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ITV and BBC take Netflix-rival Britbox live

ITV and the BBC have officially announced Britbox, their joint-venture streaming platform that’s designed to help the brands compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime.


22/07/2019  |  Full story...

Most downloaded TV and Film apps revealed

YouTube easily beats the traditional television channels on the app front, with 68% of Brits having it on their phones; the nearest rival was the BBC on 31%, according to new research.


30/06/2017  |  Full story...

BBC Three taken off air: Channel goes online-only to save costs

BBC Three has broadcast its final night on UK TV, as the youth-focussed channel goes online only.

16/02/2016  |  Full story...

BBC Three to go online-only

BBC Three will go online-only in February next year, with the broadcaster accepting that long-term future of broadcasting "seems likely to be online”.

26/11/2015  |  Full story...

BBC iPlayer 'watched by more than 60 million people outside the UK for free'

Nearly 65 million people around the world are bypassing internet restrictions to watch the BBC’s shows online, according to new research.

23/07/2015  |  Full story...

BBC news channel to go online only?

The BBC is could take its £66.2m rolling news channel online only as part of a cost cutting drive, according to a news report.

09/07/2015  |  Full story...

BBC tests mind-control TV headset for iPlayer

The BBC has partnered with tech firm This Place, to develop a way people can select programmes using a cheap, brainwave-reading headset.

18/06/2015  |  Full story...

BBC reveals new ‘Netflix-style’ iPlayer

The BBC has unveiled an update to its on-demand iPlayer service, which will include new online-only shows for "a BBC Three audience", as the broadcaster looks to emulate the success of Netflix.

12/03/2014  |  Full story...

iPlayer mobile audience breaks records

The number of people watching and listening to BBC programmes on iPlayer via mobile phones and tablets has reached an all-time high, and is now almost level with the desktop audience, according to new data.

03/12/2013  |  Full story...

BBC plans ‘next generation’ iPlayer

The BBC's director general Tony Hall is expected to announce the launch of the next generation BBC iPlayer in a keynote speech today.

08/10/2013  |  Full story...

TV viewing habits: Brits watched 4 hours of TV a day in 2012

New figures show that TV viewing in the UK is continuing to expand as people watch additional TV on-demand via TV sets, tablets, smartphones and laptops. In total, the average UK viewer watched 4 hours, 4 minutes of TV a day in 2012 – the year when TV in the UK became 100% digital following analogue switch-off.

21/02/2013  |  Full story...

BBC iPlayer gets exclusive content

The BBC is to premiere 40 hours of content of its iPlayer service ahead on TV, as it looks to reposition itself as a leader in the digital market.

11/02/2013  |  Full story...

Half of Brits ‘prefer to watch catch-up TV on the big screen’

Over half of the UK (51%) prefer to watch catch-up services on a TV, rather than a smartphone or tablet.

29/01/2013  |  Full story...

BBC splits iPlayer with standalone online radio service

The BBC has launched 'iPlayer Radio' as part of an overhaul of its online audio content, splitting it from its TV content. The new service will see audio content taken out of the existing BBC iPlayer and instead offered as part of a separate service on desktop and mobile. The service will highlight snippets from BBC output, including associated video content.

Watch a demonstration of how the service works below:

09/10/2012  |  Full story...

BT woos new customers with ‘free’ YouView boxes

BT is to give away YouView digital boxes to people that sign up to its Infinity fibre broadband or TV Essential service, provided they pay a £50 activation charge plus delivery costs. The Humax YouView box will give access to free digital channels as well as pay per view from Sky and catch up and other video on-demand services. The offer will start in October.

24/09/2012  |  Full story...

BBC iPlayer offers mobile downloads to watch on the tube

The BBC has updated its iPhone and iPad app, allowing mobile downloads as an alternative to streaming for the first time. Until now, programmes could only be downloaded to PCs and Macs for later viewing. The move opens up a new way for people to watch BBC content on the move. Starting this week on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, users can download shows from BBC iPlayer over Wi-Fi in advance by adding them to a ‘download queue’.

