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Facebook has revolutionised social media, changed the way marketers communicate and blended paid, owned and earn media into one platform.

Successful social conversation strategies demand the right consumer insights and effective reading of the social landscape.

To keep you on top of how Facebook is changing, this special report lists key developments, research and case studies from the last year - full stories and data on click-through.

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Facebook statistics - 9 facts about the world's biggest social network

  • Facebook iconMonthly active users - 901m (March 2012)
  • Daily active users: 526m (March 2012)
  • 400m users were active on at least six out of the last seven days (March 2012)
  • People using Facebook mobile products: Over 500m (April 2012)
  • Number of photos uploaded per day: 300m (on average)
  • Number of Likes and Comments per day: 3.2 billion
  • Number of languages Facebook is available in: More than 70
  • % of active users outside North America: 80%
  • Number of friend connections: 125 billion

Top global brands on Facebook - Fan engagement highest in emerging markets (infographic)

Just days before the most anticipated initial public offering in history, new data looks at how powerful the 901 million-member Facebook platform is for big brands looking to expand their global footprint and penetrate emerging markets. The study, from social media analytics provider Socialbakers, found that Kraft had the fastest growing brands globally, with three products (Halls, Trident and Chiclets) in the top 5 movers.

Digital Strategy - Top global brands on Facebook

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Top 12 countries in terms of Facebook reach

More than two out of three Americans that were active online visited Facebook during March 2012, equalling roughly 152 million unique US visitors, according to new research. The findings, from Nielsen, found that internet audiences in Brazil, New Zealand and Italy were even more engaged than in the US, underscoring Facebook's transcendence of borders around the world - and on the world wide web.
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Top 20 Facebook brands - Topshop, Tesco and Ann Summers on the rise

Topshop remains the top UK brand on both Facebook and Twitter, in terms of the number of followers, according to new research. The study measures how brands are using the top social networks and the subsequent effects on their follower base. Topshop continued to reign at the top of the social media leagues having reclaimed the Twitter top spot from ASOS and breaking through the 2 million 'likes' barrier with their Facebook page.
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10 things you need to know about Facebook (and 5 about its 'Fans')

Ahead of Facebook's historic IPO this week, Experian Hitwise and Techlightenment have provided 10 key data points about the social network's UK usage, and a further five points about the way users interact with brand Pages.
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Top 10 social networks of 2011: Facebook three times bigger than rivals in US

As 2011 came to a close, Nielsen reviewed the top social media sites during the year, with Facebook getting three times more visits than its closest rivals Blogger and Twitter. During 2011, 137.6 million U.S. people, on average, visited Facebook from home and work computers.
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Infographic - Top 100 most valuable global brands

Apple is the most valuable brand in terms of dollar value, while Facebook is the fastest growing brand, making it to No. 19. This infographic looks at the key stats behind the biggest brands in the world.

Digital Strategy - Infographic Top 100 most valuable global brands

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Top 10 global brands: Facebook fastest riser after record IPO

Apple remains the most valuable brand in terms of dollar value, while Facebook is the fastest growing brand, making it to No. 19. The world's biggest brands have continued to grow in value during the current economic uncertainty, according to WPP company Millward Brown's annual BrandZ Top 100 Most Valuable Global Brands study.
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Top US web brands of 2011: Google Facebook and Yahoo top list

Google was the most-visited U.S. Web brand, while Facebook held its lead among social networks and blogs, according to new data from Nielsen. During 2011, 153.4 million U.S. people, on average, visited Google sites from home and work computers.
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Facebook 'most searched for keyword in 2011'

The top ten U.S. search terms included four variations on Facebook -, Facebook, Facebook login and - marking the second year the social networking giant has had four top ten slots, according to new research.
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Facebook mobile strategy? Tips from our digital strategists

