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2010 was the year video mainstreamed on the web in Western Europe, so when YouTube released their top 10 clips, we thought it time to collate some of the video stories from the last year. Together they provide an important reminder of the scale online video has grown to. So as you plan your web strategies for 2011, if video is not already high on the agenda, then be sure to review its potential. Online video can tell stories as powerfully as television, create interaction as strong as games, showcase products as well as an in-store demo, and engage your audiences as deeply as social media.

Enjoy the research and news roundup - complete stories and data at the end of the jump.

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Data and digital trends

Video: Top 10 YouTube clips of 2010 15 December 2010 - YouTube has looked back on the year to launch a video of its most watched clips of 2010, including Old Spice, annoying oranges and bed intruders... Keep reading...

Mobile Video use by European country
Mobile subscribers who watch TV/ video on Mobile phones, July 2009 vs July 2010 ('000 people per month).

Digital Strategy - Mobile Video use by European country. Mobile subcribers who watch TV/ video on Mobile phones, July 2009 vs July 2010

Top 10 online video content sites: US
Google users viewed on average 94 videos each during the month of January 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 online video content sites: US. Google users viewed on average 94 videos each during the month of January 2010

Top 10 online video content sites: US
Google attracted 136.5 million unique viewers during the month of January 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 online video content sites: US. Google attracted 136.5 million unique viwers during the month of January 2010

Top 10 entertainment websites: UK
Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th March 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 entertainment websites: UK. Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th March 2010

Top 10 social networking websites: UK
Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th Feb 2010

Digital Strategy - Top 10 social networking websites: UK. Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th Feb 2010

PS3 gets on-demand ITV and Channel 4 15 December 2010 - TV catch-up services ITV Player and Channel 4's 4oD have joined existing service BBC iPlayer on the PS3 console. The move means PS3 users will be able to catch up on popular shows from ITV, such as Coronation Street, Gossip Girl and Emmerdale, and some of Channel 4's content which includes Peep Show, Hollyoaks and Misfits. Keep reading...

BBC to launch paid-for iPlayer iPad app in US
06 December 2010 - The BBC is working on a version of its iPlayer to be launched in the US, in the form of a paid-for iPad application, according to a new report. The reports that the 'Global iPlayer', which is in pilot form until it passes scrutiny by the BBC Trust, will only be available outside the UK, where the broadcaster is allowed to charge for access to its content. Keep reading...

Virgin Media to launch YouView rival with Tivo powered set top box
02 December 2010 - Cable giant Virgin Media has launched its new broadband internet based "next-generation entertainment platform" and Set Top Box (STB), which uses Video-on-Demand (VoD) technology from TiVo. The service will roll-out from mid-December 2010 and cost from 26.50 per month. The STB itself will cost 199 and standard installation costs apply (40). Keep reading...

SeeSaw offers ad-free viewing for 99p
29 November 2010 - Online video service SeeSaw has launched a new "NonStop" feature, giving viewers the choice to either watch their programmes free with adverts or pay a small fee to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. The service will launch for an introductory price of 99p until 31st of December, going up to its standard price of £2.99 per month thereafter. Keep reading...

Sony takes VOD service to Europe, but PS3 users miss out
26 November 2010 - Sony has launched its video-on-demand service Qriocity in Europe, making its catalogue of movies available via its internet connected TVs, but not its popular PS3 console. Sony, which competes in Hollywood with the likes of MGM, Universal, Disney and Warner, has successfully signed up its rivals to the store for distribution and will make their films equally available on Qriocity. Keep reading...

SeeSaw 'Ad Selector' lets viewers choose preferred advert from brands
25 November 2010 - Online video site SeeSaw has launched a new ad tool Ad Selector, that lets users choose which video ad they want to watch prior to streaming programmes. The move comes as a result of a partnership with technology company Brainient. Keep reading...

YouTube boosts stickiness with search topic suggestions
15 November 2010 - YouTube is trialling a new service called 'Topics on Search', giving viewers examples of related searches. The tool, available on the video sharing site's beta testing area 'TestTube', uses an algorithm that looks at video tags, comments, shares, viewing patters, and other signals. Keep reading...

YouTube debuts new mobile ad formats as videos on-the-move soars
12 November 2010 - Three in four (75%) of YouTube Mobile users say that their mobile is the number one device they use to watch YouTube videos, according to new stats issued by Google. According to Nielsen, YouTube Mobile is the number one video viewing mobile website in the US, with more than 7.1MM monthly unique users. Keep reading...

iPlayer going global: BBC plans to charge overseas viewers
10 November 2010 - The BBC has announced plans to make its popular iPlayer online video platform available for International users, for a fee. The announcement was made by John Smith, Chief Executive of BBC Worldwide. Keep reading...

