Real-time customer intelligence 'top priority for 2020'


Half of UK business leaders say their biggest priority for 2020 is gaining access to real-time customer intelligence (46%) in order to deliver engaging, personalised experiences for their customers, according to new research.


The study, from Adobe, quizzed 750 business leaders surveyed for its Mind the Data Gap Report, indicating that 27% in the UK believe their ability to achieve real-time customer intelligence is being held back by a lack of data skills within their organisation, while one-in-five are struggling to implement a data-centric culture (22%).

As customer experience becomes the basis for competitive advantage, having real-time customer intelligence is critical to allow companies to deliver personalised moments across the entire customer journey. In the UK, two-fifths (41%) of business leaders say their platform cannot stitch together customer data in real time and only 15% are confident that AI is effectively embedded into their platform. One in four UK business leaders say they lack a unified technology platform altogether.

“Customer experience is the new battleground for business. Brands must close the gap between the customer, channels they live and the experience they expect, but time and time again, People, Processes and Technology are a roadblock to these ambitions” said Suresh Vittal, vice president, Adobe Experience Cloud. “Adobe Experience Platform is built to give brands the ability to have a single view of each customer, without the pain of decoding complex interactions across digital and physical touch points.”

Fieldwork was conducted by London Research, between June and July 2019, surveying 750 European business leaders, 250 each in the UK, France and Germany.

Adobe has launched a new set of real time personised features in its today Adobe Experience Platform, including AI enabled customer journeys, simplified data governance and real time customer data.

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