As more and more consumers access Facebook on-the-go - via a mobile app downloaded to their smartphone - consider what this means for your brand page experience and the opportunities it provides for social, local and mobile (SoLoMo) promotions. Images and video needs to work on a mobile screen. Calls to action need to be simplified for mobile response. Promotions need to be geo-targeted - taking advantage of check-ins via FB Places. Consider also how you optimise your Facebook page for mobile search retrieval and the growing number of consumers searching when out-and-about.
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Building your Facebook presence? Tips from our digital strategists

When looking to build your Facebook presence it helps to consider the paid, owned and earned media opportunities available to you. If you are willing to pay to build your fan base then you can invest in a variety of Facebook ad formats as well as Sponsored Stories. You can build up fans by adding a Facebook Like box to your owned website or annotating your YouTube videos with the URL. And you can earn extra audience and impressions through fans - for example by enabling them to tag your page in their photos. It's a blend of all three that works best.
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Facebook Page design? Tips from our digital strategists

When thinking about the design of your branded Facebook page be sure to take full advantage of the new features offered in the Timeline page design. Make sure that your cover photo and profile picture deliver strong brand imagery and messaging. Capitalise on the showcase apps & views to draw the audience into deeper page participation. Consider the use of Pin a post and Milestones to highlight key content. And overall, regularly fill your pages with engaging content that encourages fan likes / comments and sparks community conversations.
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Facebook growth 2007-2011: Global regions

This chart depicts Facebook's growth between 2007-2011, throughout all global regions. Facebook reached 12% of the worldwide internet audience at the end of 2007 and by December 2011 had increased that reach to over half of the total internet population (55%). However, this growth slowed between 2010 and 2011 in the majority of regions except Latin America.

Digital Strategy - Facebook growth 2007-2011 Global regions
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Facebook in 2012 - Key statistics (Infographic)

Facebook has had a turbulent month, seeing its stock value plunge by a quarter since its IPO in May. But how can the social network market leader turn around its fortunes? This infographic from Infographic Labs looks at the key stats behind the company as it faces up to more scrutiny as a public company.

Digital Strategy - Facebook in 2012

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Social networking most popular online activity of 2011

Social networking was the most popular online activity of 2011, with Israel leading the way for user engagement, according to new global data. The study, from comScore, found social networking accounted for nearly one in every five minutes spent online globally in October 2011, ranking as the most engaging online activity worldwide.
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India 'to overtake US as Facebook's largest market'

India is forecast to overtake the US as the world's largest Facebook market by number of users as early as 2015, according to a new report from Gartner. The report attributed the growth to a rapidly increasing internet penetration in India, combined with high rates of growth in mobile connections.
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India and China 'most active social media users' - are marketers missing a trick?

India and China have the most active social media users, while web users in the US, Europe and Japan are less likely to post information on social networks, according to a new report. The global survey by Forrester Research, found that three out of four Chinese and Indian web users write blog posts or upload pictures and music. The online survey collected from 95,000 Internet users in 18 countries.
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Global Facebook audience growth over past 5 years - Latin America leads the way

Facebook's reach amongst the total internet audience has continued to increase over the past five years across all regions, according to research from comScore. Globally, Facebook reached 12 percent of the internet audience in December 2007 and as of December 2011 the social network reached over half of the internet audience, 55 percent (43 percentage point rise).
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Half of all European web users visit newspaper sites: Facebook links driving growth

Of the 379.4m Europeans who went online in November 2011, nearly half (47.8%) visited at least one newspaper site,, with a considerable number visiting the top 5 newspaper sites preceded by a visit to Facebook, according to new research. The study, from comScore, assessed Internet usage in 49 European markets aggregated into the European region. The Daily Mail attracted the largest online audience with 20.1m unique visitors, followed by the Guardian at 15.7m unique visitors.
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US marketing trends: Brands 'focusing on getting Facebook fans', investing in mobile search