Samsung debuts first-ever YouTube mobile ad to promote Galaxy Tab
03 November 2010 - Samsung Electronics has become the first UK advertiser to run display advertising on YouTube's mobile site to promote its iPad rival, the Galaxy Tab. The YouTube mobile advertising forms part of a wider marketing launch campaign for Samsung's Galaxy Tab, which will run across in-game advertising with Playstation, reach blocks on Facebook, online search and display, mobile advertising, OOH and print. Keep reading...

YouTube's 'Promoted Videos' tops 500 million views
03 November 2010 - Advertising is beginning to pay off for Google's YouTube, and it has now has served 500 million views of its paid Promoted Videos, a service it launched less than two years ago. The news follows Google CEO Eric Schmidt's recent hints that YouTube is "nearing profitability." Keep reading...

YouTube co-founder steps down
02 November 2010 - YouTube's CEO and co-founder Chad Hurley is stepping down from the position to take on an advisory role at the site. The transition has been undergoing and his duties at YouTube have shrunk for the past two years. Keep reading...

Ofcom rejects YouView 'anti-competitive' complaints
20 October 2010 - Ofcom will not investigate YouView, despite claims from rivals that the TV-on-demand scheme from BBC, ITV, C4 and Five is anti-competitive. However, You View, previously know as Project Canvas was warned that the communications watchdog will act if it blocks rival platforms and services in future. Keep reading...

Google preps TV launch with media content deals
06 October 2010 - Google has secured new content partnership deals with media and internet companies, including NBC Universal's CNBC, Time Warner's HBO and Amazon, for its forthcoming Google TV service. Turner Broadcasting is working to optimise some of its websites for viewing on Google TV, including CNN and Cartoon Network, Google said on Monday. Keep reading...

UK online ad spend up 10%: Video and social media lead way for growth
05 October 2010 - The money spent on internet ads in the UK increased 10% in the first half of this year, with advertisers spending a total of nearly £2bn on the medium, according to new data. The study, from the IAB and Price Waterhouse Coopers , found that video and social advertising fuelled online display's return to growth, while the FMCG and Entertainment sectors ramped up investment to become two of the biggest spenders in the sector. Keep reading...

TV catch up sites: BBC's iPlayer tops usability list, Sky Player comes last
04 October 2010 - The BBC offers viewers the most usable Video on Demand (VoD) / catch up TV website with its iPlayer service, while Sky's Sky Player service fails to match other broadcasters in terms of usability, according to new findings released today. Keep reading...

YouView accused of harming investment in web TV industry
02 October 2010 - UK online TV platform YouView, previously known as project canvas, has dismissed claims it will damage investment in the fledgling UK IPTV market. YouView, the on-demand TV service backed by BBC ITV, BT and Channel 4, is set to launch as a beta test in the first quarter of next year. The site aims to bring video-on-demand programming and services to Freeview and Freesat. Keep reading...

YouTube wins Spanish copyright case
01 October 2010 - A Spanish federal court has dismissed copyright infringement charges against Google's YouTube that could have brought the online video service to a halt by forcing it to monitor every piece of content. Keep reading...

Project Canvas to launch Web TV next year as 'YouView' brand
16 September 2010 - Project Canvas, the on-demand TV service backed by BBC ITV, BT and Channel 4, has officially rebranded as YouView, and is set to launch as a beta test in the first quarter of next year. The site aims to bring video-on-demand programming and services to Freeview and Freesat. Keep reading...

Online video referrals: Facebook catching Google
15 September 2010 - Newspaper websites are enjoying a surge of traffic from their online video stories, while Facebook is on track to be second only to Google for video referral traffic by year's end, according to new research. Keep reading...

YouTube tests live streaming
15 September 2010 - YouTube has begun to test its own-brand live video-streaming technology. Over two days the site is planning a trial in which four partners will get the chance to air live programmes. Keep reading...

Google TV coming to UK living rooms next year
09 September 2010 - Google is set to launch its much-anticipated TV service in the US over the next few weeks, while UK viewers will have to wait until next year. The service will let viewers in the US search and view content from TV providers, the Internet, mobile apps and their own personal content library via their TV sets. Keep reading...

BBC iPlayer offers downloads before shows are broadcast on TV
08 September 2010 - BBC has revamped its iPlayer online video platform, with a number of new features, including the ability to let users download shows before they are aired on TV, and then watched them straight after broadcast. Previously, users had to wait for the show to finish and be uploaded to the iPlayer before watching or downloading it. Keep reading...

Yahoo to launch web TV service in Europe
07 September 2010 - Yahoo is set to launch an online TV service in Europe, through a partnership with TV maker Vestel. Keep reading...

