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AOL buys HD brand content platform Pictella

AOL has acquired Pictela, a provider of an award-winning global technology platform for serving and distributing high- definition brand content across online advertising and social media. The transaction brings further scale to AOL’s suite of premium advertising tools for advertisers, agencies and publishers, including the company’s new ‘Project Devil’ display advertising format which AOL intends to roll out further in the UK during Q1 in 2011.


20/12/2010  |  Full story...

Brands need human face to avoid being ‘foreigners’ in social media

Consumers value brands being honest on social media sites, and prefer to deal with a human face rather than anonymous messages, according to a new study. The study, from market research company Firefly Millward Brown looks into consumers’ general attitudes and behaviours towards brands in social media.

Millward Brown says the research, which was conducted using the company’s purpose built private social network, will provide companies and their brands with valuable insight into how to navigate social media more effectively.


19/11/2010  |  Full story...

Google Googles: Mobile pics converted into web ads via product recognition

Google is running a test on its Google’s photo recognition tool, that will display adverts to users based on pictures taken by their smartphone cameras. The ‘offline marketing experiment’ utilises visual search and optical character recognition [OCR] technologies to allow users to find out information about certain products.

The experiment will see Google work with five major brands, T-Mobile, Diageo, Disney, Buick, and Delta Air Lines, each launching special print ads designed to tie into its Google Goggles mobile app. When an individual takes a photo of an ad from one of the brands using Goggles, they will be redirected to either a website or video with more information about the advertised product.


18/11/2010  |  Full story...

Half of Brits ‘would leave their mobile operator for a better handset’

Almost half of UK consumers (45%) would leave their current operator if they did not sell the handset they wanted, according to a new survey. The research, from ecommerce technology provider ATG give operators valuable insight into the types of services customers would like to see integrated into their brand experience.

The research also demonstrates that a large proportion of consumers across Europe don’t feel loyalty to their current mobile operators, with 31 per cent of those surveyed saying they have been with two mobile operators in the last five years. A further 10 per cent of consumers reported they have been with three or more mobile networks in the last five years.


17/11/2010  |  Full story...

UK firms ‘unaware they are being talked about online’

Despite its vast potential, many companies have yet to capitalise on social media's ability to not only listen to customers, but analyse conversations and turn the information into bottom-line benefit, according to a new survey. Many organisations cling to old paradigms, using social media for one-way flow of marketing messages, instead of capitalising on the opportunity to monitor, analyse, and participate in millions of conversations among consumers.


02/11/2010  |  Full story...

Alan Partridge bounces back with Foster's funded webisodes

Cult comedy icon Alan Partridge is set to return next week in a series of short web videos funded by beer brand Fosters. The character, played by Steve Coogan, will appear on the Fosters Funny Website in a dozen 11-minute long episodes, beginning on 5th November. A trailer goes live on the site tomorrow (29th October).

The site, at, was created by Naked Communications, and forms part of a wider comedy initiative by Foster’s, which includes sponsorship of the Edinburgh Comedy Festival and the comedy strand on Channel 4. Foster’s branding will be evident throughout the series, which is set at regional radio station North Norfolk Digital where Partridge hosts the 'Mid Morning Matters' segment.

01/11/2010  |  Full story...

People that ‘like’ branded content aren’t customers- study

Nearly two thirds (60%) of people who ‘like’ or share branded content online are not its customers, with many feeling positive about the company after, according to new research. The study, from YouTube and supported by the Internet Advertising Bureau, highlights the real opportunity for marketers to include harder messaging in their social media content and advertising.

The study investigated the ways in which 3000 consumers across the UK, France and Germany use YouTube and Facebook and how they feel about branded content and advertising on each. The results provide essential lessons for many marketers when it comes to engaging with consumers in social media - the majority of people (75%) who share content or ‘like’ a brand on either of these sites feel more positive about the brand afterwards, compared with around a quarter of people (25%) who feel ‘no different’ as a result.


01/11/2010  |  Full story...

