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Digital Intelligence March 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2011

Getting search right just got tougher.

This month's shift in the Google algorithm saw massive swings in the rankings of many brand and retail sites, cleaning up much of the spam but creating a few surprises along the way. Good news for the white-hat techniques of best practice, but bad news for many agencies who had been using link farms to bolster the clients' rankings. Getting search right is such a fundamental of web marketing that without it nothing else in the digital mix works properly. It's a core part of the always-on in digital marketing. And other engines are going even further in the war on spam and simply banning sites that don't make the grade.

This month's digital strategy healthcheck? Think beyond the brand and look for your new position on the category terms you need to be famous for. Track the movement, see where your competitors are and make a plan to climb higher up the listings.

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Amazon takes on Apple with cloud-based music storage has unveiled an online service that would enable its customers to securely store and access music through their smartphones and computers. Amazon said the new service would allow customers to play music on any Android, Windows and Apple devices. The company said customers would initially be provided with 5 GB of free storage, which can eventually be upgraded to 20 GB with the purchase of any MP3 album.


29/03/2011  |  Full story...

Android to drive doubling of smartphone market by 2016- report

The global smartphone market will double in size by 2016 to hit shipments of 653 million, with Android taking over from iPhone as the dominant operating system, according to a new report. Independent telecoms analyst Ovum predicts that Android will drive the growth and will emerge as the dominant platform, dramatically outperforming Apple with a massive 20.5 per cent lead on market share.


28/03/2011  |  Full story...

Apple sues Amazon over ‘AppStore’ name

Amazon is positioning as a key player in the Apps Wars as a new partnership with Android sees the online retail giant expand firmly into the Apps stores market. As the role of apps marketing increases, and the platforms mature, there are big implications for Apple, Nokia, Windows and Symbian – as well as Android. Apple has already launched a trademark lawsuit over the new name. Here’s the latest…


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Android ‘will trump iPhone sales 2 to 1’

Consumers are twice as likely to switch from iPhone to Android than vice-versa, as Google’s mobile operating system grows in popularity, according to a global survey conducted by GetJar. The study from the open app store looked into the preferences and attitudes of mobile phone users. The survey points to the growing demand for Android, reporting almost 43 percent of respondents said they will switch to Android when they purchase their next phone, compared to the 18 percent who said they would like to switch to the iPhone.


22/03/2011  |  Full story...

Android overtakes iPhone sales at Tesco

Android device sales have overtaken the iPhone for the first time ever at Tesco Mobile, as Google's mobile operating system grows in popularity in the UK. The O2 and Tesco joint venture said customers were ‘really getting behind Google’s operating system’, adding that 2011 will be ‘the year of the Android’.

Before Christmas, iPhones were outselling Android smartphones by two-to-one on Tesco Mobile. However, January saw a rapid increase in Android device sales, and in February this year Android overtook iPhone sales on the Tesco Mobile network.


10/03/2011  |  Full story...

App store GetJar gets $25m funding boost

Open app store GetJar has raised $25 million in Series C funding from Tiger Global Management. Accel Partners, which provided its series A and B rounds, will also participate in the series C funding. The company said the extra money will be applied to continued innovations in its market approach and to support its growth by expanding sales, marketing and engineering initiatives.


16/02/2011  |  Full story...

BBC launches free iPlayer app for iPad and Android

The BBC has released free, standalone iPlayer apps for iPad and Android, with plans to launch a subscription-based version in the US in April. The iPad edition features a more suitable, tablet-sized layout than its web-app predecessor.

The app includes panels for featured and most popular shows, a "For You" page that finds programmes the viewer might like based on previous viewings, channel or station guide layout, a vast array of categories and a search bar.


11/02/2011  |  Full story...

Nokia CEO issues ‘brutal’ memo and ditches first MeeGo smartphone

Nokia has reportedly stopped development of its first MeeGo smartphone, as CEO Stephen Elop issued an internal memo offering a brutally honest assessment of the firm’s prospects. The news comes as the phone making giant struggles to regain market share lost to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android platform.

The leaked memo has stoked ongoing speculation that the company is about to expand from Symbian and MeeGo to include Android or Windows Phone 7 handsets to boost sales. In the memo, Elop’s describes Nokia as a company in crisis, and says that the firm has even failed to yet provide a product that matches the first iPhone. “The first iPhone shipped in 2007, and we still don't have a product that is close to their experience," Elop wrote in the note which was distributed to the Finnish company's staff.