More than a third of Brits now watching TV online
01 September 2010 - A third of television viewers now watch their favourite programmes online, on computers and mobile phones, according to new research. The joint study by the Radio Times and has highlighted changes in the way people now view programmes. Keep reading...

Social media 'making TV a social experience again'
01 September 2010 - How we watch, share, discuss and interact with traditional TV in the UK is evolving rapidly in response to the rise of social media, according to the findings of the Social TV Trends Report. The research into the habits of over 2,000 British consumers commissioned by social media agency Diffusion and conducted by YouGov, has found that 'media stacking' is becoming the norm as we watch TV with growing viewer demand for more real-time interactive online services accessible via the 'traditional' TV set. Keep reading...

Five rejoins Project Canvas
01 September 2010 - Channel Five has reversed its decision, made only six weeks ago, to pull out of the UK television industry's project to allow consumers to see video programmes via the internet. Project Canvas now includes again all the terrestrial broadcasters - the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 remained involved when Channel Five left for financial reasons last month - as well as BT, Carphone Warehouse and the infrastructure owner Arqiva. It is looking for further partners. Keep reading...

Amazon to sell subscription service for online movies?
01 September 2010 - Amazon is reportedly planning to launch an online TV and movie rental service, and is currently in talks with major TV and film studios. Keep reading...

'How to' videos on the rise: Blinkx teams with Videojug and Howdini
09 September 2010 - Blinkx has partnered with VideoJug and Howdini, to bring 50,000 direct play How-to video's to its video search platform. These professionally produced videos will help viewers master a wide range of skills, from throwing the perfect curve ball to puppy-proofing the home and more. Keep reading...

Channel five broadcasts tv shows on Facebook
10 August 2010 - Channel Five has made a deal with Facebook that means its TV-on-demand platform, 'Demand Five', will be embedded into the social-networking site. The deal will see Channel Five become the first broadcaster to show television programmes through Facebook, and apparently it will be launching in the next ten days. Keep reading...

Online video: TV still king in US, Asians rely on mobile video
10 August 2010 - People in China watch half as much television each day as Americans, but they are more likely to catch video on computer or mobile phones, according to new research. The study, from Nielsen, looked into the technology habits of some 27,000 online consumers in 55 countries in March. Keep reading...

Virgin Media files complaint about 'anti-competitive' Project Canvas
04 August 2010 - Virgin Media has lodged a complaint with Ofcom, aimed at halting the BBC-backed video-on-demand service Project Canvas. The cable giant says the project, which is developing common standards for net TV in the UK, is anti-competitive. BT, Channel 4 and ITV are partners alongside the BBC. Keep reading...

Government hints at plans for internet TV licence fee
26 July 2010 - British viewers who watch TV programmes through their computers and who do not own television sets may be made to pay the licence fee as early as next year. Currently viewers do not have to pay the licence fee if they only watch TV programmes through a computer. Keep reading...

iPlayer receives 7m mobile requests during June
22 July 2010 - The number of mobile requests for the BBC's iPlayer service grew by 1m in June, reaching a new high of 7m monthly requests. Mobile traffic was boosted by iPlayer access on the Apple iPad, which already accounts for 10% of all requests from portable devices. Keep reading...

Old Spice viral ads break records with 5.2m YouTube views
19 July 2010 - The Old Spice channel became the most viewed on YouTube last week, after the men's grooming brand recorded more than 5.2 million views for its viral marketing videos in less than three days. The brand's Twitter followers grew from 3,000 to 48,000 during this period. Keep reading...

YouTube recreates TV experience with 'Leanback' feature
09 July 2010 - YouTube has launched Leanback, a new service aimed at the living room offering full screen, HD videos optimised for big screen TV viewing. Still in public beta, Leanback automatically starts playing content feeds based on a user's preferences, and accesses social networking for users plugged in via Facebook. Keep reading...

Project Canvas gets green light from BBC Trust
28 June 2010 - Project Canvas, the online TV project involving BBC, ITV, BT, Five, Channel 4 and TalkTalk given approval from the BBC Trust, providing the project sticks to certain agreements. The news follows the go-ahead by the Office of Fair Trading last month. Keep reading...

YouTube wins Viacom copyright case
24 June 2010 - In a landmark ruling, a judge has rejected a $1bn lawsuit brought by Viacom accusing Google of allowing copyrighted material on its YouTube service without permission. The US movie and television giant sued Google and YouTube for a billion dollars in March 2007, arguing that they condoned pirated video clips at the website to boost its popularity. Keep reading...

Virgin Media plans full web TV service by year end
15 June 2010 - Virgin Media plans to launch its first full internet-connected TV service in partnership with Tivo by the end of the year. The service will bring the web to the TV screen, in the form of apps, and will offer a search service similar to Google. Keep reading...

