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62% of marketers are not using personalisation in their campaigns

Almost two-thirds (62%) of UK marketers say they do not incorporate personalisation into their campaigns, with lacking of insight into the customer journey holding back their ability to create a truly omnichannel experience, according to new research.


29/03/2017  |  Full story...

US senate votes to allow ISPs to sell consumer data

The US senate took the first step Thursday toward blocking rules that would restrict how some big tech companies share and sell personal data, a controversial move that has large implications for online privacy.


24/03/2017  |  Full story...

Coalition for Better Ads: Digital giants and brand unite for ad standards

The Coalition for Better Ads, a consortium of brands and leading digital platforms, has released initial Better Ads Standards for desktop and mobile web that reflect consumer advertising preferences in North American and European markets.


23/03/2017  |  Full story...

Location drives marketers’ shift from demographic to contextual insights

Media planners are relying less on demographic data and insights to inform advertising strategy, and instead favour contextual data and insights when it comes to defining campaign strategies and optimising performance, according to new research.


21/03/2017  |  Full story...

Guest comment: Three challenges for the web, according to its inventor

Yesterday marked the world wide web’s 28th birthday. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web and founder of The Web Foundation, looks at how the web has evolved, and what we must do to ensure it fulfils his vision of an equalising platform that benefits all of humanity.


13/03/2017  |  Full story...

9 in 10 consumers worried about online privacy (but most want personalisation too)

While more consumers crave highly personalised and tailored customer service, they are also very sceptical of how businesses collect and store personal data, according to new research.


09/03/2017  |  Full story...

LoopMe’s Artificial Intelligence gets $10m funding boost

Artificial intelligence advertising firm LoopMe has won an additional $10m funding, a total of $17 million to date, as machine learning becomes a vital part of digital marketing.


08/03/2017  |  Full story...

Loco for location data: 170% increase in demand as marketers go local

There has been a 170% increase in Demand for Location Data and 20% increase in CPM, with Mobile ad players reaping the benefits of a more personalised, relevant and timely user experience, according to new research.


16/02/2017  |  Full story...

Brexit and Trump forces marketers to ask if they really know their audience

Almost two-thirds (66%) of digital marketers are now questioning if they really know their audience at all, following the surprising rise in populist sentiment in 2016 - post Brexit and Trump. In a bid to better understand audiences, a whopping 94% of marketers will now place emphasis on finding out what their customers are actually looking for.


16/02/2017  |  Full story...

EU privacy rules: One in four firms "still unprepared for GDPR" (and Brexit won't help)

A quarter of marketers (26%) believe their companies are still unprepared for the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), with just over half (56%) reporting that they feel prepared and 5% believing it’s not their responsibility, according to new research.


15/02/2017  |  Full story...

Facebook stops ‘illegal’ race-based ad targeting (but still offers ‘ethnic affinity’ tools)

Facebook has updated its ad policies to prevent race-based targeting, but will still allow targeting based on ‘ethnic affinity’ of users in domains other than housing, employment and credit.


10/02/2017  |  Full story...

GlobalWebIndex debuts new data set to help brands boost audience profiling

GlobalWebIndex has launched a new “Brand data set” tool, offering audience-centric marketing that is set to transform the way advertisers understand their consumers.


08/02/2017  |  Full story...

Brands “need to be more authentic in customer engagement”- DMA

Trade body the Direct Marketing Association is calling for brands to be more authentic in their relationships with consumers, following the appointment of new senior members on its board.


07/02/2017  |  Full story...

Half of marketers predict “death of the cookie” by 2018

Over half of digital marketing managers (53%) say that cookie-based advertising campaigns will die out within the next 12 months, according to a new report.


02/02/2017  |  Full story...

Asda debuts Walmart Exchange ad platform in the UK

Walmart has extended its private ad exchange, dubbed "Walmart Exchange", to Asda in the UK, giving brands access to its lucrative shopper data for targeted ads.

30/01/2017  |  Full story...

New programmatic platform helps marketers target homemovers

Data marketing firm consultancy TwentyCi has launched a new programmatic platform that connects digital advertisers to the 9 million homemovers who are buying a house in the UK at any given time.

24/01/2017  |  Full story...

Snapchat lets advertisers target users based on offline behaviour

Snapchat has partnered with Oracle to offer advertisers a way of targeting its users based on their offline behaviour, a practice its CEO once referred to as "creepy".


20/01/2017  |  Full story...

Mobile ad targeting "getting better": 60% now reach intended audience

Mobile ad campaigns are getting better at reaching thier targets, showing an 11 percentage point increase over the last year in terms of accuracy, according to new research.

29/11/2016  |  Full story...

Did Facebook news filtering help Trump win? Zuckerberg denies "crazy" social media bias claims

Mark Zuckerberg has hit back against claims that soical media filtering helped Donald Trump win the US Presidential election, by tailoring personal newsfeeds to fit the views of users, rather then suggesting opposing perspectives.

11/11/2016  |  Full story...

Case study: targets forgetful drivers with interactive campaign

Indian insurance firm Coverfox intercepted YouTube for several days and continued with their message until people renewed their insurance. This case study looks at how the firm made smart and fun use of retargeting that was far more effective than a simple email reminder.

09/11/2016  |  Full story...

Admiral's plan to scan Facebook profiles to price car insurance blocked

Facebook has blocked insurance firm Admiral's new scheme to assess the personalities of first-time drivers by analysing their Facebook profiles, citing privacy concerns.


03/11/2016  |  Full story...

Emotional ad targeting: eBay debuts ‘mood marketing’ tool

eBay Advertising has launched a new that will transform targeting on the site, allowing brands to identify shoppers who are in a specific mood and serve them the most relevant ads.


25/10/2016  |  Full story...

Creepy or cool? UK consumers think digital advertising is getting worse

UK consumers are more annoyed by online ads than their European counterparts, according to a report from Adobe.

19/10/2016  |  Full story...

Personalised marketing: Untapped potential "in over 50% of consumers"

Personalised marketing could be working much harder for over half of customers, as changing consumer attitudes lead to wider acceptance of sharing personal information as part of a value exchange with brands, according to new research.

12/08/2016  |  Full story...

New ‘hyperlocal’ ad format targets people near posters

Global advertising technology firm Crimtan is working with Digital Element to offer clients new ‘hyperlocal’ ad tech that helps target specific users on the move.

18/07/2016  |  Full story...

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