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Taboola brings social ad feed to publisher pages: BT first to sign up

Taboola has brought Taboola Feed to UK brands, a social-like feed that combines “in-feed video” with sponsored content, products, and apps in a card-like-experience, with BT as its first big name customer.

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15/09/2017  |  Full story...

BT Sport partners Snapchat for Champions League Final

Snapchat will be partnering with BT Sport for an exclusive 'Our Story' coverage of the UEFA Champions League Final.


02/06/2017  |  Full story...

UEFA champions league final comes to YouTube and Snapchat

BT Sport is making the 2016 UEFA Champions League final the “most social sports broadcast ever” by live-streaming the match on YouTube and as a Snapchat Live story.

27/05/2016  |  Full story...

BT returns to mobile with £5 4G package

BT has launched a low-cost 4G mobile network in the UK this week, aiming to undercut rivals O2 and Vodafone, following its acquisition of EE.

25/03/2015  |  Full story...

BT buys EE for £12.5bn to create communications giant

BT has bought the UKs largest mobile operator EE for £12.5bn as the telecoms firm expands into the lucrative ‘quad play’ sector to take on Sky.

05/02/2015  |  Full story...

BT’s 12.5bn bid for EE faces legal battle

BT is in exclusive talks to buy EE £12.5bn but the two communications giants could be in for a difficult legal battle to make the deal go ahead.

18/12/2014  |  Full story...

BT in talks to buy mobile networks EE or O2

BT is in talks to buy either EE or 02, as UK telecom firm looks to move into quad-play as consumers seek to buy all four services – home broadband, home phone, mobile and pay-TV – from one provider.

25/11/2014  |  Full story...

EE expands into TV with set top box

UK 4G mobile operator EE is to launch a fixed-line TV service, competing with BT, Sky, YouView, Virgin Media and TalkTalk.

09/10/2014  |  Full story...

BT ditches dial-up internet services

BT has switched off its dial-up Internet access service as the vast majority of its 6.8 million broadband customers had switched to faster broadband connections.

02/09/2013  |  Full story...

BT takes on Sky with Sports channel

BT has secured rights to 38 live Premier League matches, British rugby union and the women's tennis tour, with plans to offer its new sports channels "as good as free" to existing customers.

10/05/2013  |  Full story...

BSkyB buys O2’s broadband services for £180m

BSkyB is to buy O2’s home telephony services from Telefonica, becoming the second biggest broadband provider in the UK in the process.

01/03/2013  |  Full story...

UK 4G Auction raises £1bn less than expected: winners revealed

Ofcom has raised £2.34bn in its UK 4G auction, providing widespread access to superfast mobile internet across many parts of the country. However, this amount was around £1bn less than it was hoping for.

20/02/2013  |  Full story...

BT woos new customers with ‘free’ YouView boxes

BT is to give away YouView digital boxes to people that sign up to its Infinity fibre broadband or TV Essential service, provided they pay a £50 activation charge plus delivery costs. The Humax YouView box will give access to free digital channels as well as pay per view from Sky and catch up and other video on-demand services. The offer will start in October.

24/09/2012  |  Full story...

The social media Olympics: Which sponsors are creating the most buzz online?

With the Olympics less than a week away, which sponsors have made the best use of social media? This infographic from Gorkana shows that Coca-Cola has generated the greatest share of voice ahead of the games.
Digital intelligence - The social media Olympics: Which sponsors are creating the most buzz online

26/07/2012  |  Full story...

YouView goes on sale this month- Will it be the next ‘Freeview’?

YouView is set to launch in the UK at the end of this month, with the much-delayed web TV service seen by many as a possible successor to the Freeview platform. The service was unvieled by Lord Sugar, who announced that YouView would go on sale at the end of this month for £299, a higher price than had been anticipated. “Will I be surprised in two years time if the boxes in the retail channels will be £99? Not really, you know what it’s like in the consumer electronics industry,” he said.

Watch the launch video here:

05/07/2012  |  Full story...

YouView to launch 4th July… but will set top boxes be available?

YouView is set for launch in the UK next month after much delay, but the web TV service might still be hampered by a lack of availability of set top boxes, according to a news report. YouView chairman Lord Sugar and CEO Richard Halton are to officially launch the IPTV joint venture on July 4. However, according to the Financial Times, set-top boxes will not be widely available until later this year as manufacturers plan to conduct further tests.

Watch the launch video here:

29/06/2012  |  Full story...

