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Baidu staff arrested for ‘deleting negative forum comments’

Chinese search giant Baidu has become embroiled in a bribing scandal, with four of its employees suspected of accepting payments to delete posts on the company’s forum. Baidu has already fired the four staff members involved - of which three have now been arrested. It has not been confirmed why the fourth member has avoided further action, nor what posts were deleted.

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'Map of the internet' shows size of web giants

Google, Facebook and YouTube are the biggest sites in the world, followed by the likes of Baidu and qq in China, according to a new graphic looking at global web use. The map, depicting the size and relationships of the biggest 350,000 websites in the world, was created by Ruslan Enikeev. He measured 2 million links from 196 different countries to create the interactive graphic.

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Baidu Q2 profits grow 70% as search ad sales soar

Baidu the Chinese search giant has posted net profits of 2.77bn yuan ($436m) for Q2, up from 1.63bn yuan in the same period last year. Revenues were up 60% and reached 5.46bn yuan ($858.8m).

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Alibaba takes on Baidu with Chinese search engine eTao

Alibaba has launched a new search engine called eTao, as China's largest e-commerce company looks to take on Baidu in the search market. Alibaba has launched its search engine called after a beta trial last year. Alibaba's eTao site has been designed primarily as a shopping search engine, allowing users to query for products and group-buying deals. But the site also allows users to search for general web pages as well. eTao's market share, however, is so small that research firms don't list it.


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Microsoft partners Baidu for English-language search

Microsoft has struck a deal with Chinese search giant Baiduto offer its English-language search functions to Chinese users. Baidu has struggled to match Google's English search capabilities and is expected to introduce Microsoft Bing by the end of the year. However, the version that will have to adhere to the country's censorship rules. The agreement comes more than a year after Google pulled out of China, largely over disagreements about censorship, and ceded just under half its market share to Baidu.


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Chinese search giant Baidu mulls overseas expansion

Baidu is planning an expansion into more overseas markets, as the Chinese search engine looks to capitalize on its booming domestic business. The company, which already has a Japanese-language search engine in Japan, is currently in the process of identifying new markets to target next according to Baidu Inc senior vice president Shen Haoyu. He was speaking at a technology event in Beijing. According to Shen, Baidu was setting up a multi-language platform to get the company ready once it decided to go to a market.


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Yandex set for second biggest tech IPO of the year?

Ahead of its flotation on the US stock exchange, Russian search giant Yandex will be offering shares at roughly twice the price of Google, relative to earnings, it has been revealed this week. Yandex is Russia’s largest search engine, accounting for over 60 per cent of searches, while rival Google lags behind because its searches in Cyrillic are not as effective as their English service.


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China internet use – a snapshot of online audiences

The energy of the Chinese internet industry is as loud and ceaseless as the building work in Shanghai’s skyscraper forest. China’s internet market is vast, and growing. More than 470m people are online in China, accounting for around 35% of the country’s 1.3billion citizens. In the net bars and offices of Shanghai, Danny Meadows-Klue discovers a hunger to use the web that spans from business to education. The urban landscape in China is changing fast, but the digital landscape many times faster. Most Western firms have no idea what’s coming…

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Facebook to launch Baidu-powered social network in China?

Facebook has reportedly struck a deal Chinese search giant Baidu to open a jointly-owned social network in China. According to reports in the Chinese press, inside sources said the new venture wouldn't involve, which is blocked inside China like many more social networking sites. Instead, the venture will be a jointly owned, new social networking website.


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China search giant Baidu shuts ecommerce site Youa… but builds a new one?

Chinese search engine Baidu is shutting down Youa, its e-commerce subsidiary, giving existing merchants have one month to migrate to either Rakuten China or Yaodian 100. WSJ reports that Baidu is believed to be secretly building a new e-commerce platform which will better leverage its search engine technology, but the paper revealed no further details. The shutdown will take effect in May and Youa's existing merchants will be migrated to Rakuten China and Yaodian100, Baidu said in a statement.


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Google bounces back in China’s search market

Google gained ground in the Chinese search advertising revenue at the end of 2010, after a long decline in its share, according to a Beijing-based market research firm. The search engine giant's share of Chinese search advertising revenue rose to 23.1 percent in the fourth quarter of 2010, a 1.5 percentage-point increase from the third quarter, Analysys International said Tuesday. At the end of 2009, though, Google had a 35.6 percent share.

The Chinese search engine, Google's rival in China, has long dominated the search business in the country, with a market share currently at 71.7 percent.

19/01/2011  |  Full story...

China hacked into Google after official ‘Googled himself’- Wikileaks

The hacking of search giant Google was orchestrated by a senior Chinese official who searched for his name and found critical articles via the search engine, according to new documents released by the website Wikileaks. The attack, which took places ealier this year, resulted in Google walking away from a potential market of 400m internet users in China.

The WikiLeaks report claimed the hacking was “100% political in nature”, the Observer reported. Senior Chinese official Li Changchun searched for his own name, the cables allege. The cable quoted a ‘well-placed contact’ telling US diplomats that leading members of the Chinese politburo coordinated the attacks late last year.


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Digital Intelligence October 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence October 2010

Privacy issues made headlines this week as Google's Streetview cars were found to be capturing more than just photos. Data about local wi-fi hotspots went far beyond the hotspot location, raising concerns across government and business, while at the same time exposing how little most people know about the data clouds that fill their street. It's time to wake-up to privacy.

The week before it was Facebook's turn, with social media games uncovered as the gateway to a wealth of personal data for advertisers to target against. Nothing wrong with trading free games for seeing targeted advertising, but most consumers seemed completely unaware of what they'd agreed to. The key takeout? Read the small print.

Younger internet users were also found to be having a tough time. Across Europe 1 in 8 children have 'had upsetting experiences online', making clear the need to teach more in schools about privacy, social networking and trust.

And here in the UK the government may be deep in the most brutal spending cuts in history, but it still found £650m for a new initiative to fight cybercrime and protect personal data.

The internet is defining the culture of our generation, but new behaviours need to be taught to companies and individuals alike if we are to handle these tools responsibly. Digital strategies and data strategies are essential to all organisations, so I hope you enjoy the stories below and the clicks behind them.

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Bing takes on Baidu, partners Chinese retail giant for search push

Microsoft has partnered with China’s largest online retailer, using Bing to power the web results for its new shopping search engine Etaosite. Taobao, which is a part of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, launched Etao as a public beta version, calling it a shopping search engine.

The site also offers a range of search categories, including general web results that are powered by Bing. Microsoft already has a Chinese version of its Bing search engine, also still in its beta version, but it currently holds an extremely small share of the search engine market at less than one percent, according to Beijing-based research firm Analysys International.


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Baidu’s profit doubles after Google’s exit from China

Chinese search engine Baidu has posted first quarter profits of 480.5 million yuan (£46m), representing a rise of 165 percent year-over-year. The company's increase in market share in the region follows Google’s withdrawl from operations in mainland China. Google refused to comply with the Chinese government's requests to censor searches in the region. Baidu’s revenue and net income was also up. Net income rose to $70.5 million and revenue grew 60 percent to $189.6 million.

Baidu revealed that it had 221,000 active online marketing customers, up 20 percent year-over-year. Average revenue per marketing customer was $864 - up 34 percent from Q1 2009 and 3.5 percent from the previous quarter. Baidu expects revenue to increase to $274 million, up to 70 percent, in the second quarter. A recent survey conducted by iResearch found that Google and Baidu held the majority of the Chinese search market, accounting for 94.9 percent of the search requests.



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