 50 creative jobs in the UK stack up against your salary?

Here are some of the key findings from the data:

  • Film and TV Directors take the top spot, with an average salary of £57,859 per annum - almost £23,000 (£22,67 7) more a year than the average salary in the creative industry
  • Fashion designers come in 50th place, earning almost £15,000 (£14,466) less than the creative jobs average salary
  • 58% of creative jobs are paid under the UK average jobs salary of £35,058
  • View the full infographic below:


    Source: Libery Games

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