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April 2010

Digital Strategy Consulting

The use of the web by politicians has been underwhelming, but the current UK elections are still the most digital. Here's why...

Social media reached out to a new generation and told them to vote. The Electoral Commission used simple digital marketing tactics to reach the right people (youngsters not yet registered), in the right media space (Facebook), with the right offer (one click to register). Simple, brilliant, game-changing.

Secondly, digital analytics came into their own for the first time. Old-style telephone polling and street surveys are over. Instead social media monitoring provided granular insights into every sound-bite and every gesture from the leaders of the three main political parties. Online polls from YouGov have been fighting with new social media monitoring tools, while live social media trackers run alongside TV debates. They've given politicians an unprecedented window into their own electability - and like all good marketers, politicians have quickly applied those lessons.

Collating this month's research and news for you reminded me that the right digital strategy isn't just about advertising. Digital strategies work throughout the marketing mix - from researching customer insights, to changing brand preference, through building buzz and engagement, sale and ongoing support.

Best from all @ Digital

Danny Meadows-Klue
Founder and Chief Executive
Digital Strategy Consulting


UK election: Digital focus

UK elections: Social media and web analytics get the vote; politicians come poor second
The use of the web by UK politicians has been underwhelming. Instead of an Obama-style social media groundswell bringing policy debate into living rooms and bars, the British electorate has had to suffer waves of negative campaigning, an explosion of pointless blogging by anyone running for office, and a focus on Facebook fans or Twitter followers that mistakes raw numbers for engagement. And yet Election 2010 has been the most digital the UK's ever seen; here's why...
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Fifth of a million Facebook users watched second leaders' debate
More than 220,000 people logged in to Facebook last Thursday to watch the second leaders' debate. Both and used Facebook Live Stream to allow viewers to comment on what they saw on screen, the first time worldwide that two broadcast networks have used Facebook Live Stream in parallel.
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Debate shifts party leaders' reputations on social media
Last week's debate saw the reputation of Gordon Brown rise significantly, while David Cameron remained static, according to analysis by social media firm Yomego. Yomego has been analysing the reputations of each leader through the first two leaders debates, and the reputational shifts are charted in the graph below, as are the social media reputation scores of each leader.
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Electoral commission uses Facebook to encourage young voters
The Electoral Commission will for the first time use Facebook to encourage more Brits to register to vote on May 6. The move comes after turnout fell to historic lows in the last two ballots. Young people are among the biggest users of Facebook, but are traditionally the hardest to persuade to cast their vote.
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TV leader debate: Tories win web traffic war after round two
The Conservative party gained the most homepage visits after the second leadership debate last night, according to new research. The research, from Hitwise, indicates that the Conservative's homepage getting 36.42 per cent of the share, the Liberal Democrats 31.80 per cent and Labour 31.78 per cent.
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TV leader debate: Clegg wins over Facebook users in second round
Nick Clegg has been voted the winner of last night's leadership debate, according to an online poll of Facebook users. An exit poll launched within minutes of the debate ending showed that the Liberal Democrat leader was the most successful candidate, polling 48% of the vote, followed by David Cameron 27% and or Gordon Brown on 25%. Facebook said over 20,000 users of its social network took part in the poll.
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Data and statistics
Here are the latest stats and figures from the past month.

Largest UK internet sites
UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Largest UK internet sites. UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, March 2010

Internet audience: UK
Time per person for top 10 parent companies, UK, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Internet audience: UK. Time per person for top 10 parent companies, UK, March 2010

Consumer internet behaviour: UK
Monthly internet use: key indicators for UK web users, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Consumer internet behaviour: UK. Monthly internet use: key indicators for UK web users, March 2010

Top 10 travel search terms: UK
Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 10th April 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 travel search terms: UK. Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 10th April 2010

Top 10 travel websites: UK
Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 17th April 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 travel websites: UK. Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 17th April 2010


