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UK mobile advertising trends: Size doesn’t matter anymore?

When it comes to mobile advertising, UK consumers are increasingly screen agnostic- with environment and context becoming more important, according to new research.

25/03/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook lets advertisers target audience ‘lookalikes’

Facebook has launched ‘Lookalike Audiences’, a new tool that lets advertisers reach users similar to those already in their targeting lists.

21/03/2013  |  Full story...

Klout finally debuts business tools for social media measurement

Social analytics firm Klout's is launching a new platform for businesses, looking to tap into the lucrative ‘big data’ market as brands seek a better understanding of their audiences online.

21/03/2013  |  Full story...

Atlas acquisition: Is Facebook planning a ‘DoubleClick for social media’?

After its rocky IPO last year, Facebook has started to see success with its mobile and web ad revenues- and Atlas could help it develop an ad network for social media to rival Google’s DoubleClick.

18/03/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook ‘Likes’ reveal deeper personality clues- study

Seemingly innocuous behaviour on Facebook can reveal intimate details about a user’s personality- which could in turn help advertisers predict their sexuality, political views and religion, according to new research.

13/03/2013  |  Full story...

Channel 4 ‘data baby’ to expose modern ad tracking techniques

Channel 4 has launched ‘Data Baby’, a new experiment that will monitor how an individual web user’s habits are tracked and used by online advertisers. The experiment will look at how technology such as Google’s DoubleClick has become more sophisticated, moving from traditional cookie tracking to location, frequency and device monitoring techniques.

Watch a Channel 4 video explaining the project below:

07/03/2013  |  Full story...

Firefox ‘Do Not Track’ browser sparks advertising concerns

Mozilla’s new Firefox browser cookie settings, which will come into effect in early April and will block third party cookies by default, have come under fire from the UK’s digital advertising trade body.

06/03/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook finally buys Atlas to boost ad tools

After weeks of rumours, Facebook has bought Atlas from Microsoft for an undisclosed sum, as the social network looks to boost its ad targeting capabilities.

04/03/2013  |  Full story...

Online privacy guidelines: Do you know who knows you? (video)

This video takes a look at the EU’s laws on personal data protection and some of the online privacy guidelines and best practices in this field.

28/02/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook to tell users which ads are behaviourally targeted

Facebook will start revealing which ads have been behaviourally targeted to users on the social network, in a bid to ease privacy fears.

07/02/2013  |  Full story...

Amazon plans ‘personalised ads’ to compete with Google and Facebook

Amazon is set to launch personalised ads on its websites, including Kindle devices, based on the shopping habits of its 188m users, according to a news report.

30/01/2013  |  Full story...

Channel 4 debuts ‘social login’ to boost personalisation

Channel 4 has introduced ‘social login’ technology on its website in a bid to improve personalisation for viewers and offer more targetting options for its advertisers.

30/01/2013  |  Full story...

Internet regulation: Google sued over iPhone tracking

Google is being sued by a group of web users in the UK for undermining the security settings on Apple's Safari browser to track online usage covertly.

28/01/2013  |  Full story...

Facebook 'could advertise to children after new US laws'

Internet giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple could soon be allowed to advertise to children, as new US laws look set to come into force. The Federal Trade Commission has updated the 1998 Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) to restrict advertisers from accessing the personal data of children under 13 years-old without parental consent.

21/12/2012  |  Full story...

Brands need to target consumers online ‘before they do their weekly shop’

A new survey indicates that brand marketers need to reach shoppers before the store as consumers actively seek promotions when planning their weekly shops. Coupon firm UK & Europe has surveyed over 100 client-side and agency-side brand marketers attending The Grocer Marketing, Advertising and PR Awards 2012, and over 1000 primary shoppers, to establish where and when marketers should focus their marketing spend.

14/12/2012  |  Full story...

Marketers ‘missing a trick’ with Google’s Remarketing for Search

Google’s latest launch of its Remarketing for Search product, currently in beta, is a huge step from the standard advertising options that Google Adwords presents, says digital marketing agency, Greenlight. According to the Greenlight, it could have a substantial impact on the way digital marketers traditionally use remarketing and advises that it would be in their best interest to trial the product sooner rather than later or they could get left behind.

30/11/2012  |  Full story...

Online ad trends: Third of Brits likely to drop IE 10 over ‘Do Not Track’ plans

British consumers have warned they could stop using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 10 (IE10) browser over the software giant’s Do Not Track initiative, according to a new survey looking at online ad trends. The study, from MediaSyndicator, found that despite widespread concerns over data and privacy, 87% of UK consumers find benefits of online tracking services useful. The 2012 Digital Tracking Research was carried out by YouGov to poll the views of 1,987 UK adults aged 18+ on a range of digital tracking issues.

29/11/2012  |  Full story...

Ad targeting trends- Major portals losing ground to niche sites

Major portals such as MSN and Yahoo are losing their stronghold on consumer attention with many turning to sites specific to their interest, according to new research. The study, from Mediasyndicator commissioned research with YouGov (1,987 UK adults) in order to discover the types of websites consumers visit for content and the environments in which they are most engaged and open to advertising.

06/11/2012  |  Full story...

Facebook marketing effectiveness research – brand measurement affinity tools coming

To address concerns from brands about the lack of marketing effectiveness research for Facebook, new brand affinity measurement tools are being developed. With the rush to build Facebook brand pages, many marketers have questioned the value of fans, their fit with the brand’s target audience, and how to measure marketing effectiveness. Could this be the answer?

18/10/2012  |  Full story...

DuckDuckGo attacks Google: “There’s no regular search anymore”

Search engine DuckDuckGo has released a video that aims to show that there’s no such thing as impersonal Google results. The video shows results from an experiment the team did in which more than 100 people searched the same topics while logged out of Google. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo does not track user’s search habits or store search results. s very strong on privacy, and doesn't store your search results.

There are no "regular results" on Google anymore. from DuckDuckGo on Vimeo.

18/10/2012  |  Full story...

New Nielsen metrics match online campaigns to target audiences

Nielsen has launched its Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) metric in the UK, allowing brands to measure whether their ads reached their intended audiences online. Initial tests reveal that on average less than half of all online ad impressions are reaching the advertiser’s intended audience, based on age and gender.

Watch a video explaining how the service works below:

17/10/2012  |  Full story...

EU cookie law: UK sites start to comply

Nearly one third (63%) of top UK websites have taken steps to address the new EU Cookie Directive, which aims to warns users when their data is being tracked online. The new research, from data privacy management firm TRUSTe, looked at UK website compliance efforts to date. TRUSTe's analysis reveals that nearly two in three top UK websites have implemented at least some measures to address the Directive, including several who have implemented robust and user-friendly compliance solutions. TRUSTe's study reviewed both compliance efforts and tracking activities on top UK consumer websites.

07/09/2012  |  Full story...

Twitter offers ad targeting based on user interests

Twitter has launched interest-based ad targeting for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts campaigns letting brands target micro-bloggers based on like-minded groups of followers and their friends. Promoted Tweets and Accounts already target “users who share interests with your current followers.” The new service now lets advertisers explicitly identify the interests that they want to reach.

31/08/2012  |  Full story...

Google hit by record privacy fine

The largest fine ever levied against a company by the FTC has been drawn this week up against Google for their breach of Apple’s Safari web browser.

10/08/2012  |  Full story...

Google to include Gmail user data for personalised search results

Google’s is to start highlighting information drawn from its users’ Gmail accounts on its main search results page. The feature marks Google’s latest attempt to deliver data that people are seeking more quickly as it tries to maintain the dominance of its lucrative Internet search engine.

10/08/2012  |  Full story...

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