Brands are continuing to invest in Facebook advertising and focusing on fan acquisition, with spend in social media advertising is now additive to existing budgets rather than subtracting from other digital media channels, according to new research. The report examined digital marketing trends across the US in the fourth quarter 0f 2011. It found that brands continued to acquire Facebook fans at 9% per month.
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UK: Facebook most searched for brand last year

Searches for 'facebook' now account for 2% of UK searches, while four retail brands are among the top 10 brands, according to new research.
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Best Facebook fan pages - case studies

These days every brand wants a Facebook fan page, but few brands achieve real engagement. When marketing directors asked our team to find case studies of the best Facebook fan pages, we looked for those that had great social conversations, really engaged with consumers and gave people a reason to follow.
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Pinterest case study: Mixing Pinterest with Facebook gets 32% increase in followers

Social media 'pinboard' Pinterest is on the rise, but how can marketers tap into its potential? This case study looks at how US-based home improvement company Lowes combined its Pinterest board with Facebook to boost its follows by 32%.
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Case study: Emirates Facebook page attracts more than 300,000 fans within 3 weeks of launch

Emirates made smart use of Facebook's new 'timeline' layout, attracting more than 300,000 fans within the first 3 weeks of the launch. The Facebook page used a series of teasers from their TV commercials as the cover image, attracting more than 3,330 likes and 1,300 comments over a 1 week period. This case study shows how Emirates used its Facebook page to amplify the effectiveness of the TV ads, allowing consumers to share and engage with the brand online.
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Case Study: Heinz Facebook App uses personalised soup cans to boost brand engagement

Heinz used a Facebook App to allow users to send friends personalised soup tins, with messages appearing below the iconic brand. The campaign allowed fans to choose their soup variety, personalise with the friend's name and pay £1.99 to get the can delivered to their friend in days. This case study shows how with Facebook App, Heinz got fans to send out personalised soup cans friends in the cold and flu season. The campaign combined F-commerce and personalisation with seasonality to create positive brand image and increase engagement. The campaign also led to mentions on other social platforms such as Twitter.
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Case study: Barista Facebook campaign creates brand awareness and engagement

Coffee house chain Barista used Facebook to create awareness of its seasonal 'Hawaiian Summers' menu, encouraging users to engage with the brand. The campaign created a Facebook fan page loaded with a games app and contest.
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Coca-Cola runs social media campaign on Spotify's Facebook pages

Coca-Cola has struck a promotional partnership with music streaming service Spotify, that will see the beverage giant run a social media campaign on its Facebook pages. Coke will integrate Spotify on its Facebook pages, which boast more than 40 million fans, and use the company's technology to power its Coca-Cola Music program. As part of the deal, Coke and Spotify will also launch a joint app in the coming months.
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Facebook marketing: Customer service from Sainsbury's goes viral on Facebook

In an example of how good customer service can pay dividends, Sainsbury's response to a three-year-old's letter about renaming Tiger Bread went viral, ultimately resulting in the supermarket chain changing the name of its product in stores to 'Giraffe Bread'. Despite being more than seven months old, the story was resurrected and has had more than 14,000 'shares' on Facebook. The girl's mother went on to upload the letters to Facebook, starting the 'Campaign to change Tiger Bread to Giraffe Bread at Sainsbury's' which went viral, registering hundred of Facebook 'likes' and comments, and nudging Sainsbury's into action.
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Facebook smartphone set for launch next year?

The long-rumoured 'Facebook Smartphone' could finally become a reality next year, as the social network looks to boost revenue from the mobile sector, according to news reports. The New York Times cited unnamed sources, including Facebook employees, suggesting that the network had been hiring several smartphone engineers.
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Facebook updates Fan Page manager for mobiles

Facebook has launched a Page Manager app, letting page owners keep their fans up to date while on the go. The Facebook Page app for mobile has always had the ability to manage Facebook pages, but not with the same features, and often with numerous bugs when it came to properly posting content.
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Facebook puts ads on mobiles for first time with 'Premium' service

