Publishing leadership team

Editorial team leaders for Digital Intelligence and NetImperative

Publisher & Editor-in-chief: Danny Meadows-Klue

Danny Meadows-Klue We've been reporting daily on the digital industry for over a decade to keep leadership teams and marketing directors up to date with what matters in the fast changing digital economy. Digital Intelligence is available as a blog, email or mobile edition, and with archives stretching back to the 90s is a great resource for tracking company performance and growth. Many readers have invited us in to deliver workshops based on these trends, and those workshops form part of the portfolio of courses available from the Digital Training Academy. These cover everything from social network strategies and crisis management, to in-game marketing and media trends. Our team can help your firm learn about what this means for your business and how you can apply the knowledge to get the most from the digital networked economy. Full biography:

Editor: Robin Langford

Robin Langford Robin Langford is a leading analyst in the digital marketing sector and plays a key role in helping devise events programmes that stimulate and engage. He has been editing the news and research at Digital Intelligence for over two years. He also edits Netimperative, the UK's longest running daily news website and newsletter service for the digital industry.

Digital strategist: Peter Mazurkiewicz

Peter Mazurkiewicz Peter Mazurkiewicz is a leading international analyst in the marketing sector, and plays a key role in identifying trends, evaluating company performance, marketing brand strategies and organizational effectiveness sin the digital and mobile sectors. He has been leading digital strategy development in more than 20 countries and is an extensive contributor to all our publications. Full biography:

Senior researcher: Ben Le Foe

Ben Le Foe Ben moved into online in 1999 as a channel producer for AOL. His work began with the creation of content and quickly expanded to include the development and nurturing of communities in a pioneering publishing model we now know more familiarly as 'Web 2.0'. Ben joined Digital in 2001 and has been researching and writing for Digital Intelligence ever since.

Analysts: Digital Strategy Consulting team

Supporting Digital Intelligence are the analysts and insight team at the Digital Strategy Consulting group. Their work translates the noise in the digital markets into key trends, identifying which stories are genuinely shaping the networked economy and presenting them in ways relevant to marketing and leadership teams.

Research: Partners

Supporting Digital Intelligence are more than a dozen research partners that include some of the largest online measurement and research companies in the world. If you're interested in becoming a research partner and supplying materials to our team then contact the editor about the next steps.

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