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BBC iPlayer gets personal… and starts linking to rivals

The BBC has unveiled a new-look iPlayer with a simpler interface, higher-quality streams and more personalised content. The media player will also link to content on rival platforms and let users share shows via Facebook and Twitter. The iPlayer beta is now live and the corporation expects to launch the full version by the end of June.

New features include integration with Windows Live Messenger, a simplified user interface, a more personalised design and other social features. The new iPlayer will also list programmes from other catch-up services including ITV Player, 4oD, Demand Five and SeeSaw, and directly link to the programmes. Though this might seem like an unusual move, the BBC's director of future media and technology Erik Huggers explained that it wanted to double the amount of traffic it sent into "the broader ecosystem" but insisted that it would not be sharing any technology.


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Largest UK internet sites

UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, Mar 10Largest UK internet sites. UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, Mar 10


Digital Intelligence March 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence March 2010

This month saw the power players marking out their turf: Facebook leapfrogged Google into pole position (at least on a couple of metrics in the US), Microsoft pushed deeper into video players, the BBC gave shape to the cut backs, and China and search went head to head in that long awaited showdown. Everything's to play for as the online media market matures, and the flurry of lawsuits over IP is another fixture on the landscape.

As we head into election season in the UK, voters want to vote online and every political heavyweight now wants to 'do an Obama', moving their message through social media. Sadly neither voters nor politicians stand any hope of getting their wishes this time around, and while the Obama campaign is a case study in social marketing the Digital Training Academy will be using for years, most of the tweets, blogposts and email spam being thrown at British voters will remain quietly unopened thanks to their wholehearted failure to apply customer insight and engage their audience. Politicians are yet to learn the first rule of social media strategies: it's not how loud you shout, it's how much your audience want to listen!

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Top 10 news and media websites: UK

Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th Mar 10

Top 10 news and media websites: UK. Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th Mar 10


Top 10 news & entertainment search terms: UK

Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 13th Mar 10

Digital Strategy data - Top 10 news & entertainment search terms: UK. Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 13th Mar 10


Top 10 search terms: UK

Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 13th Mar 10

Digital Strategy data - Internet Top 10 search terms: UK. Terms ranked by search clicks for the four weeks ending 13th Mar 10


Top 10 entertainment websites: UK

Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th March 10

Digital Strategy data - Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 13th March 10


Largest UK internet sites:

UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, Feb 10

UK audience reach for top 10 parent companies, Feb 10<br />


BBC confirms website closures

The BBC have confirmed its plans to cut back on its website as part of a company-wide strategy review. The corporation will cut spending on its website by 25 per cent and cut back on the number of webpages on the site by up to 50 per cent, it has been announced.

Sections of the site including BBC Switch and BBC Blast, both aimed at a younger audience, will be shut down, the BBC said. The move was announced by BBC director general Mark Thompson, who has been under pressure from critics who believe that the corporation is stifling competition in many markets and costing too much money.


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SeeSaw begins $5m ad campaign

UK video-on-demand service SeeSaw has started its launch campaign, worth £5m, beginning with 10 second commercial. The campaign will start with a series of ten-second teaser ads across Channel 4's portfolio of TV services, expanding to run on ITV, Channel Five, digital multichannel stations and high-traffic websites.

SeeSaw has signed advertising agency Fallon to develop the series of three teaser commercials, which feature the SeeSaw logo acting out scenes of romance, comedy and action. The campaign also introduces the service's strapline, "If you love TV,".


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BBC to cut websites by half

The BBC is planning large scale cuts in its online, television and radio services reports The Times. The plans have come to light following Director General Mark Thompson's strategic review of the broadcaster's remit and services, due to be published next month following sign-off from the BBC Trust.


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Digital Intelligence February 2010

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence February 2010

Pepsi ditched the Superbowl, The Guardian newspaper ditched its regionals, TV adspend took another nail in the coffin, and UK politicians decided to make 100meg broadband an election issue. Brands, media and policy makers: channel switches are everywhere.

The mobile channels will dominate this year's switch the way social media did last year. Mobile wars are intensifying with Nokia's Ovi Maps set to decimate TomTom, Blackberry getting Kindle, and Google refocusing on the small screen ahead of a fusion with social media. But mobile isn't just for global giants - every brand needs a mobile digital strategy to reach customers in the right places through the routes they want. Building the technology and platforms is the easy bit; translating customer needs into the right services is way tougher.

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BBC to develop news, sport and iPlayer mobile apps

The BBC will launch a range of free mobile applications to deliver its online content to mobile devices, with the possibility of an iPlayer application for smartphone users ready by the end of this year.The broadcaster is reportedly planning to launch mobile apps for BBC News in April followed by apps for BBC Sport in May. The BBC will launch both apps in a UK and a global version.

The news app will first be available on the iPhone from April, with apps compatible with the BlackBerry and devices based on Google's Android operating system and others following shortly after. The sports app will be launched in time for the football World Cup in June. Erik Huggers, the director of future media and technology at the corporation, yesterday announced plans to launch apps for BBC News and BBC Sport for the first time as well as a dedicated app for the iPlayer, its online catch-up service.