Facebook is letting companies place ads on its mobile version for the first time, and to advertise on the log out screen, flowing the launch of its new 'Premium' service. Users will see the new premium adverts from brand in their newsfeeds if a friend has "liked" the brand's pages, for example.
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Mobile marketing strategies - Facebook vs Google+

Is battle about to intensify as two of the social giants go head to head? The mobile marketing strategies of Facebook and Google are under the spotlight again after Facebook raised concerns that Google could be putting hurdles in the way for Facebook on Android. The big push from Google for integrating Android with Google+ and the single Google cookie is yet to come, but when it does, here’s why Facebook thinks it matters...
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Facebook: Half of users connecting via mobile

Facebook's initial public offering acknowledges that though nearly half of its 845 million monthly users are logging in to the social network via mobile devices, that segment "does not currently directly generate any meaningful revenue." Of the 845 million monthly users Facebook reported in December, 425 million accessed the site on mobile devices. At present there are no ads on Facebook's mobile sites or services.
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Facebook takes on Apple with online app store

Facebook has launched its own app store, offering apps personalised to users' entertainment habits, as the social network looks to prove its mobile credentials ahead of its much-anticipated stock market flotation. The move will put the social network in competition with Apple, Google and Amazon in the growing app store wars. For the first time software developers can sell apps to consumers directly on Facebook.
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Facebook denies spying on text messages

Facebook has denied reports that it is spying on users is spying text messages and other personal data sent from users' smartphones. The claims came in a report in the Sunday Times, saying Facebook is foremost among mobile app companies that are using permissions obtained when users download apps to access and read text, intercept phone calls and track users' locations.
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Facebook marketing in 2012 (Infographic)

In the US, Facebook is the largest single publisher in the terms of US ad impressions, and over a quarter of all online 'engagement' on the web comes from content posted on the Facebook newsfeed. This infographic from The Social Marketer provides some key insights into how Facebook is playing an increasingly important role in marketing.
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Facebook marketing - 7 ways earned and paid media can drive sales

Facebook now accounts for accounts for 1 in every 7 minutes spent online, but how can brands harness both earned and paid media on the social network to drive sales? Online research firm comScore has launched a new report outlining how to get the most out of the platform.
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Facebook opens to third party ad platforms for first time

Facebook will soon let advertisers participate in real-time bidding to show ads on its website, as the social network looks to boost its ad revenue amid mounting pressure from its new shareholders, according to a news report. A service called Facebook Exchange will let advertisers reach users based on their browsing history elsewhere on the Web. Advertisers can bid on ad slots on the social network.
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Facebook Vs Google - Which has the best display ad system? (Infographic)

This new infographic from Wordstream looks at Facebook Advertising compared to Google's Display Network. The illustration is not comparing Google vs. Facebook in total, instead concentrating on the display ad functions of both companies. Google's display ads makes up roughly 20% of its total advertising business (with the vast majority made up from search ad revenues).

Digital Strategy - Facebook Vs Google - Which has the best display ad system

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Facebook advertising formats - overview of changes

Facebook advertising formats are changing again, and so is the way you buy them. As the social network continues to evolve, the premium Facebook advertising formats can now be bought online through simple self-service tools. Facebook will only unlock greater monetisation of its ad platform if it removes the bottleneck, and this is a good example of thinking more smartly. More on the Facebook advertising formats...
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Facebook's $5 promoted status updates go live

Facebook has launched a new 'micro-advertising' feature on its social network, allowing fan-page owners to create more prominent status updates for one off costs starting at $5. The feature was initially trialled in New Zealand and is now available to anybody with more than 400 'Likes' for their fan Pages.

Digital Intelligence - facebook $5 promoted status updates go live
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The cost of a Facebook Sponsored Story: 125m social media impressions 'worth 2 American Idol TV commercials'

As Facebook ads grow in popularity amongst big brands, are advertisers getting better exposure for their money than they would on other mediums? This infographic from the Wall Street Journal takes a look at what money invested in a Facebook Sponsored Story could buy you instead...

