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Influencer marketing trends: 47% of consumers fatigued by repetitive influencers

The repetitive nature of content (47%) and dipping quality (23%) are now top customer concerns around influencer marketing, spurring moves by the likes of Snapchat to create more informal relationships between brand and influencer ahead of Q2 earnings next week.

06/08/2018  |  Full story...

Vue Cinema hit by backlash for online payments delay

Vue incurred a massive amount of backlash this week when, customers were entered into a queue on its website to complete transactions.


06/08/2018  |  Full story...

Financial services search trends: Brands Can Win in Google by targeting ‘Direct Answers’

Financial services companies looking to boost their online brand and traffic should focus on winning the prime place in Google search results called Direct Answers which appear in more than a quarter (27%) of finance-related searches, providing immediate answers to searchers’ financial questions.


03/08/2018  |  Full story...

GDPR: Three quarters of consumers don’t want to be tied into long-term relationships

Post-GDPR research reveals that 73% of consumers avoid long contracts, opting instead for flexible options – even if they are more expensive.


03/08/2018  |  Full story...

1,100% increase in searches for "What jobs will be replaced by robots?"

Internet searches are showing a growing fear among people that fear robots will negatively transform the workplace.


03/08/2018  |  Full story...

Switzerland digital trends: More than half of social network users on Instagram

While Facebook remains the most popular social network, Instagram is enjoying strong growth, according to new research.

03/08/2018  |  Full story...

WhatsApp debuts paid-for business tools (and plans ads)

WhatsApp has launched a pay-to-use tools for businesses to communicate with their customers, as the chat app also plans to run ads on the platform later this year.


03/08/2018  |  Full story...

Goggle planning censored search engine in China?

Google is reportedly working on a censored version of its search engine in a bid to get round its ban in China.


03/08/2018  |  Full story...

New digital tax to save the high street?

As high business rates continue to sink many floundering High Street shops, Chancellor Hammond is pressing ahead with plans to find a ‘better way of taxing the digital economy’ to reduce online stores’ tax advantage. But a new Study by ParcelHero questions whether a new tax on the one growing area of retail is the best solution?


02/08/2018  |  Full story...

Cheetah Digital buys Stellar Loyalty to boost customer loyalty tools

Marketing software firm Cheetah Digital has bought Stellar Loyalty, a provider of cloud-based customer engagement and loyalty software.


02/08/2018  |  Full story...

Smart pets: 52% of Brits would buy tech for their pets while at work

Over half (52%) of British workers would invest in technology for their pets while they are at work, while 43% of Brits check on their furry friends several times a day whilst they are out of the office.


02/08/2018  |  Full story...

Cricket World Cup launches marketing campaign for ‘public ballot’ tickets

The ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 has launched its Public Ballot, backed by an inclusive marketing and PR campaign called ‘Are you in?’, ahead of the competition hosted in England and Wales next year.


01/08/2018  |  Full story...

2018’s most innovative tech brands: Amazon tops list

Amazon has topped the list of the 6th annual Most Innovative Tech Brands survey conducted by Brand Keys, with General Motors, Hulu, Lyft, Instagram, Nike also making the list.


01/08/2018  |  Full story...

Five Guys uses big data to boost burger sales

Premium burger chain Five Guys is using Looker’s data platform to boost insights and decision making both inside and outside of store locations.


01/08/2018  |  Full story...

Path to purchase: Cautious consumers costing retailers

Consumers spend nearly a year of their lives agonising over whether to part with their cash, according to new research.


31/07/2018  |  Full story...

Brits now prefer to shop online than in-store

Ecommerce is continuing to charge the high street as over half of UK consumers (51%) admit they now prefer to shop online than in-store.


31/07/2018  |  Full story...

73% of consumers say email is their preferred marketing channel

Nearly three quarters (73%) of consumers state email is their preferred marketing channel in a post GDPR world, according to new research.


31/07/2018  |  Full story...

2025 may signal the death knell for cloud (as a term)

‘The cloud’ as a term could be obsolete as soon as 2025, as it becomes so deeply embedded in business performance that the word itself may soon no longer be required, according to new research.


31/07/2018  |  Full story...

Amazon profits break $2bn barrier for first time

Amazon's profits smashed estimates as the retail giant reported a 12-fold increase in net income of $2.5bn (£1.9bn) for the second quarter.


30/07/2018  |  Full story...

Twitter stocks plunge 20% as it sheds a million users leave (but revenues rise)

Twitter shares have fallen 20% as its active monthly users fell from 336m to 335m over the last three months, but revenues actually exceeded forecasts.


30/07/2018  |  Full story...

Omnichannel journey: convenience at the heart of shoppers’ research

Convenience in product research is a key consideration in omnichannel conversions, according to new research.

30/07/2018  |  Full story...

Amnesty International creates global human rights digital archive with Preservica

Human rights organization Amnesty Internationa has chosen Preservica’s active digital preservation software to create a new digital archive for the organization’s International Secretariat.


27/07/2018  |  Full story...

Love Island: Wes and Meg win online popularity contest

Love Island contestants Dani and Jack may appear to be fan favourites, but Wes and Megan are actually the most popular islanders when it comes to online page views, according to research from Taboola.


27/07/2018  |  Full story...

Digital skills trends: The ‘knowing and doing’ digital gap

As businesses strive to meet the needs of today’s digitally empowered consumer there is a gap between businesses knowing what drives digital effectiveness and current digital practices, according to new research.

27/07/2018  |  Full story...

Love Island fans spend more time on the TV show’s app than on Facebook, Whatsapp or Twitter

ITV reality show Love Island has been the TV hit of the summer, and new research indicates that its fans are more loyal the the shows official app than major social networks.


27/07/2018  |  Full story...

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