09/02/2011  |  Full story...

Google takes on Facebook Places and Foursquare with Latitude check-in tool

Google has updated its location service Latitude, letting mobile users check into spots on the go. The move sees the Internet giant encroach on the likes of Facebook’s Places service, alongside Foursquare and Gowalla. The check-in feature was added to a Latitude service that lets people with GPS-enabled Android smartphones share their whereabouts with selected friends.


04/02/2011  |  Full story...

Facebook to launch own-brand mobile with HTC- report

Mobile phone maker HTC is set to unveil two new Facebook-branded handsets as part of a deal with the social networking site next month, according to a news report. City AM reports that the tie-up will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

The smartphones will be the first to carry Facebook branding and will feature aspects of the social networking site - including friends' status updates and messages - on the handset's homescreen. Contacts will also be synched to the user's Facebook account. HTC handsets already come with an built-in app called Frend Stream that condenses updates from a user's social media pages onto a single page.

27/01/2011  |  Full story...

Top smartphone platforms: US

Apple and Google smartphone platforms are increasing thier market share at the expense of RIM, Microsoft and Palm.

Top smartphone platforms: US. Apple and Google smartphone platforms are increasing thier market share at the expense of RIM, Microsoft and Palm.


William Hill debuts Android app

Bookmaker William Hill has launched a brand new Android app for its mobile customers. The new application, which contains new features and enhanced graphics, will allow Android users to access over 40,000 pre match, in-play and speciality markets from William Hill Online on a daily basis.

In brief, it means android users can now place bets and manage their William Hill sportsbook account via their handset. The new app, which is quicker than the old version, is a recognition by the bookmaker that Android smartphones are becoming more popular with their customers.

20/01/2011  |  Full story...

Zoopla debuts augmented reality property app for Android

Propery site Zoopla has launched an augmented reality app for users of Android powered smartphones, letting users search for property listings on the move. The Zoopla Android app, much like its iPhone counterpart, features hundreds of thousands of property listings, over 16 million sold prices dating back to 1995 and free instant value estimates for every UK home.

Meanwhile Augmented Reality technology lets the user point their phone at any property using camera view to display any relevant information such as whether the property is for sale, how much it last sold for or what it is valued at today.

19/01/2011  |  Full story...

Top 30 mobile devices (US)

Smartphones show an increasing presence in the US mobile device market, occupying 7 of the top spots (Oct 2010).

Top 30 mobile devices (US). Smartphones show an increasing presence in the US mobile device market, occupying 7 of the top spots (Oct 2010).


Shazam and Spotify announce partnership

Music recognition service Shazam is to integrate Spotify across the full range of Shazam’s free and premium Apps for iPhone, iPod touch and Android. Shazam users will now be able to access Spotify directly through a new ‘Play in Spotify’ feature, which will take them directly to Spotify where they can immediately begin listening to the full track that they either tagged or discovered within Shazam from recommendations or the Shazam charts.

14/01/2011  |  Full story...

Latest Google Googles solves Soduku puzzles for you

Google’s visual recognition app Goggles has been updated with a range of new features, including the ability to solve any Soduku puzzle taken from a smartphone user’s camera. The latest version, Goggles 1.3 client for Android, also features instant barcode scanning and print ad recognition. Google Goggles 1.3 uses a smartphone's camera to take a photo of any Soduku puzzle, sending it back to Google, which then generates an answer it sends back to the user as an image.

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Google plans Android digital news stand to take on iTunes

Google has approached a number of publishing houses to for producing a digital news stand, according to a news report. The Wall Street Journal reports that the store would offer mags and newspapers for Android-based smartphones, tablets and other devices. Publishers Time, Conde Nast and Hearst are fingered as having been briefed on Google's plans, which are described as being at an early stage and somewhat 'vague'.

04/01/2011  |  Full story...

Google integrates contextual AdSense ads into AdMob

Google is bringing its contextual AdSense ads to its AdMob platform, the mobile advertising technology it bought in 2009. Google's AdSense focuses on context, serving up ads the software believes match the website's content. The move means AdSense ads aimed at either iPhone or Android users will now be dropped into apps running AdMob – albeit only when a standard AdMob ad is not to hand.