Digital Strategy - The cost of a Facebook Sponsored Story

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Is Facebook Timeline getting more engagement for brands?

Brands are getting an average 46% more engagement with Facebook's new Timeline profile, according to new research. But closer inspection indicates that status updates may actually be losing engagement. The study, from Simply Measured, drew its results from just 15 Facebook brand pages.
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Infographic: 4 in 5 Facebook Pages 'make less than 5 posts a month'

Independent research of 1.7 million Facebook Pages reveals that 82% of Facebook company and brand Pages issue less than 5 update posts per month - hugely underutilising the platform and falling short of fully engaging fans. The research, conducted by, the new innovative Facebook Page management tool giving SME and Enterprise Page admins never before available insights into the culture of their Fans is believed to be the largest independent research of Facebook Pages.

Digital Strategy - Infographic 4 in 5 Facebook Pages make less than 5 posts a month

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Facebook Timeline: 8m brands switch to new profile in first 10 days

Eight million brands have switched to Facebook's new Timeline profile just 10 days after its launch, according to the social network. Facebook claims that some businesses find the switch is helping them reach a broader audience on the 845-million-member social network.
Digital Intelligence - youtube video facebook subscribe

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Facebook marketing: Social ads 'get 55% higher recall'

Social media ads are generating a 55% greater lift in ad recall than non-social ads on average, according to a new study from Nielsen. As social networks have picked up a greater share of digital ad dollars, a key differentiator they emphasise to brand advertisers is the ability to harness the power of friend recommendations when it comes to sharing experiences and content.
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Facebook Timeline profiles for brands: Manchester United and Burberry chart history on social network

Facebook has rolled out its new look 'Timeline' profiles to brands, with Manchester United, Red Bull, Dove and Burberry signing up as the initial partners. The new look Facebook Pages service has been designed as a "mission control for businesses", according to the company.
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'Like' button gets company: Facebook tests 'want' and 'own' buttons on Sponsored Stories

Facebook is testing new actions alongside its iconic 'like' button in its Sponsored Stories ad format, in a bid to boost ad clicks through friend recommendations. A select number of Facebook advertisers are testing new actions such as "want", "own" and "played" to Facebook and sites that use its plug-ins. The ads are targeting the social network's users who have played particular video games, watched specific videos, or listened to certain songs.
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Super Bowl's Greatest Hits: Top 10 most liked ads on Facebook

Budweiser, Snickers and Volkswagen are brands featured amongst the top 10 most 'liked' Super Bowl ads on Facebook from the past 10 years, according to new research. Super Bowl ads are known for generating buzz - and viewers - but not all creatives are created equal. Nielsen reveals America's most liked commercials over the past five years, and the NFL itself tops the list.
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Facebook advertising budgets 'growing faster than paid search'

Marketers are increasing advertising spend with Facebook at a much faster pace than paid search advertising, according to new research. The findings, from digital marketing software provider Kenshoo, a are based on analysis of more than 100 billion ads delivered on Facebook worldwide through its Kenshoo Social ad platform. Kenshoo Social customers spent 109 percent more on Facebook in Q4 of 2011 than they did in Q3.
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Facebook 'accounts for over a quarter of US display ads'

Facebook has increased its lead in the US display ad market, accounting for 28% of impressions in 2011, according to new data. The findings, from comScore, indicate that Facebook had 21% of impressions - the number of times an ad is presented for viewing - in the previous year.
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Facebook advertising in feeds - new tools for marketers

Facebook is to allow advertisers to buy space in the social network's main news feed, rather than just on the right hand column of the main page. Beginning this month, Facebook ads will now appear within your primary news feed as well, emerging sporadically between other, more legitimate posts from friends.
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General Motors pulls 'ineffective' Facebook ads