Brits more likely to engage with brands than celebrities

Around a fifth of people (20.3%) claim to like or follow brands on social networks yet not enough brands are responding to consumer complaints, according to a consumer study. The research, from the Internet Advertising Bureau, research company Opinion Matters and social media agency RMM. The survey – designed to investigate how mainstream different types of social media activity have become – found that more consumers engage with brands on these properties than celebrities, with 13.4% of people liking or following celebrities on sites such as Twitter or Facebook.


25/10/2010  |  Full story...

Top UK brands: Internet firms Apple, Google and Facebook top list

Internet brands are now the closest to UK consumers’ hearts, with the three most popular brands in the UK coming from the web, according to a new survey. The latest Millward Brown celebrity and brand (Cebra) research revealed that Apple had the most buzz (a measure of how much a celebrity or brand is talked about) followed by Google, Facebook, X-Factor and Wii, highlighting the popularity of consumer technology.

In terms of people, David Beckham has been named as the UK’s most powerful celebrity Despite no longer playing football in England, the survey found. The Cebra research now includes a measure of marketability alongside familiarity, affinity, media attention.


19/10/2010  |  Full story...

Video ads: Branding campaigns work online… eventually

New research into online video ads shows that consumers want to investigate brands in their own time, and are more open to receiving ads around quality video content. The results of a year-long study from Sky and the Internet Advertising Bureau – the trade body for digital advertising - reveal the true branding effectiveness of online video, showing how consumers prefer to ‘store’ advertising information, rather than clicking-through immediately.

The study, run by media research company Decipher, found that whilst 6% of people who recalled a video ad clicked to make an immediate purchase, around 54% of people chose to delay a purchase or investigate the brand in their own time, once again calling into question whether click-through rates are the best measure for online branding campaigns.


07/10/2010  |  Full story...

Fashion retailers claim social media branding top spots

Fashion brands have a significantly stronger social media presence than other UK retailers, by actively embracing various platforms for the benefit of both the customer and the business, according to a new survey. Having measured the fundamental rise of ecommerce over the past decade with its eRetail Benchmark study, eDigitalResearch is now monitoring retailer’s social media as part of its benchmark activity, assessing brand’s presence over several different sites and their efforts to engage in two-way dialogue.

Assessing some 72 UK retail sites by looking at volume of followers alongside active interaction between the brand and consumer, the research found that fashion retailers are encouraging a larger degree of cross-communication through well-established Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. Topshop and River Island claimed the top two spots, recording a large number of followers and higher levels of customer engagement. ASOS came in third, with New Look and Next completing the top five.


23/08/2010  |  Full story...

Old Spice viral ads break records with 5.2m YouTube views

The Old Spice channel became the most viewed on YouTube last week, after the men's grooming brand recorded more than 5.2 million views for its viral marketing videos in less than three days. The brand's Twitter followers grew from 3,000 to 48,000 during this period.

"Today could be just like the other 364 days you log into twitter, or maybe the Old Spice man shows up @OldSpice," the company tweeted on Tuesday. The brand uploaded about 185 videos of one minute duration on Tuesday and Wednesday last week to YouTube, in which the Old Spice model Isaiah Mustafa responded to questions from the Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit communities.


19/07/2010  |  Full story...

BP buys Google ‘oil spill’ keywords- a slick PR stunt?

British Petroleum (BP) has purchased Google and Yahoo search terms in order to influence consumers’ views on the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Matthew Whiteway at Greenlight, takes a closer look at BP’s latest attempt at damage limitation as the slick spreads…

BP is clearly trying to protect its brand image following the catastrophe of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, turning to paid search in an attempt to present a more compassionate image. With the company buying top position in paid search, it hopes to drive users to its corporate response page which attempts to paint a more positive picture of the BP brand.

Excluding the paid search listing in the results page, 95% of the listings are very negative. A search in Google for “BP Oil Spill” presents the user with a number of listings that are being very cynical of BP, including YouTube clips of the impact the disaster has had on the local area and its wildlife.


11/06/2010  |  Full story...

Facebook boosts analytics for web publishers

Facebook has launched improved analytics for websites, applications, and pages, helping website owners get further insights into how users interact with their Facebook-related content.