"In the coming weeks, eligible iPhone and Android application developers in the AdMob network will be able to show Google AdSense ads when an AdMob ad is not available," said Google Mobile Ads product manager Jason Morse on the firm's blog.


10/11/2010  |  Full story...

Smartphones account for 65% of mobile traffic

Smartphones generate 65% of global traffic, despite accounting for 13% of the market, according to new research. The study, from research firm Informa, found that average traffic per user (ATPU) will increase by 700 percent over the next five years, as consumers continue to use the internet and smartphone figures rise, the firm said.

Smartphone ATPU in the UK is forecast to reach 776Mb per month by 2015. ATPU per smartphone currently averages 85Mb per month, said the company, with the iPhone –generating the most traffic followed by Android devices.


05/11/2010  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence October 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence October 2010

Privacy issues made headlines this week as Google's Streetview cars were found to be capturing more than just photos. Data about local wi-fi hotspots went far beyond the hotspot location, raising concerns across government and business, while at the same time exposing how little most people know about the data clouds that fill their street. It's time to wake-up to privacy.

The week before it was Facebook's turn, with social media games uncovered as the gateway to a wealth of personal data for advertisers to target against. Nothing wrong with trading free games for seeing targeted advertising, but most consumers seemed completely unaware of what they'd agreed to. The key takeout? Read the small print.

Younger internet users were also found to be having a tough time. Across Europe 1 in 8 children have 'had upsetting experiences online', making clear the need to teach more in schools about privacy, social networking and trust.

And here in the UK the government may be deep in the most brutal spending cuts in history, but it still found £650m for a new initiative to fight cybercrime and protect personal data.

The internet is defining the culture of our generation, but new behaviours need to be taught to companies and individuals alike if we are to handle these tools responsibly. Digital strategies and data strategies are essential to all organisations, so I hope you enjoy the stories below and the clicks behind them.

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Digital Intelligence: Google special report

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence Google special report

The web let anyone publish anything, but Google let people find what they were looking for. The rise and rise of the world’s largest web media business is something we've tracked since testing out the early versions in the late 90s.

As search engines have become the connectors between marketing in any media and people finding what they’re after on the web, getting Google right has become critical for brands and the teams that support them. That’s why in this edition of Digital Intelligence we collated some of the recent stories our team were researching, packaging them into one bite-sized email you could forward on to your colleagues.

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Android ‘overtakes iPhone ad revenue’

Google’s Android ad revenue has surpassed that of Apple’s mobile devices, despite the iPhone accounting for more ad impressions, according to new data from ad network Millennial Media.The study found that while the iOS platform remains the forerunner in terms of total market share, Android ad requests have grown 1,284 percent since January of this year while requests on iOS have only grown by 18 percent in that time period.

Android is up to 29 percent of total smartphone share, while Apple has dropped from a dominant 70 percent in March to just under half of total smartphone users at 46 percent at the time of the report. "This month, for the first time ever, Android revenue exceeded iPhone-only revenue amidst strong raw iOS impression growth," according to Millenial's October 19th report.


20/10/2010  |  Full story...

Angry Birds comes to Android: GetJar App store crashes due to demand

Mobile app store GetJar has exclusively launched the full Android version of the popular Angry Birds game for free, funded by advertising. The move means GetJar becomes the first distributor of the game, ahead of the Android app store.

As a testament to the game's popularity, the huge volume of traffic to GetJar following the announcement took out the store's servers within minutes. Despite this, Angry Birds was downloaded almost 95,000 times within the first three hours on Friday. The game is free but features mobile advertising, and Rovio said a future update will include the option to purchase and opt out of advertisements.


18/10/2010  |  Full story...

Google beats forecasts as mobile business begins to pay off

Google registered a 32 per cent jump in profits, beating market expectations and highlighting the success of its emerging businesses. The internet giant posted net income of $2.2 billion (£1.4bn) after revenues rose 23 per cent to 7.3 billion US dollars (£4.6bn) in the third quarter of the year.

Google said its core business grew very well, while its newer businesses continued to show significant momentum. Google recently paid $3.2 billion for DoubleClick, a display ad network, and $681 million for mobile-ad firm AdMob.


18/10/2010  |  Full story...

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