In a shock move ahead of Facebook's IPO this week, General Motors is reportedly pulling all of its $10m- worth of ads from the social network saying that paid ads are 'ineffective' on the platform. The report, from The Wall Street Journal, cites people familiar with the matter Facebook, saying the car giant still intends to do marketing through Facebook but that's not going to put any money in Facebook's pocketbook.
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Was General Motors getting Facebook marketing wrong? Ford thinks so

Last week, General Motors pulled all of its $10 ad budget from Facebook citing the 'ineffectiveness of paid ads.' But some analysts, and rival car-maker Ford, have been quick to jump to the social network's defence, implying that GM wasn't getting the most it could from the platform. The shock decision from GM came ahead of Facebook's historic $104bn IPO, and has caused jitters in the marketing community, with some analysts fearing that other big brands could follow suit. But this is apparently not the case if bigger rival Ford is anything to go by.
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Social media SEO - Facebook and Twitter 'now play key role in Google search rankings'

The number of Facebook and Twitter shares a website accumulates is playing an increasingly crucial role in determining their Google search ranking, according to new research. The study, from SEO agency Search Metrics looked at the search results of 10,000 common keywords and 300,000 websites. One of the key findings of the study was the important role social media now plays in Google rankings.
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Facebook's first post-IPO moves: Social gifting firm Karma snapped up as Zuckerberg gets hitched

Facebook has acquired gifting application Karma, marking the social network's first move as a publicly traded company. The move comes as founder Mark Zuckerberg changed his status to 'married' in a surprise wedding, capping off an extraordinary week for the 28-year-old. Karma offers a free app, available for Apple and Android, which uses Facebook to remind users of their friends' birthdays and other special occasions. The tool then lets them purchase and send gifts like champagne and chocolate along with personalized messages.
Watch a video explaining how the Karma app works below (source: CNET)

Digital Intelligence - Facebook's first post-IPO moves: Social gifting firm Karma snapped up as Zuckerberg gets hitched

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Is social shopping putting people off? Facebook and Twitter icons 'influence online buying'

Online purchase decisions can be positively and negatively influenced by displaying the Facebook and Twitter icons next to products, according to new research. The study was conducted by the University of Miami School Of Business administration, in collaboration with Empirica Research and StyleCaster Media group, and surveyed nearly 200 consumers.
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Social media marketing: Promoting coupons on Facebook

2011 marked the year that many FMCG brands went social. For some it was small-scale exploratory activity. For others the creation of a Facebook Fan Page or Twitter profile was a social land grab to directly counter the plethora of unofficial pages/profiles that have emerged. However for some of the more forward thinking brands it was the start of a proactive marketing strategy seeking to engage consumers in the social space and then influence their path to purchase through various promotional marketing activities.
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Rise of 'F-commerce': Reckitt Benckiser sells new Cillit Bang product solely via Facebook

Consumer goods giant Reckitt Benckiser has embarked on a new Facebook campaign, using the social network as the exclusive platform to sell its latest Cillit Bang cleaning product. The Cillit Bang Facebook page and shop, allows consumers to buy the product direct from the Facebook page, without having to pay for postage and packaging, and is delivered within three days.
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Facebook rewards users with 'in-app currency' for engaging with advertisers

Facebook developers can now reward consumers who complete advertisers' offers with app-specific virtual currency as an alternative to Facebook Credits. Consumers can perform actions such as registering for a Flixster account or getting approved for a Discover credit card in exchange for in-app currency.
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Top 10 game providers for Facebook by daily active users

The top 10 Facebook content providers reach more than half of the total gaming audience on Facebook. Social network games are currently experiencing exponential growth that is expected to continue through 2014.