05/09/2012  |  Full story...

Olympic opening ceremony breaks iPlayer records

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games has set the record for the most number of views in a single day on the BBC’s iPlayer catch-up platform. Originally aired on Friday night, the Danny Boyle-directed ceremony was requested on the iPlayer 925,000 times on Saturday, the BBC said. Over the course of the weekend, it was requested a total of 1.7 million times.

01/08/2012  |  Full story...

iPlayer debuts on Xbox with Kinect voice and gesture features

The BBC has launched the iPlayer on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console free of charge, with plans for a launch on Sky’s Anytime platform now in the works. The move makes the BBC’s online catch-up service available all the UK's major gaming platforms. The deal has taken three years to be agreed after Microsoft initially wanted to charge for all content.

21/03/2012  |  Full story...

Sky to launch online TV for non-subscribers

Broadcaster BSkyB is to launch an online television service to non-Sky customers to combat a sharp slowdown in growth of its customer base. The channel will launch the online TV service in the first half of 2012, giving users access to Sky movies and eventually Sky Sports, on flexible tariffs, without signing a contract. The new Sky internet TV service will stream content to computers, tablets, mobile phones, games consoles and smart TVs.

31/01/2012  |  Full story...

Video: Brits spend 20 minutes a month watching Youtube, as video use rises 36%

UK Internet users spend a combined total of 240 million hours every month watching online video content, with the average user spending 20 minutes a month watching YouTube, according to analysis from Experian Hitwise. The findings come from its new report, "Online Video: Bringing Social Media to Life" which outlines the latest consumer trends in this sector and advice for digital marketers.


10/11/2011  |  Full story...

BBC leap to tablet content delivery strategy

Interesting announcements from the BBC about digital platforms. Future media director Ralph Rivera says tablets are at the centre of the way they’re redesigning their sites – but is this a case of being too far ahead of the consumer today, or smartly building the foundations for tomorrow. In a world where it’s easy to get the digital channel mix wrong, decide for yourself, here…


23/09/2011  |  Full story...

Channel 4 reveals 4OD viewer data for first time

Channel 4's catchup service 4oD attracted 3.4 million viewers in July, according to figures released for the first time by the broadcaster this week. Popular Channel 4 shows including Hollyoaks and Eight Out of 10 Cats also drove an unspecified increase in 4oD programme views, to 29m in July. 4oD had 3.4 million average monthly viewers last month, according to the report, with Sirens and Come Dine with Me among the most popular catchup programmes.


02/09/2011  |  Full story...

4oD app coming to iPhone as C4 takes on iPlayer

Channel 4 is launching an iPhone version of its 4OD application, as the broadcaster ramps up its online and mobile services. The app, which has been available on the iPad since April, will be released for the iPhone and iPod touch in September to mark the launch of a revamped 4OD service. Users will have 30-day access to Channel 4 broadcasts, as well as archived episodes from shows such as The Inbetweeners and The IT Crowd.


31/08/2011  |  Full story...

BBC iPlayer for iPad debuts in Europe for €6.99 a month

BBC Worldwide, the BBC’s commercial arm, is launching a global BBC iPlayer app in Europe, with a global roll out planned later in the year. This video on demand subscription service, launching first in Western Europe, will deliver BBC shows to viewers in 11 markets.

For €6.99 a month (or €49.99 for an annual subscription), the app will initially be available in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Republic of Ireland, The Netherlands, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.


08/08/2011  |  Full story...

Top 10 video streaming brands: UK

YouTube is ranked as the top online video content property in the Uk for April 2011, with more than double the number of viewers for the second highest site, BBC (sites ranked by millions of viewers).

Top 10 video streaming brands: UK. YouTube is ranked as the top online video content property in the Uk for April 2011, with more than double the number of viewers for the second highest site, BBC (sites ranked by millions of viewers).

21/06/2011  |  Full story...

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