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McDonald’s secret Google campaign: Can it drive searchers to “that place where Coke tastes so good”?

McDonald’s is experimenting with an unconventional marketing campaign that doesn’t mention the brand once- instead urging viewers to search for a phrase instead.


19/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Coca Cola Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google McDonalds Search video viral marketing YouTube

Sky and Virgin Media set for targeted TV ad pact

Sky and Virgin Media in talks over a deal to join forces in the advertising market via the Adsmart network, in a bid to tempt spending away from Google and Facebook.


19/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: behavioural targeting Digital Intelligence digital marketing media Sky Virgin

Burger King’s Google Home prank backfires

Fast food giant Burger King thought it was being funny when it aired a 15 second commercial that purposely triggered viewers Google Home devices- but many didn’t see the funny side of the privacy intrusion.


18/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Burger King Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google Internet of Things technology video viral marketing

Forbes reveals top 30 social media influencers

Forbes has released its first-ever “Top Influencers” global list, compiling the most popular social media icons from three categories Beauty, Fitness, and Home.


13/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: blogging Clothing Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends FMCG social media and social networking video viral marketing YouTube

Are virtual reality ads worth it? Google puts 360 video to the test

For brands, is 360 video worth it? The format is potentially revolutionary, but do 360 video ads actually drive more engagement than standard ads? Google partnered with Columbia Sportswear to find out.


11/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: analytics Digital Intelligence digital marketing games technology video YouTube

TVPlayer focuses on games consoles, initially with Xbox launch

UK-based streaming service TVPlayer is now available to download on Xbox One and Xbox One S games consoles.


10/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing games video Xbox

YouTube axes ads on channels with fewer than 10,000 views

YouTube has stopped placing ads on channels with fewer than 10,000 views in a move aimed at preventing people from making money off offensive or pirated videos.


07/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google Regulation YouTube

Rio Ferdinand joins YouTube ‘super-team’ Rebel FC

YouTube star Calfreezy has launched a new all-star football team called Rebel FC, with former England defender Rio Ferdinand on board as manager.

07/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: content Digital Intelligence digital marketing sport UK YouTube

Nearly half of small firms plan to increase marketing spend

A survey of 350 small business owners and managers shows optimistic revenue expectations, growing digital marketing budgets, and trends in social media, SEO, video, augmented reality, virtual reality, and more.

07/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: augmented reality Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends ecommerce

Spotify music stars go "premium-only" in Universal deal

Spotify is to restrict some albums to paying subscribers for first time, as the music streaming service looks to be moving away from its traditional ad-funded content business model.


05/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising content Digital Intelligence digital marketing Entertainment music paid content Spotify Universal

Pepsi faces web backlash for Kendall Jenner 'protest' ad

Pepsi has withdrawn its latest video ad, where reality TV star Kendall Jenner uses a can of Pepsi to soothe tension between protesters and police, sparking accusations that it exploits the "Black Lives Matter" movement.


05/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: content Digital Intelligence digital marketing FMCG Pepsi social media and social networking video viral marketing YouTube

Fake news! This year's best (and worst) April Fools pranks in digital

In 2017, it's getting harder to discern real news stories from fake ones- which made last weekend's April 1st pranks even harder to spot than usual. To help you out, we've put together some of the best hoaxes from this year's pranksters for your viewing pleasure…


03/04/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing FMCG mobile marketing social media and social networking video viral marketing

Global video advertising outperforms desktop display- report

Video viewability showed significant improvement last year so far, increasing from 40% to 58.2%, while the completion rate in view also rose, according to new research.


31/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends global video

Early April Fool? Burger King launches Whopper toothpaste

Burger King France has launched its first toothpaste- with active whopper extraxts'. Is it an early April Fool's Day prank? Judge for yourself below...

31/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Burger King Digital data and case studies digital marketing FMCG video viral marketing

Mars “emotions” study shows which ads sell with 75% accuracy

A study by Realeyes and Mars has revealed emotion measurement technology can distinguish between ads which deliver high or zero/low sales lift with 75% accuracy.


22/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: analytics content Digital Intelligence digital marketing FMCG food and beverages

Adidas to shift TV budget to digital: "You don't see any TV advertising anymore"

Adidas is reportedly moving more of its ad budget away from TV and into digital channels, and is looking to quadruple its online sales by 2020, according to the company’s chief executive Kasper Rorsted.

21/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Adidas adspend Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce media media planning mobile marketing sport

ASUS begins reality TV show The Incredible Life Swap on YouTube

ASUS is sponsoring a 35-episode life-swapping reality TV series as the electronics giant looks to boost its digital content marketing.


17/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing video YouTube

Ted Baker debuts 360º shoppable film

Fashion brand Ted Baker is launching a new comedy sitcom, featuring a shoppable virtual reality film and an Instagram story.


16/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Clothing Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce Internet of Things technology video YouTube

TV accounts for 94% of ads viewed in UK (but less for youngsters)

TV accounted for 93.8% of video ads viewed in the UK in 2016, representing 18 minutes and 53 seconds a day watching commercials, according to new research.


15/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends media UK video

Adobe spoofs “Hovering Art Director” in new marketing ad

Adobe has unveiled a new campaign – The Hovering Art Director – which takes a comical look at the relationship between art directors, designers and marketers, and the various factors that have to be taken into account when building a standout marketing campaign.

15/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Adobe agencies content Digital Intelligence marketing video viral marketing

One month on: How did the Super Bowl ads perform on social media?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest ad nights of the year. One month on from the sporting spectacular, how well did the big budget ads amplify their message on social media. New stats from YouGov reveals some surprising results.


15/03/2017  |  Full story...

Netflix subscribers overtake DVR users in US

More US households now have the Netflix streaming service than a digital video recorder, according to a recent study.


10/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Netflix USA video

UK mobile ad spend continues to soar ahead of desktop (as Google beats Facebook)

The amount spent on mobile ads in the UK is forecast to reach nearly £7bn this year, accounting for 36.6% of the UK’s media ad investment by the close of the year, according to new research.


09/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends eMarketer Facebook Google mobile marketing social media and social networking UK

"Things Guys Don’t Talk About": New social media film for Childline

Creative agency, Don’t Panic, has created a hero film ‘Things Guys Don’t Talk About’ for Childline, as part of its #ToughToTalk campaign, which aims to empower boys to seek support for suicidal feelings.


08/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: charity demographics Digital Intelligence digital marketing mobile marketing Snapchat social media and social networking video viral marketing

Top 10 trends at Mobile World Congress 2017: 5G, IoT and robots

Mobile World Congress has become one of the biggest tech events in the digital calendar, and this year was even bigger, with robots, AI and old school Nokia's stealing the show.


06/03/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Internet of Things local mobile marketing Nokia Samsung technology

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