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SeeSaw launches TV site in UK

SeeSaw, a free online aggregation service offering a selection of UK broadcasters’ content, has launched after completing beta tests. So far, SeeSaw has signed content partnership deals with BBC Worldwide, Channel 4, Five and several major independent production companies. However, the company could not ink a deal with ITV.

SeeSaw is completely funded by advertising with Ikea and Kraft among the advertisers that have already signed up. The service has been trialled by 20,000 people during its beta phase. It will go live with over 3,000 hours of content. SeeSaw's owner Arquiva hopes to cash in on the growing trend of viewers watching back catalogue shows online via each broadcaster's own website.


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Tories challenge BT and BBC as part of ‘100MB broadband’ pledge

If elected, The Conservatives are promising to deliver super-fast 100mb broadband by 2017, challenging both BT and BBC in the process. The party said it is confident that the UK Kingdom can become the first major European country to have internet speeds of up to 100 megabits per second by 2017.

The Conservatives have said they intend to break up what they described as British Telecom’s monopoly on providing internet connections, if they win this year’s General Election. Private investors from companies such as Carphone Warehouse and Sky would be given permission to use BT cables to provide the service. And if the market did not deliver, then a Tory government would extend the 3.5 per cent levy on the BBC license fee, currently being used for digital switchover, to pay for broadband expansion.


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BBC allowed to take part in internet TV service ‘Project Canvas’

The BBC Trust has provisionally approved the BBC's involvement in Project Canvas, a service that will allow UK viewers to watch free-to-air broadcasts and Internet content on television.

The trust, an independent body that oversees the license-fee funded BBC, said that "the likely public value of the proposal justifies any potential negative market impact," after it faced criticism from pay-TV companies, in particular British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC (BSY.LN).

Project Canvas is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV, BT, Five as well as recent additions Channel 4 and Carphone Warehouse.


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Largest UK internet sites

Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 5th Dec 09.



Top 10 entertainment websites: UK

Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 5th Dec 09.



BBC may be forced to cut websites

The BBC Trust has said that the corporation's online operation could be scaled back in the future following recent criticism from industry stakeholders. The BBC was also ordered by its internal regulator to rein in the activities of BBC Worldwide, its commercial arm, after competitors complained that the corporation’s huge financial muscle was giving it an unfair advantage. The Trust has also published an ongoing strategic review document for the entire BBC operation.

In his chairman's commentary, Sir Michael Lyons discussed the prospect of streamlining BBC Online services to "narrow the focus on distinctive content and help to create a more open BBC". Lyons said he wanted BBC Director General Mark Thompson to ask what "licence fee payers really expect to get from their licence fee and what they might be surprised to see the BBC doing in the online world".

He indicated that some areas, such as the iPlayer and news online, are safe when he asked: "Beyond the core offer of news, sport, education, children's and the iPlayer, which parts of the online service are essential to the BBC's mission and which could be stopped?"


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Google reveals top UK search trends of 2009

Google has revealed the UK’s top search trends in 2009, with Swine Flu, the death of Jade Goody and the popularity of Susan Boyle topping the list.Google's annual "zeitgeist", which analyses the firm's search trends, revealedf that top website searches included Hotmail, eBay, Yahoo and social network Bebo. The fastest rising search queries of the year included the BBC's iPlayer and Bing.

"Britons had mixed feelings as they headed online this year to search for their favourite online tools, to learn about celebrities new and old, and to find a good bargain," said Google spokesperson Anthony House. "People searched about new sensations like Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle, but they also turned to the web to learn about the deaths of Stephen Gately, Jade Goody and Michael Jackson."


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Top entertainment sites: UK

YouTube tops the entertainment list of all visits in UK, Oct 09



Top 10 search terms: UK

Search terms ranked by clicks for the 4 weeks ending 17th Oct 09.



BBC websites to get more social

The BBC is planning a radical relaunch of its website portfolio to include more social media features, according to a news report. BBC sources have told MediaGuardian that the new-look site will launch by March next year. The broadcaster also hinted that it will soon be adding social media applications to some of its most popular online shows, including Strictly Come Dancing online coverage. The plans were made by Anthony Rose, the BBC's controller of Vision and Online, at the launch of this year's MediaGuardian Innovation Awards this week.


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BBC to offer iPlayer platform to rival broadcasters?

The BBC has said its iPlayer online video platform could be opened up to rival broadcasters. The broadcaster revealed the plans last week at the IBC 2009 conference in Amsterdam. Eric Huggers, BBC director of future media and technology, said in a speech at the event the corporation is planning to create an "Open iPlayer" which would allow third parties to offer content on their own versions of the service.

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BBC tests mobile search function

The BBC has launched a beta search function on its mobile website homepage, incorporating TV and radio shows on the iPlayer. The tool lets users search the mobile site for news, sport, radio and television sites, while devices that support the iPlayer also allow users to search for TV and radio shows.

In a blog post, BBC executive producer Ulyssa MacMil writes: "We know it's crucial to get the results right first time on mobile - and taking our website search and making it work to that goal was a complex project. We spent weeks fine tuning the search logic, weighting our search terms, and we now know more about the idiosyncrasies of search logic than we ever thought we would need to."

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