Digital Strategy - Top 10 game providers for Facebook by daily active users

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Social media trends: Zynga branches out from Facebook

Zynga has launched a new website, giving players access to their games outside of Facebook and app stores, as the firm aims to become a standalone gaming platform. The firm is testing the 'Zynga Platform', which will initially allow customers to play five of its popular titles, such as CityVille, Hidden Chronicles, Zynga Poker, CastleVille and Words With Friends, from its website.
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Revealed: Zynga accounts for 12% of Facebook's revenue

The full extent of Facebook's reliance on Zynga was revealed this week, with the social network receiving 12% of its revenue from the games maker last year. In its S-1 regulatory filing Wednesday, Facebook reported that it received 12% of its revenue in 2011 from Zynga, whose social games such as CityVille and Mafia Wars have drawn several hundred million players to Facebook over the years. Zynga launched its own IPO in December. With $3.7 billion in total annual revenue for Facebook, that translates to roughly $444 million in direct payments from Zynga.
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Angry Birds makes Facebook debut on Valentine's Day

Rovio has announced that Angry Birds will launch on Facebook next month, as the Finnish game developer company looks to take on the likes of Zynga's Farmville on the market leading social network. The news comes in the form of a Facebook Event entry titled "Angry Birds coming to Facebook!"
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Facebook buys facial recognition firm

Facebook has bought Israel-based for an undisclosed sum, bolstering its facial recognition software. Launched in 2008, powers many Facebook apps that detect and "recognize" faces in photos. Thousands of developers, including Facebook itself, have built applications using's online software.
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Facebook links with WordPress to boost content sharing

Facebook has expanded its integration with WordPress, as the firm looks to tap into the publishing platform's audience of 600 million monthly viewers to boost sharing on its own social network. The plugin allows users of both platforms to cross-post their WordPress content to their timeline profiles and pages they manage, as well as to add the names of pages or friends to the posts.
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Apple 'likes' Facebook, drops Google Maps

Apple has ditched Google's mapping software and made closer ties with Facebook, as the battle between the rival digital media giants intensifies. The move represents a major blow for Google, which stands to lose mobile advertising revenue and valuable insights about people's whereabouts if users of the popular iPhone and iPad devices switch to Apple's mapping service. Meanwhile, Apple is building Facebook into iOS 6, so users will be able to update their Facebook status by talking to their phones and declare that they "like" movies and apps in Apple's iTunes store.
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Salesforce to boost social media with $800m Buddy Media buy has made a $800m bid for Buddy Media, in a move that could create the first enterprise level platform to have a fully integrated social customer relationship management (sCRM) module. The news was first reported by All Things D, which cites unnamed sources as saying the two companies have agreed to terms of the sale, though the purchase is not yet final.
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Facebook pays Microsoft $550m for AOL patents

Facebook has paid Microsoft $550m to buy about 70% of the patent portfolio the tech giant itself acquired from AOL for more than $1bn just a fortnight ago. The move forms the latest chapter in the battle for intellectual property in the digital sector, as the likes of Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft tussle with each other over the rights to provide their clients and customers with the best technology.
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Facebook could face year-long antitrust probe into Instagram deal

Facebook's Instagram deal could be delayed by as long as a year after a federal agency launched an investigation into the $1bn purchase. According to a report by Reuters, the US Federal Trade Commission has reached out to Google and Twitter to look into the acquisition. It was not immediately clear what specific information the FTC was looking for, Reuters quotes a source as saying.
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Facebook buys Instagram for $1bn

Facebook has bought Instagram for a massive $1bn (£629m). The popular photo-sharing smartphone app crossed its tipping point last year. Learning from the experience of the sluggish response to Twitter, Facebook has acted in a way that's fast, determined and retains its leadership in photo sharing.
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Foursquare rival Gowalla shuts down after Facebook acquisition

Gowalla has shut down, three months after being bought by Facebook, which will integrate the firm's staff and technology into its own location-based tools. The check-in service was a rival to market leader Foursquare. It allowed people to share the details of their location by checking-in to different venues with their smartphones.
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Big Brother Facebook fiasco: C5 to refund credits after social media vote failure