Digital Economy Bill: Broadband tax axed, illegal downloaders face lifetime web ban
The UK Government's controversial broadband tax has been dropped, while illegal downloaders could soon be banned for life, as part of a new bill rushed through Parliament this week. The laws were passed in the final push to get the Government's Digital Economy bill passed into law.
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Talk Talk 'to defy Digital Economy Act'
As the Digital Economy Act is made into law, key industry players, including ISP Talk Talk, are beginning to voice their opposition to the acts sweeping powers over cutting off accused illegal file-sharers. The Digital Economy Bill was rushed through Parliament in a period known as the 'wash-up', the period between a general election being called and Parliament being dissolved.
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Digital marketing audits
Getting the best ROI from your websites, emails and online ads? Sure? Our digital marketing audits review your current and planned campaigns to find ways of cutting budgets without cutting impacts. Ask for more:
Social networking

Top 10 social networking websites: UK
Sites ranked by unique audience, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 social networking websites: UK. Sites ranked by unique audience, March 2010

Facebook shuts Lite site after just seven months
Social network Facebook has shut down its Lite site after running for just seven months. Facebook posted a note on its own fan page thanking those who used Lite, which had been aimed at users with slow or poor Internet connections, and stated that it had "learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site".
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Facebook ramps up fan and 'community' pages
Facebook is updating its website to highlight pages for bands, books and businesses, encouraging users to become fans of their listed interests. The social network is also launching a new community feature, as the social network looks for new ways to leverage their users' interests and connect them with advertisers.
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Twitter launches first-ever search ads
Twitter has launched its much-anticipated ad program, as the micro-blogging platform looks to turn its growing popularity into profit. The new service, named "Promoted Tweets," will allow companies to place a less-than-140-character message at the top of pages of search results.
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Facebook debuts £5m safety campaign - but refuses to add panic button
Facebook will not add a safety button on each user's profile page, despite calls from a leading UK child protection agency, saying they would 'confuse and intimidate' users. Instead it will run a £5m safety campaign including a 24-hour police hotline.
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Digital regulatory compliance - get it right, right now
Regulation of web content, advertising and personal data is now stronger than ever. Is your firm compliant? And are you truly sure? Have our consultants join your team to troubleshoot and give you the real picture. Email our team for more information:


UK mobile ad market grew 32% in 2009 - worth 38m
Mobile ad spend beat expectations last year, with entertainment & media and telecoms brands being the biggest mobile advertisers, according to new research. Despite a contraction in the advertising sector in 2009, total spend on mobile phone advertising in 2009 rocketed by 32% year on year to a new high of £37.6m, according to the second, annual Internet Advertising Bureau study.
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Google Nexus One goes on sale in UK with Vodafone
Vodafone UK has become the first European operator to sell Nexus One, Google's first smartphone handset, with contract prices starting from £25 a month. Customers who pre-order online will be the first to get a Nexus One for free on a £35 monthly price plan (24 month), on April 30. The Nexus One will also be available via Vodafone stores and telesales. Price plans start from £25 a month on a 24 month contract.
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High street shoppers 'taxed' for not buying online
Shoppers are being hit by a "high street tax", paying up to 70 per cent more for goods bought in store rather than online, according new research. The study, from shopping comparison website PriceRunner, suggested shoppers are paying hundreds of pounds more for the privilege of shopping in store.
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Accelerating Digital Brands: Could we help your team achieve more?
It's never mattered more. The web, search, email and social media have become the critical tools every firm has to get right. Yet most digital strategies deliver less than half their potential. Why?

We've spent ten years helping agencies, brands, business services and governments find the right digital strategy for them. From building new online entertainment sites to finding new ways to connect with customers, we're front-line practitioners who share our knowledge and skills with others. Not only do we help companies get this right we also coach their teams to build their knowledge and intuition. Email the trainers at
Country focus: Germany

Largest internet sites: Germany
German audience reach for top 10 parent companies, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Largest internet sites: Germany. German audience reach for top 10 parent companies, March 2010

Internet audience: Germany
Time per person for top 10 parent companies, Germany, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Internet audience: Germany. Time per person for top 10 parent companies, germany, March 2010

Consumer internet behaviour: Germany
Monthly internet use: key indicators for German web users, March 2010

Digital Strategy - Consumer internet behaviour: Germany. Monthly internet use: key indicators for German web users, March 2010


