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Google unifies mobile tracking across web and apps

Google is reportedly testing a new way of measuring a mobile audience, letting advertisers target users across apps and the mobile web.

13/08/2014  |  Full story...

Google links to apps in AdWords for first time

Google is offering advertisers the option of targeted app install ads on mobile search and YouTube, following similar moves by rivals Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter.

24/04/2014  |  Full story...

Millennial Media boosts mobile ad network with $200m Jumptap buy

Millennial Media is buying its smaller rival mobile advertising rival Jumptap, as the firm looks to challenge Google’s mobile dominance.

16/08/2013  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence May 2013

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence May 2013

With smartphones bridging the gap between physical and digital worlds, this month we take an in-depth look at how marketers can ensure their offline calls-to-action drive maximum mobile interaction.

As mobile habits change, marketers have to pick their channels wisely. Android is now catching Apple in terms of user engagement, while chat apps are now more popular than texts as people switch to WhatsApp, iMessage and BBM to avoid hefty mobile bills.

In the display sector, Yahoo's new army of Tumblr bloggers gives it an extra 120 million daily impressions to sell targeted interest-based ads through its network- time for Google to be worried?

May also saw Facebook muscle in on YouTube's territory with plans for video ads, while Twitter's Vine videos are getting people sharing in droves- with savvy brands making smart use of the 6-second format.

Alongside a myriad of product launches at its developer conference, Google got tough on search spam with Penguin 2.0, while a 5-year feud between Interflora and M&S ended with a landmark ruling against bidding on trademarked terms in AdWords.

To round off the month, we have a special video report featuring Harper Reed, the genius behind the Obama 2012 campaign, and what marketers can learn from his 'micro-listening' techniques that helped win the US election.

Read May 2013

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Mobile advertising tools and technology – AdMob network gets boost from AdWords and other Google tools

Google has started rolling out a major upgrade to the AdMob mobile advertising sales network in a major upgrade for mobile advertising tools and technology that leverages a suite of Google tools including AdWords and conversion optimisation techniques.

Watch the video promo explaining how the new service works here:

21/05/2013  |  Full story...

Yahoo allows Google display ads on websites (but not search)

Yahoo! has struck a deal with Google to allow its mobile and display ads to appear on a selection of its websites, but not AdWords search ads.

08/02/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook tests ‘AdSense-style’ mobile ad network for 3rd parties

Facebook is testing a new mobile ad network, running ads targeted according to user data on third-party apps and mobile websites for the first time. The new platform will see Facebook expanding beyond its website to syndicating ads across the web and on mobile apps, essentially offering a rival to Google’s AdSense ad network.

The move comes as the social network comes under increasing pressure from investors to make more money from mobile ads.

19/09/2012  |  Full story...

Google opens AdWords to 300,000 apps via AdMob integration

Google has integrated its AdMob mobile platform with AdWords, allowing purchases across both networks from a single dashboard. The move adds about 350 million mobile users, 300,000 mobile apps and 12 countries to AdWords' reach. AdWords currently reaches two million websites, so the move is likely to make Google's mobile ad services more attractive to advertisers as they have a broader reach.

11/06/2012  |  Full story...

Apple slashes iAd prices again to compete with Google’s AdMob

Apple has made further reductions to the costs of advertising on its iAd mobile advertising platform, down to just a tenth of its original asking price, following slow take up. Originally pegged at a million dollar minimum buy in, then discounted to $500,000, Apple has slashed the minimum buy to $100,000, increased developer revenue sharing to 70% and dropped costly cost-per-click.

17/02/2012  |  Full story...

Mobile ad wars: Apple to slash iAd prices by 70%?

Apple has reportedly cut the price of the iAd rate card by 70% since its launch, as the company makes a second mark-down of its mobile ad format this year to attract advertisers. According to a report from Bloomberg, unnamed sources told the news agency that this price drop indicates that Apple is "struggling to parlay its technology leadership into success in the ad industry."

In February, Apple halved the price of its mobile advertising platform. The company has now cut rates by up to 70 per cent following this second price drop.


13/07/2011  |  Full story...

Google integrates contextual AdSense ads into AdMob

Google is bringing its contextual AdSense ads to its AdMob platform, the mobile advertising technology it bought in 2009. Google's AdSense focuses on context, serving up ads the software believes match the website's content. The move means AdSense ads aimed at either iPhone or Android users will now be dropped into apps running AdMob – albeit only when a standard AdMob ad is not to hand.

"In the coming weeks, eligible iPhone and Android application developers in the AdMob network will be able to show Google AdSense ads when an AdMob ad is not available," said Google Mobile Ads product manager Jason Morse on the firm's blog.


10/11/2010  |  Full story...

Google-AdMob deal gets green light... thanks to Apple

Google has won approval for its $750m acquisition of AdMob, after rival Apple’s own entry into the market doused fears the purchase would give the search giant a monopoly of the mobile ad space.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that Apple’s purchase of the online mobile ad company Quattro Wireless in January would mitigate Google’s dominance of the market as more people access the web through their phones and other mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad.

The US regulator said: “The decision was a difficult one because the parties (Google and AdMob) currently are the two leading mobile advertising networks, and the commission was concerned about the loss of head-to-head competition between them.”

The decision, after months of investigation and uncertainty, paves the way for a battle between Apple and Google in smartphones and the advertising served on them. Both companies are ramping up their efforts to push into the mobile internet — Apple with its iPhone and nascent iAd advertising business and Google with its Android operating system for smartphones.

25/05/2010  |  Full story...

Google buys mobile ad firm AdMob

Google is to buy mobile advertising firm AdMob for $750m (£449m), making the search giant the largest player in the mobile market. AdMob specialises in selling adverts displayed on small screens, a growing market given the popularity of smartphones such as the iPhone and the Blackberry. The deal will see Google use new mobile technology to drive mobile advertising, helping to decrease its reliance on desktop Internet ads, where growth is slowing.


10/11/2009  |  Full story...

AdMob lets developers monetise Android apps

Mobile ad marketplace AdMob has launched its first advertising unit for applications on Google's Android mobile operating system. The move will let developers monetise their applications, with AccuWeather, Jirbo, and TapJoy among the first to sign up. AdMob’s new Android ad unit will also allow brand and performance advertisers to reach consumers engaging with applications on their Android devices. Advertisers will be able to use these ad units to drive customer actions such going to the Android Market to download an application.

28/01/2009  |  Full story...

UK comes first in Western Europe for mobile advertising

65% of all mobile phone ad requests in Western Europe come from the UK, writes Netimperative. The research from AdMob show that it served 196,323,883 ad requests in the UK during May, equivalent to 65.1% of the total Western European figure. Spain showed the greatest increase with growth of 270% from September 2007, followed by Italy (up 210%).
In total AdMob's network impressions grew 16.9% and the firm now serves 100m impressions per day. 22.4% of impressions came from smartphones.
Netimperative:, 20/06/2008

20/06/2008  |  Full story...

Mobile advertising requests by country: Europe

65% of mobile phone ad requests in Western Europe come from the UK, June 2008

Digital Strategy data - Mobile advertising requests by country: Europe. 65% of mobile phone ad requests in Western Europe come from the UK, June 2008


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