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IAB launches behavioural targeting good practice guide

IAB UK has published a new set of guidelines on behavioural targeting, writes Marketing. The trade body developed its Good Practice Principles in conjunction with 10 companies including Google, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo! and Phorm. In addition the guidelines have also received the support of Ofcom and the Information Commissioner's Office.
The Principles define three commitments from web firms:

  • Notice: users must be clearly told that data is being collected and used.
  • User choice: users must be given a clear opt-out option to refuse behavioural ads.
  • Education: users must be told exactly how their data can be used and how they can opt out.

The IAB has also launched a website ( to explain to web users how behavioural advertising works, how it benefits them and how they can refuse this type of advertising.
From Marketing Magazine:, 05/03/2009
Your Online Choices:


Behavioural advertising gets a narrow thumbs up from consumers

Latest findings from Harris Interactive suggest that if privacy safeguards are in place, most consumers are okay with the ideas and models behind behavioural advertising targeting. With 15% of UK display inventory probably served through behavioural tools today, there's a lot riding on this. This type of targeting is key for giving a step-change in the precision of messaging for brands and an uplift in revenues to media owners who are running advertising funded content services. It's at the heart of the advertising models and the fact most US adults are uncomfortable that some websites use information about their online activity to shape web content and ad delivery will make uncomfortable reading for many publishers.
Key findings: 59% are not comfortable when sites such as Google, Yahoo and MSN use online activity to tailor ads or content, 25% are not at all comfortable, 34% are not very comfortable. The Harris Poll surveyed 2500 people in the US from March 11-18, 2008.
Harris Interactive:, 10/04/2008


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