UK online ad spend grows 4.2% despite economic gloom
The UK internet advertising sector increased revenues by 4.2% to £3.54 billion in 2009, up from £3.35 billion in 2008. Surpassing industry forecasts, online grew last year despite a decline in total UK advertising. Despite the economic outlook and its devastating effect on the advertising industry, online has weathered the storm. The results of the bi-annual IAB and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP advertising spend reflect the inexorable move of Britain's population online as recognised by the Government's Digital Britain vision.
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eSpot ad network suspended fom IASH
The Internet Advertising Sales House council has confirmed that ad network eSpot has failed to complete and pass the most recent ABCe audit. The online ad network did not submit an audit for the period July to Dec 2009, and has therefore been suspended.
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Wales becomes UK's first digital TV nation
Wales has become the UK's first digital TV nation today when the analogue signal is switched off for the final time. The Welsh switchover began last August and will conclude tomorrow with the Wenvoe transmitter group, which covers Cardiff, Newport and south east Wales.
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Companies making the news

Amazon profits soar 68% on strong international sales
Amazon has signalled a recovery in online consumer spending with an excellent quarter that saw profits rise 68 per cent. The retailer made a quarterly profit of $299m (£194m), and reported overall revenues up 46 per cent to $7.13bn (£4.63bn).
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26/04/2010 relaunches: Mainstream consumer focus
This month's re-launch of marks a clear shift into mainstream consumer-facing publishing and the promotion of a consumer facing brand. For the news network that supports tens of thousands of media titles, this clear expansion signals a broadening business model and new vehicle for corporate marketers.
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Yahoo buys Me.Me domain to boost Twitter rival
Yahoo has acquired the Me.Me domain name to enhance the brand of its social networking site,, which allows users to connect and share their common interests. Online domain marketplace Sedo, brokered the sale of Me.Me to Yahoo. Sedo secured the domain name from the .Me Registry on Yahoo's behalf.
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Yahoo posts first revenue growth in 18 months
Yahoo has reaped the benefits of Microsoft web search deal, posting its best quarterly performance since hiring Carol Bartz as chief executive to engineer a turnaround. The first-quarter results released marked the internet company's first revenue growth in 18 months, although the gain of 1% fell shy of management and analyst hopes. The company's shares dropped by more than 3.5% in extended trading.
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Google updates local tools with photos inside businesses
Google is changing the name of its Local Business Center to Google Places adding new tools to help connect consumers with local shops, including photos of the interiors of buildings. The search giant is letting businesses in some cities buy Tags to make their listings stand out on and Google Maps, for $25 a month.
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Google hires 800 following 'strongest growth in 18 months'
Google has seen its revenues rise 23% to $5.06 billion in the first quarter of this year, hiring some 800 new employees in the process. The search giant notched up its strongest growth of the last 18 months between January and March this year.
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European broadband networks demand ad share from 'bandwidth hog' Google
Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and Telefonica have called on Google to begin sharing ad revenues to networks. They claim that their networks are fast becoming "dumb pipes" for hosting the group's bandwidth-hungry technology, including YouTube, on their broadband use the internet search and advertising company pays the network operators little or nothing for carrying its content.
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Google adds site speed to SEO ranking factors
Google is to incorporate website speed as a factor in how it ranks websites in search results. The search engine first revealed its plans to include speed as a ranking factor in its algorithm last December. Now website owners looking to improve their search engine optimisation strategies may need to look at how quickly their pages load as part of their digital marketing campaigns.
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Nokia to launch online music store in China
Nokia is to launch an online music store in China, as the mobile maker looks to expand its media services to emerging markets. The service will offer DRM-free music from major labels and a number of independents as part of the China launch for its Comes with Music service tailored for downloads to mobiles and PCs.
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AOL looks to 'sell or shut down' Bebo
AOL is looking to sell Bebo and could shut down the social network altogether, according to press reports. The move comes as the internet company looks to shed loss-making divisions that it considers will not make a significant contribution as it focuses on content, advertising and consumer services.
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Google reveals further plans for ultra-fast broadband
Google has revealed further plans for its forthcoming high-speed fibre broadband network, and will announce the target market for the first tests by the end of the year. The initial trial will cover a group ranging from 50,000 to 500,000 people in the US. The project, first announced in February, will provide 1GB networks in targeted markets as a way of testing open broadband networks.
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