The new Insights dashboard acts as a single source for all Facebook analytics:

- Websites: Fully-integrated sites and those that use social plugins, or add a non-integrated domain in one easy step

- Applications: Including canvas, mobile, device, and desktop applications

- Facebook Pages: Including Pages created on and those that are part of the Open Graph protocol

For example, site owners can now view analytics around specific stories liked on their website, or how many users commented on posts made on the page. To protect users’ privacy this data is anonymized aggregate data and does not include personally identifiable information. The Insights dashboard contains more data than before, as well as new visualization tools, including the ability to view full screen, print, and save graphs.


10/06/2010  |  Full story...

Facebook ramps up fan and 'community' pages

Facebook is updating its website to highlight pages for bands, books and businesses, encouraging users to become fans of their listed interests. The social network is also launching a new community feature, as the social network looks for new ways to leverage their users’ interests and connect them with advertisers.

From this week, Facebook will prompt users to join the fan pages of their listed interests. If they opt in, users will still be able to hide this connection on their profile, but their name will still be listed one the "people who like this" on the fan page. This feature will also be used for users' home towns, education and work places.


20/04/2010  |  Full story...

Twitter launches first-ever search ads

Twitter has launched its much-anticipated ad program, as the micro-blogging platform looKs to turn its growing popularity into profit. The new service, named "Promoted Tweets," will allow companies to place a less-than-140-character message at the top of pages of search results.

Twitter said that it was currently testing Promoted Tweets with a number of advertisers including Best Buy, Bravo, Red Bull, Sony Pictures, Starbucks and Virgin America. Under the program, one "Promoted Tweet", such as a sponsored message from Starbucks, will appear at the top of a search result page on Twitter for keywords that companies specifically purchase from Twitter.


14/04/2010  |  Full story...

Google wins AdWords trademark case

A European court has ruled in Google's favor allowing advertisers using its AdWords system to use the names of other companies as search keywords. In a landmark ruling this week, the court ruled that this practice does not represent a trademark violation.

The court also went on to say that Google's AdWords program is protected by a European law governing Internet hosting services. "This is important because it is a fundamental principle behind the free flow of information over the Internet," Harjinder S. Obhi, Google senior litigation counsel for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, wrote in a blog post.


26/03/2010  |  Full story...

Fiat launches UK’s first Facebook sampling ad campaign

Italian car maker Fiat has launched the first UK Facebook sampling ad campaign, promoting its Punto Evo model. The ads are targeted to 18-34 year olds in the UK, with some targeted specifically at car enthusiasts. As part of the campaign, Fiat will be using sampling ads on Facebook and will be the first brand to use this type of engagement ad in the UK.

Already launched in the US, sampling ads are designed to enhance the direct response element of the campaign. The new format enables brands to test any product and get valuable feedback – in Fiat’s case, this provides an opportunity for continued engagement with its target audience. Alongside advertising formats such as ‘become a fan’ or ‘attend an event’, Sampling Engagement Ads enable brands to offer free samples of a product to Facebook Users.


19/02/2010  |  Full story...

Kellogg’s begins social media push for new ‘youth’ cereal brand

CMW has been appointed to create the social media and broader digital strategy for the launch of new Kellogg’s brand, Krave.

The Krave brand marks two new directions for Kellogg’s. Firstly, it’s the first time the company has created a cereal exclusively aimed specifically at the youth market (16-25 year olds) and secondly, it’s the first time that Kellogg’s has embarked on a heavyweight social media campaign to support a brand in the UK. Details of the social media strategy are yet to be revealed however it’s expected to build upon the above-the-line brand idea that has been developed by Leo Burnett.

01/02/2010  |  Full story...

Google and Amazon enjoy fastest growing brand value

Google and Amazon have enjoyed the biggest growth in their brand value, according to a new poll. The two internet giants were the big winners in Interbrand’s annual Best Global Brands listings, reporting the highest gains in brand value. Coca-Cola came top in the list of 100 brands for the ninth consecutive year, while IBM maintained its number two position after overtaking Microsoft last year.

21/09/2009  |  Full story...

Alex Wright

Alex Wright,

November 2008

Alex is a fan of Brands 2.0, eagerly talking about how people value brands and brands value people. Chatting with him at the regional internet congress in Zagreb, his passions about where brands are vs where they should be come through.

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