Boost for rural broadband? BT uses ‘white space’ to speed up internet in Cornwall

BT is testing ‘white space technology’ (unused TV signals) in Cornwall in a bid to speed up broadband access in remote parts of the UK. The trial, in association with partners including the BBC and the University of Strathclyde, is also backed by funding from the government’s Technology Strategy Board.

09/03/2012  |  Full story...

File-sharers to get warning letters soon? BT and TalkTalk lose challenge against Digital Economy Act

BT and Talk Talk have lost an appeal over controversial measures to tackle copyright infringement online. The move gives a green light to the UK Governement to push through a set of new digital piracy laws. The internet service providers (ISPs) had argued the UK's Digital Economy Act was incompatible with EU law.

07/03/2012  |  Full story...

Public sector strikes ‘a boost for online retail’

Last November's public sector strikes resulted in the biggest online shopping day of the year, according to new research. The study, from BT, found that this year bucked the trend for online shopping, as people logged on earlier than usual to do their Christmas shopping.

25/01/2012  |  Full story...

Ofcom forces BT to cut rural broadband charges for competitors

BT is being forced by industry regulator Ofcom to drop its wholesale price by 12% each year until 2014, meaning many rural broadband customers could see their bills lowered. The price slash relates to the amount BT charges other ISPs like Sky, TalkTalk and O2 for using its network. It's hoped the move, which came into effect this week, will lead to stronger competition from those ISPs and therefore lower prices in those areas.


18/08/2011  |  Full story...

Top 10 UK companies for Facebook and Twitter followers

The UK’s corporate giants are finally signing up to Twitter and Facebook after years of wariness, according to the latest findings of The Social Media Leaders tracking study by The Group. The last six months have seen a rapid increase in the number of FTSE 100 companies signing up to Facebook and to Twitter signalling that the need to communicate with audiences flexibly and in real time is increasingly accepted in the Square Mile.

20/07/2011  |  Full story...

Rural broadband boost? Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale test UK’s first 4G broadband

Everything Everywhere and BT Wholesale have joined forces to test next generation 4G ‘LTE’ high speed broadband to customers. If successful, the trial will see mobile and fixed broadband coming together for the first time in the UK, providing a significant boost to rural Britain’s access to high speed internet services.

The live proof of concept trial is the first of its kind in the UK and will see the two companies sharing their fixed telecommunications and mobile technology to provide high speed wireless broadband to customers in rural Cornwall.

‘LTE’, which stands for Long Term Evolution technology is a fourth-generation (4G) telecommunication technology that can reach download speeds of more than 100 megabits per second.


26/05/2011  |  Full story...

UK court backs internet piracy act: BT and TalkTalk lose case

The Digital Economy Act, a controversial new law to tackle online piracy in the UK, has been backed by the High Court, despite complaints from ISPs. Telecoms providers BT and TalkTalk have lost an attempt to block aspects of the Digital Economy Act, which they see as placing undue responsibility on them for tackling illegal filesharing.

But ruling judge Mr Justice Parker dismissed all the claims, except for one relating to the costs order, when he removed the ISPs' obligation to pay 25% of watchdog Ofcom's costs and the costs of establishing an appeals body. The high-court ruling can be seen as a victory for record companies, film studios and other rights holders, who have lobbied intensively for greater legal powers to stem piracy.


21/04/2011  |  Full story...

Digital Intelligence April 2011

Digital Strategy data - Digital Intelligence April 2011

As the web swells to take a quarter of all ad spend here in the UK, the mix of online marketing is evolving. In the last two weeks we've been tracking how the use of Facebook engagement ads is exploding, and how online coupons are rising.

Brand strategies are sharpening up as Ford bolsters its online entertainment offers with comedy talent, Twitter plans to launch brand pages, and if kids hangout Habbo is anything to go by then virtual worlds are heading for a genuine second life - but this time with first place for audiences.

Headlines below, full stories at the end of the click, and if you'd like a deep dive briefing on a key theme then let us know what you'd like researched by setting your choices here

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BT dodges bullet over secret Phorm trials

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has dropped its investigation into whether BT’s Phorm technology unlawfully intercepted internet browsing data, due to ‘insufficient evidence’. BT started conducting secret trials of Phorm four years ago, sparking outrage from privacy campaigners. The technology examined Internet users’ browsing history to bring them personalised web content, as well as targeted advertising based on their interests.


12/04/2011  |  Full story...

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