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Search engine marketing is critical for driving traffic to your websites and owned media. Search engine optimisation gives you cost effective ways to drive audiences, and paid search engine advertising guarantees immediate customers for whatever phrases that you need. These are critical elements in the digital marketing mix and they multiply the ROI you'll get from your existing investments.
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Health search trends: Online health sites succeed with long-form content

Providers of health related products and services such as online stores, insurance providers, health and fitness publishers and healthcare suppliers perform better on Google by delivering content that is longer than is typical in other online sectors according to a new study.


17/11/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Pharmaceutical and healthcare Search

Google ‘Market Finder’ matches small businesses to global markets

Google has launched a new analytics tool that helps businesses identify new customers and grow their export sales online.


06/11/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce Google Search

Halloween search trends: Most popular costumes from Warner Bros films

SEMrush has carried out a study to shed light on some of the latest Halloween trends in the UK. Which costumes are the most popular? What regions in the UK are most engaged with Halloween?


27/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends ecommerce Search UK

Unilever taps voice search for next-gen digital consumers

Unilever is to use Amazon’s Alexa platform as a key role in the FMCG giant’s digital transformation.


26/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Amazon Digital Intelligence digital marketing Internet of Things Search Unilever

Google dampens rumours of ‘revenue split’ with publishers

Google has played down reports that it is planning on splitting revenues with publishers in exchange for subscriber aid.


24/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google newspapers paid content publisher publishing strategy Search

Google AI now teaching itself: Getting closer to 'The Singularity'

Google’s AI can create better machine-learning code than the researchers who made it, according to the company.


20/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google Internet of Things Search technology

Pinterest platform opens up to search advertising

Pinterest has launched a self-service tools to let marketers place search ads on its platform without intervention from a live salesperson or help desk.


20/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Pinterest Search social media and social networking

Target signs up to Google Voice shopping service

Target has joined other major US retailers Walmart and Home Depot in allowing customers to make purchases on Google Express, after a successful test on the platform in California and New York.


16/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce Internet of Things mobile marketing retail Search USA Walmart

SEO giants join forces: Majestic’s backlinks database now integrates with SEMrush

Online marketing software firm SEMrush and Majestic, the Birmingham-based provider of one of the most comprehensive backlink databases, have announced that Majestic’s backlinks database now integrates into SEMrush’s Backlink Audit tool.


16/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Search SEO

Google disables touch function on Home Mini device after privacy concerns

Google has removed the touch-to-activate Google Assistant feature on its Home Mini smart speaker in response to privacy concerns.


13/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google Internet of Things Privacy

Snapchat debuts 'Context Cards' with local information

Snapchat is rolling out what it’s calling “Context Cards,” a new way for users to get information about the places from which people are snapping, presenting another local opportunity for advertisers in the process.


11/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: augmented reality Digital Intelligence digital marketing local Maps mobile marketing Snapchat social media and social networking

Google 'discovers Russia-linked ads' on YouTube and Gmail before US election

Google has reportedly discovered evidence that Russia used its platforms in a bid to influence the 2016 US presidential election.


11/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence Google government Regulation security

Boost to publisher paywalls: Google ends 'first click free' policy on media sites

Google is ending a policy that provided a limited amount of free content to users before they needed to pay for it. before users of the world's biggest search engine could be asked to pay for it.


06/10/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google paid content Search

Google slides integrates Shutterstock images

Shutterstock have announced an integration with Google Slides that allows users to search Shutterstock’s library of 150 million images and edit any visual content within their presentation to add filters, text, logos, product imagery and more.


29/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence Google images

Is Google about to split its shopping service to comply with EU?

Google is set to create a separate shopping service that will bid against rivals for ad placements at the top of its search page, in an effort to satisfy EU regulators, according to a news report.


28/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing ecommerce Europe Google Regulation Search

Google and YouTube star Colin Furze demonstrate how “Everything starts with a search”

Google has struck a video partnership with the inventor, influencer and stuntman Colin Furze that demonstrates the weird and wonderful world of search.


26/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google Search video viral marketing YouTube

Google buys half of HTC for $1bn to take on Apple and Samsung

Google has bought part of Taiwanese technology company HTC in an effort to further expand its smartphone business.


21/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Asia Pacific Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google HTC mobile devices and tablets mobile marketing Search

Waze and Spotify come to Apple devices to adapt music to navigation

Originally on Android only, Waze is excited to announce today that the Spotify integration feature will now be available on iOS too.


20/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence local Maps mobile marketing music Spotify technology Travel

Bing teams up with Booxscale to offer one click pizzas and plumbers

British start-up Booxscale has announced a partnership with Microsoft, allowing UK-based Bing, Cortana and Skype users to order pizza and hire handymen, all with the press of a button.

20/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Digital Intelligence digital marketing local Maps Search

Google and Facebook dominate UK digital ad market

Google and Facebook will continue to dominate the digital advertising landscape in the UK, according to eMarketer’s latest ad forecast.


19/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing Facebook Google

82% of companies “Google themselves” to check reputation

Google has become an integral tool for businesses wanting to suss out their client-appeal, with 82% of companies admitting to Googling themselves as part of company image control.


05/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: CRM Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends Google Search SEO

End of an era: Yellow Pages to stop printing next year

Iconic classifieds business directory Yellow Pages will stop printing from January 2019 after more than five decades to go online-only, its owner Yell has announced.


04/09/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: classifieds Digital Intelligence digital marketing Search

Case study: How footwear brand BoxFresh smashed Google benchmarks with programmatic display campaign

Men’s footwear brand, Boxfresh is now working with digital marketing company, Rakuten Marketing to re-establish its brand in UK and German markets.

23/08/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: Clothing Digital Intelligence digital marketing Germany Search UK

Google messaging platform Allo finally comes to desktop

Google Allo is now supported on the web, letting users carry on chats on a laptop or desktop without having to pick up their mobile.


17/08/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: apps Digital Intelligence digital marketing Google IM mobile marketing social media and social networking

Top 10 burning issues in digital: comScore warns of TV digital divide and programmatic pricing pressure

Digital monitoring firm comScore has published its Top 10 Burning Issues in Digital report providing a perspective on the most pressing topics, issues and trends that are changing the way media buyers and sellers evaluate digital in the context of the broader media ecosystem.


17/08/2017  |  Full story...  |  More about: advertising Digital Intelligence digital marketing digital trends

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