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Digital Intelligence: India
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Digital market overview: India

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Whatever market your business is working in, understanding your customers is key. It's about getting the right message to them at the right time and the right way.

The growth of internet use in India is attracting the focus of global brands, as well as national firms looking for more effective ways to reach upmarket and professional audiences. As online commerce and internet audiences accelerate, the web is moving to the centre of the retail and information culture in key demographic groups.

To support our clients and partners we've collated together research that provides a snapshot of the online economy in India today, and there is a supporting online resources page.

Developing digital strategies for content, commerce and communications in India demands a strong understanding of the role the web, email and social media play in people's changing media mix. If you find the notes useful then add your comments in the supporting pages.

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Danny Meadows-Klue
Danny Meadows-Klue
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Digital Strategy Consulting

Digital Intelligence: India
Digital Marketing Overview India
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 Internet use in India

Low, but high concentrations among professional classes
Internet access growth started accelerating in 2002 and both the web and email have now mainstreamed as both a consumer and business tool. Use is skewed massively towards specific up-market demographics and professional classes that have access as part of their working lives...

Internet usage: India
Growth of Internet use in India 1998 - 2008

Digital Strategy - Internet usage: India

 Broadband use in India

Rapid growth as broadband replaces narrowband connections

India is undergoing the switch to broadband before many people even experienced narrowband, but the pace is slow because of the challenges of the telecommunication infrastructure...

Broadband growth: India
Broadband subscriber growth 2007-2008

Digital Strategy - Broadband use in India

 Consumer internet behaviour in India

Understanding how audiences use the internet in India
For people with access, it's a major part of their daily or weekly schedule. The internet is a gateway to world knowledge as well as a massive platform for national media and documentation...

Frequency of internet use: India
Percentage of active internet users who use the internet

Digital Strategy - Frequency of internet use: India

Internet access location: India
Breakdown of where time is spent online

Digital Strategy - Breakdown of where time is spent online

 Online activities in India

What are people doing online?
Email and information remain the strongest reasons people go online in India, but the use of video has grown rapidly in the past few years and will continue to do so, following trends from Western Europe...

Online activities: India
Main reasons for using the internet

Digital Strategy - Online activities: India

Social media and multimedia: India
Behaviour of internet users

Digital Strategy - Social media and multimedia: India

 Online advertising in India

Fast growth from a low base

The internet advertising industry remains young in India and behaves in a similar way to the Western European internet advertising industry 5-8 years earlier. The sector is dominated by financial services, IT/mobile and recruitment, with consumer package goods and motoring accounting for only small shares of the national online advertising market...

Online advertising sectors: India
Category of advertisements seen by users

Digital Strategy - Online advertising sectors: India

Online advertising: India
Information searched for after seeing specific ads

Digital Strategy - Online advertising: India

 Search engine marketing in India

The growth of search engine advertising
The role of search is similar to most developed internet markets, although there is a lack of accurate data due to challenges in researching the market size effectively...

 Mobile phone use in India

The mass market communication tool
There are around 300m mobile users in India (2008: 286million accounts). 92% of mobile subscribers are on pre-paid connection and remaining 8% on post-paid terms according to the IAMIA research of 2008...

Danny Meadows-Klue
"The internet is mainstream among the professional classes, but a strong digital divide remains."
Danny Meadows-Klue
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