Channel 5 has agreed to refund Big Brother viewers that lost out on the broadcaster's Facebook voting scheme last year. The move comes after UK media watchdog Ofcom upheld complaints that viewers that had purchased Facebook credits to vote on the show's contestants were unable to use them at certain times.
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'Why I left Google': Ex-employee blasts firm's 'obsession with beating Facebook'

Recently departed Google employee James Whittaker has criticised his former company, claiming the firm has sacrificed its focus on innovation to morph into an "advertising company with a single corporate-mandated focus", and that focus is Google+. He wrote on his blog this week that when he joined Google, it was "a technology company first and foremost; a company that hired smart people and placed a big bet on their ability to innovate".
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Facebook ignores own user poll on privacy due to 'low turnout'

Proposed Facebook privacy policy changes have been rejected by Facebook users taking part in an official poll on the social networking site. However, Facebook has decided to ignore the results of vote due to 'too few users made their wishes known'. Just 13% of voters supported Facebook's proposed policy changes. However, the voter turnout of 342,600 came to just 0.1% of the number Facebook required to make the vote binding.
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Facebook ordered to give up troll data for first time

Facebook will be forced to reveal the identities of a group of four users who wrote abusive messages on the site about a 45-year-old Brighton woman. Facebook must now reveal the names, email and IP addresses of those behind the abusive messages, showing who they are and where they posted from.
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Parents 'ignoring Facebook's age limit for children'

Many UK parents are ignoring Facebook's age limit and letting under 13-year-olds access the social network, according to a UK government minister. Children's minister Tim Loughton believes parents are putting their children at risk by helping them to set up Facebook profiles and were even helping their child 'lie' to go on the site.
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Facebook draft sparks privacy fears over apps tracking user's friends

Facebook has sparked concerns from privacy groups after a draft proposal changed its privacy policies in an attempt to supposedly make its methods more transparent. Facebook's draft included semantic tweaks, like taking the word "privacy" out of Facebook's "privacy policy," and renaming it "data use policy." Many users have responded on Facebook's comment page with a wholesale rejection of the new terms.
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Leaked docs show Facebook censorship guidelines 'rule sex more offensive than blood and gore'

Facebook staff moderating user posts are ordered to delete all forms of sexual activity, but violent and gory images are allowed, according to a leaked document issued buy a disgruntled former employee. A 21 year old Moroccan man, who claims he was paid $1 an hour screening Facebook content through an out-sourcing firm, has reportedly leaked a document that sheds light on how the social networking website censors content.
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Facebook privacy policy concerns - Social media data protection

An audit of Facebook's privacy policies by the Irish data protection commissioner has concluded the social network must go further in warning users how it and third-party apps handle personal information, following concerns that it was illegally creating "shadow profiles" of non-members.
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Nasdaq 'to compensate Facebook shareholders after IPO fiasco'

Nasdaq is reportedly set to compensate investor losses following computer glitches that tarnished trading on the first day of Facebook's $US16 billion IPO, according to a news report. The Wall Street Journal reports that Nasdaq OMX Group, which operates the Nasdaq exchange, has told brokers that it expects to submit plans on the issue to the Securities and Exchange Commission on how it might make up losses tied to its systems problems.
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Facebook IPO fiasco - social network faces lawsuits as share prices plunge

Facebook's short life as a public company has been tumultuous, with its share prices plunging by about 13% on Tuesday. This means that its founder Mark Zuckerberg, who made $19bn on Friday, has lost $2.055bn in the three days since. Now the social network is facing lawsuits amid accusations of insider trading.
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Facebook breaks US records with $104bn IPO

Facebook has floated on the US stock market with a market worth of $104bn, in the highest ever first-day valuation of a US public company, ahead of the likes of Amazon, Disney and Kraft. The valuation comes despite concerns about the company's long-term money making potential. The $38 a share price tag means Facebook would trade at over 100 times historical earnings versus Apple's 14 times and Google's 19 times.
Watch Mark Zuckerberg's pitch to investors below in this Bloomberg video:
Digital Intelligence - Facebook breaks US records with $104bn IPO

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