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Russia has experienced unparalleled growth in the digital world. This has contributed to the assent of online media and new communication tools. Digital media has changed the way marketers communicate and become a core part of the marketing mix in Russia. Consumer insights and channel selection are at the centre of creating successful marketing strategies. Our research into key developments and trends can help to give you a competitive advantage.

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Russian web giant Group has launched a new international gaming brand, MY.GAMES. unveils gaming brand My.Games

03/06/2019  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing email games Mail ru Russia

“Iron Net Curtain’: Thousands protest Russia’s new internet restrictions

Thousands of people in Moscow and two other Russian cities gathered to march against their government's new internet restriction laws on Sunday.


12/03/2019  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing government Privacy regulation Russia

The year in review: 17 biggest digital trends of 2018

2018 was another big year for digital marketing, with the rise of voice search, AI going mainstream and Walmart buying FlipKart. This was the year that Spotify went public, Huawei overtook iPhone and a video game sparked a dance craze. In this special report, we’ve identified 17 of the biggest trends of the year.


14/12/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising augmented reality Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends ecommerce games Influencer Marketing mobile marketing social media and social networking video

Dancing Russian robot unmasked as a ‘person in a suit’

A Russian robot named ‘Boris’, claimed to be a high tech invention on state TV has been revealed as a man in a suit.


13/12/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Internet of Things Russia technology

Alibaba partners Mail.Ru for Russia ecommerce expansion

Chinese ecommerce giant Alibaba has joined forces with a state fund along with telecom company MegaFon and internet firm Mail.Ru Group as part of a new ecommerce venture in Russia.

14/09/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: Alibaba China Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce Mail ru Regulation retail Russia telecoms

Yandex to test self driving taxi in Russia

Russian internet giant Yandex is to begin testing a new autonomous ride-hailing service in the tech-centric town of Innopolis.


31/08/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: automotive Digital Intelligence Internet of Things mobile marketing Russia technology Yandex

Yandex “in talks with Russian retail stores about new smartphone launch”

Russian search giant Yandex is in talks with Russian retail stores about the sale of its rumoured smartphone, according to the newspaper Vedomosti.


28/08/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: digital marketing mobile devices and tablets mobile marketing Russia Search Yandex

World Cup marketing trends: WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger key to tapping global audience

Nearly half (47%) of the world online population will be will be tuning into the FIFA World Cup either online or on TV this summer, with Facebook and WhatsApp the best platforms for brands to reach them, according to new research.


28/03/2018  |  Full story...  |  More about: apps Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Facebook mobile marketing Russia social media and social networking sport WhatsApp

Internet 'to make up 94% of all growth in adspend by 2020'

Internet and mobile mediums are to account for nearly all (94%) of all global adspend in the next three years, according to new research.


04/12/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends global

Whoppercoins: Burger King introduces own cryptocurrency as loyalty program in Russia

Burger King is taking loyalty schemes to the next level in Russia, swapping cards and vouchers for its own has bitcoin-style cryptocurrency.


30/08/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Burger King Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce financial services mobile marketing retail Russia

Global digital trends in 2017: Half the world now owns a smartphone

Internet usage grew slightly faster than it did in 2015, while social media users more than doubled in a year, spurred on by mobile, according to a comprehensive global report from We Are Social.

09/02/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends global mobile marketing

Yandex pre-installs AI features into Android phones

Russian search engine Yandex has launched a number of AI-powered services as it looks to rival Google in the mobile search market.


14/10/2016  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing mobile marketing Russia Search Yandex

Global mobile ad revenue soared to €37bn last year

Mobile advertising growth continues to accelerate and increased 68.2% to €37bn ($49bn) in 2015 from €22bn ($29bn) in 2014, driven by a mobile first consumer world and improving marketing technologies, according to new research.


23/09/2016  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Digital Intelligence digital marketing global mobile marketing

Global ad spend: North America and Russia drive 4.4% growth for 2016

There is a positive outlook for the global advertising market in 2016, set to continue in 2017 powered by the ongoing growth of Digital, according to new research.


09/09/2016  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Brazil Canada China Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Europe Germany global India Influencer Marketing Latin America Middle East and Africa North America Russia UK USA

Emerging markets power smartphone sales

New connected consumers in emerging markets, especially rural China, continued to drive smartphone growth in 2Q16, according to new research.

23/08/2016  |  Full story...  |  More about: Argentina Australia Brazil Canada China Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Europe France Germany global Latin America Middle East and Africa mobile marketing North America Russia UK

Google’s Android accused of ‘monopoly’ in Russia

Russia's anti-monopoly watchdog has accused Google of abusing its dominant position in the market by forcing phone-makers to pre-install its apps on Android phones.

17/09/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: Android Digital Intelligence Google mobile marketing Regulation Russia

European digital ad spend catching TV

Online advertising in Europe reached 11.8% growth to reach a market value of €30.7bn, remaining the second biggest media category as catches TV in terms of investment.

03/07/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Europe IAB Ireland Russia

Kaspersky becomes victim of malware that it discovered

Kaspersky has revealed that its own systems were recently compromised by hackers, meaning that the online security firm has become a victim of the very malware that it had discovered three years before.

11/06/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing government hacker Regulation Russia security

3M turns banners into Post-It notes

3M has embarked on a novel new digital marketing campaign that transforms ‘annoying’ re-targetted banner ads into something more useful- a reminder note for yourself.

View the case study below:

08/06/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Europe FMCG Russia

Yandex plans browser to rival Google Chrome

Russian Internet giant Yandex has launched the new version of its Chromium-based browser offering a twist on the traditional format.

22/05/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: browser Digital Intelligence digital marketing Russia Search Yandex

Facebook dominates Europe social logins as Russia’s VK slips to just 1%

Facebook has continued to dominate as an identity provider in Q1 of 2015, annihilating Russian based VK’s share of social login.

23/04/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital trends Europe Facebook Russia social media and social networking VKontakte

Android faces probe in Russia after Yandex protest

Russia’s most popular search engine Yandex has asked the state anti-monopoly watchdog to investigate Google for possibly violating Russian antitrust law.

19/02/2015  |  Full story...  |  More about: Android digital companies Digital Intelligence Europe Google Regulation Russia Yandex

Internet firms required to store data on Russia soil under new "anti-terror" law

Russia's parliament has passed a new amendment that forces Internet firms such as Facebook, Google, Skype and Twitter to physically store all electronic data involving its citizens within the country.

24/07/2014  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence Facebook Google Regulation Russia Skype social media and social networking Twitter

Global ad trends: Digital ‘to account for third of all revenue by 2018’

Digital ads will lead the way for global media growth in the next four years, accounting for 33% of total advertising revenue, nearly catching TV in the process, according to a new report.

04/06/2014  |  Full story...  |  More about: adspend Argentina China Digital Intelligence digital marketing global India Japan Mexico Pricewaterhouse Coopers Russia South Africa South America Turkey UK video

Samsung debuts first Tizen phone in Russia

Samsung is to launch its first smartphone powered by the Tizen operating system in Russia this summer.

02/06/2014  |  Full story...  |  More about: Android digital companies Digital Intelligence Google mobile devices and tablets Russia Samsung Tizen

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