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Search privacy: Microsoft cuts IP address storage to 6 months

Microsoft is to shorten the time it stores users' addresses from its Bing search queries from 18 months to six months, following a request from a European Union data privacy panel. It said the change would make its Bing search a better choice for privacy-conscious users than the world's leading search engine Google Inc., because Microsoft will delete the entire Internet Protocol address from search queries — the string of numbers that shows a computer's location.

"We believe that the balance between privacy and efficiency is very much in the mind of consumers," Microsoft's associate general counsel John Vassallo told reporters. "Getting the balance right does make the search engine more attractive."


20/01/2010  |  Full story...

Google CEO faces privacy backlash after talk show comments

Google CEO Eric Schmidt is facing a backlash from privacy advocates following comments made during a TV interview last week.

When asked during an interview for CNBC's recent "Inside the Mind of Google" special about whether users should be sharing information with Google as if it were a "trusted friend," Schmidt responded, "If you have something that you don't want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing it in the first place."


14/12/2009  |  Full story...

Largest UK internet sites

Sites ranked by visits for the week ending 5th Dec 09.



Top search engines by search volume: UK

Google UK tops the search engine list with 3/4 of all searches in UK

Digital Strategy - Top search engines by search volume: UK. Google UK tops the search engine list with 3/4 of all searches in UK


Top search engines ranked by visits: UK

Google UK maintains its dominance as the UK's most visited search engine

Digital Strategy - Top search engines ranked by visits: UK. Google UK maintains its dominance as the UK's most visited search engine


Google and Bing seal live search deals with Twitter

Google and Bing have inked a deal with Twitter to add real-time updates from the micro-blogging sites users to its search results. The deal will mean searchers on Google and Bing users will have the option to see results based on the most recent and popular trends on Twitter. Financial terms of the deals were not disclosed, but both represent a move towards ‘live’ or ‘real-time’ search, where results are based on current user comments rather than the most popular keywords over time.

22/10/2009  |  Full story...

Bing gains further ground on Google in US

Microsoft's new search engine Bing now accounts for over 9% of search engine traffic in the US, gaining further ground on Google, according to new research. The data, from comScore, put Bing’s search engine US Internet search market at 9.3% during August, up from 8.9 percent in July. Microsoft, which launched Bing in early June, remains third in the market, behind Google and Yahoo, but has gained share every month since its debut. Google, although still far and away the search leader, saw its share in the United States decline 0.1 percentage points to 64.6% in August. Yahoo posted a market share of 19.3% in August, unchanged from July. ComScore said overall U.S. search market volume rose 15.5 percent from July and 19.2 percent from last year.


Battle of the search engines: UK visits

Over 80% of UK visits with Google, Sep 12 2009

Digital Strategy data - Battle of the search engines: UK visits


Battle of the search engines: UK searches

Over 90% of searches with Google, Sep 12th 2009



Battle of the search engines: UK visits

Over 80% of search engine visits with Google, Sep 09



Battle of the search engines: UK searches

Over 90% of searches with Google, Sep 09



Bing gains ground on Google in US search market

Microsoft’s new Bing search engine has gained nearly 1% market share in the US since its launch in June, while Google has lost ground, according to new research. The data, from comScore, indicates that Microsoft's search engine still remains a distant third in the US, which was the main reason for the search ad partnership with Yahoo set to start next year.

Bing ended July with a 8.9% share in the US, up from 8.4% in the previous month. Just before Bing's debut, Microsoft's search market share stood at 8%. Google retained a commanding US lead at 64.7% through July, down from 65 percent in June, comScore said. Yahoo's market share dipped to 19.3% in July from 19.6% in June.

18/08/2009  |  Full story...

9 in 10 US drug ads on Bing are illegal- report

Almost 90 percent of sponsored links advertising prescription drugs on Microsoft’s new Bing search engine are violating US federal and state laws, according to a new report. The report, from KnujOn, an antispam company, and LegitScript, which offers a service that verifies the legitimacy of particular online pharmacies, will be the first in a series about US companies that profit from rogue pharmaceutical sites.

10/08/2009  |  Full story...

Yahoo! and Microsoft agree search and advertising deal

Yahoo! and Microsoft have finally come to terms on a search and advertising deal after months of rumours and conjecture, writes ClickZ. Under the deal Microsoft's new search engine Bing will become the default search engine on Yahoo! for the next ten years. Yahoo! will also licence its search technology and Panama ad buying system to Microsoft. Self-serve advertising on both sites will be handled through Microsoft AdCenter. However Yahoo! will retain control of all premium search advertising sales across both firms sites. Yahoo! will receive 88% of all search revenue generated through its own and affiliate websites for the first five years. Yahoo! estimate that the deal will generate income of $500m (£303m) per year and capital expenditure savings of $200m (£121). The deal will give Bing 28% of the search market against Google's 65% share.
Last week Microsoft reported a 17% year-in-year fall in revenues as profits fell 29% to $3.1bn (£1.9bn).
From ClickZ:, 29/07/2009


Microsoft aiming to make internet go Bing

Microsoft is expected to unveil its new search engine at the D: All Things Digital conference at the end of the month, writes The Wall Street Journal. The new service, code-named Kumo during development, is now expected to be called Bing when it launches. Bing will replace Microsoft's current service "Live" and is designed to be more user-friendly than other search engines by reducing the time it takes users to find results by grouping them into categories with tabs. A search for a specific model of car might group results into categories such as spare parts, used car ads, message board discussions and videos. Microsoft has readied a $100m advertising campaign to launch Bing in the US but will have an uphill struggle on its hands to increase its market share. According to the latest conScore figures Microsoft has an 8.2% share of the US search market, behind Yahoo! (with 20.4%) and Google (64.2%).
From The Wall Street Journal:, 20/05/2009


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