BBC iPlayer gets personal... and starts linking to rivals
01 June 2010 - The BBC has unveiled a new-look iPlayer with a simpler interface, higher-quality streams and more personalised content. The media player will also link to content on rival platforms and let users share shows via Facebook and Twitter. The iPlayer beta is now live and the corporation expects to launch the full version by the end of June. Keep reading...

SeeSaw offers online TV rentals from 99p
24 May 2010 - Online TV catch-up service SeeSaw has announced that it is now possible to rent shows, such as Lost and Top Gear, through their site. The company has offered free programmes on the web since it's launch in February. This will be the first time users have been able to pay to access premium content. Keep reading...

YouTube 'gets more viewers than all US TV networks combined'
17 May 2010 - Popular video sharing website YouTube is celebrating its fifth year this month and has another reason to celebrate: it generates two billion hits nearly every day. The 2 billion views of the site, which sports the slogan "Broadcast Yourself", is more than the combined total number of viewers of the US major television networks. Keep reading...

Nielsen to measure 'audience attentiveness' for online video ads
05 May 2010 - Research firm The Nielsen Company has bought GlanceGuide, a US-based video analytics and technology company. The purchase will see the research firm add a new 'audience attentiveness' metric for measure the impact of online video ads. Keep reading...

Lovefilm begins streaming movie rentals direct to TV sets
19 March 2010 - Lovefilm has struck deals with Sony and Samsung to stream movie rentals directly to viewers TV sets via an internet connection. The deal is expected to bring more than 2,000 films, to the TV manufacturers' latest sets, which can be connected directly to the internet. Keep reading...

Microsoft takes on iPlayer with free video player
12 March 2010 - Microsoft has launched a free online video player for the UK, which will rival existing services such as BBC iPlayer and 4OD. MSN Video Player contains 1,000 hours of programmes including Skins, 8 Out of 10 Cats and Footballers' Wives. Over the next few weeks the service will also begin to include a selection of HD shows. Keep reading...

SeeSaw begins $5m ad campaign
01 March 2010 - UK video-on-demand service SeeSaw has started its launch campaign, worth £5m, beginning with 10 second commercial. The campaign will start with a series of ten-second teaser ads across Channel 4's portfolio of TV services, expanding to run on ITV, Channel Five, digital multichannel stations and high-traffic websites. Keep reading...

BBC to develop news, sport and iPlayer mobile apps
19 February 2010 - The BBC will launch a range of free mobile applications to deliver its online content to mobile devices, with the possibility of an iPlayer application for smartphone users ready by the end of this year. The broadcaster is reportedly planning to launch mobile apps for BBC News in April followed by apps for BBC Sport in May. The BBC will launch both apps in a UK and a global version. Keep reading...

SeeSaw launches TV site in UK
18 February 2010 - SeeSaw, a free online aggregation service offering a selection of UK broadcasters' content, has launched after completing beta tests. So far, SeeSaw has signed content partnership deals with BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Five and several major independent production companies. However, the company could not ink a deal with ITV. Keep reading...

IAB sets industry standards for online video ads
11 February 2010 - The IAB has received the backing of publisher and broadcaster members to enforce Video Advertising Standard Templates (VAST 2.0) in the UK, to bring greater consistency to online video planning and buying. The initiative has been developed by the Internet Advertising Bureau's Video Council - the group dedicated to the promotion of online video advertising. Keep reading...

YouTube tests online video rental market
21 January 2010 - YouTube is launching a video rental service, initially featuring five movies shown at this year's Sundance Festival, with plans to expand later in the year. The first five films for rent are "The Cove," "Bass Ackwards," "One Too Many Mornings," "Homewrecker" and "Children of Invention." The service will go live on 22 January and will only be available in the US. Keep reading...

YouTube seeks sponsor for first live sports coverage
20 January 2010 - YouTube is to begin streaming live cricket from India's premier league, seeking sponsors in the process. The move marks the video sharing site's first foray into live sport streaming, and is the result of a partnership between Google and Cricket's IPL (India Premier League). Keep reading...

BBC allowed to take part in internet TV service "Project Canvas"
01 January 2010 - The BBC Trust has provisionally approved the BBC's involvement in Project Canvas, a service that will allow UK viewers to watch free-to-air broadcasts and Internet content on television.
The trust, an independent body that oversees the license-fee funded BBC, said that "the likely public value of the proposal justifies any potential negative market impact," after it faced criticism from pay-TV companies, in particular British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC (BSY.LN).
Keep reading...

YouTube debuts own short URL service
01 January 2010 - YouTube has launched a new URL shortening service, putting the video sharing platform in direct competition with market leaders and TinyURL. In a blog posting, Google engineering manager Vijay Karunamurthy announced as a shortener for all YouTube video links, and nothing but YouTube links. Keep reading...

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